61 goals! The best offensive partner in Europe can only be Messi Nemar!_1

61 goals! The best offensive partner in Europe can only be Messi Nemar!
5-0 victory over Levante, Barcelona continued to chase Real Madrid in the standings, and the team’s two major stars Messi and Neymar joined forces to dedicate a wonderful game.The Brazilian opened the can for Barcelona, the Argentine staged a hat trick, and Suarez, who came off the bench, used a beautiful barb goal to add icing on the cake.梅西和内马尔是目前全欧最火热的进攻组合  《世界体育报》赛后表示,依靠球队超音速组合——梅西和内马尔的组合,巴萨疯狂追赶皇马,恩里克的球队Has won 11 consecutive victories.The game against Levante was once considered to be a game full of traps, but for Messi and Neymar, the traps simply did not exist.Enrique had worried that Levante would create problems for Barcelona. At the beginning, Levante did perform well, but in the face of the crazy and deadly attacks of Barcelona’s two superstars, the small team from Valencia soon collapsed.  Compared with the last match of the King’s Cup against Villarreal, Enrique has eight changes in the starting lineup, but Messi and Neymar are still there, their goals are still, and, there areLots of goals.Since losing to Royal Society in early January, the two have scored 14 goals and 10 goals respectively.Barcelona took the lead in the 17th minute, Messi made a cross pass from the right and cut the ball off the edge of the successful Neymar small penalty area. The ball hung over Marinho and flew to the far corner. Pedro escorted the ball before the goal line.Access the network.This is Neymar’s 17th league goal this season, and his goal paved the way for Barcelona’s victory.Messi then staged a hat trick.  Messi’s goal came from a penalty created by Neymar. In the last game, Messi gave the penalty to Neymar, but the Brazilian missed the ball.The cooperation between Barcelona 10th and 11th has produced results. The tacit understanding between the two has a long history. In the game, we can even see Messi apologizing to his teammates for not passing.  In the 67th minute of the game, Enrique replaced Neymar with Suarez, and the Camp Nou fans also thanked Neymar with applause.In La Liga this season, Neymar has scored 17 goals. He has scored 24 goals in various competitions, which is 9 more than the number of goals scored last season., Surpassing the record set in Santos in 2010.In Barcelona’s La Liga goal list, Neymar also surpassed Maradona.It is worth mentioning that most of Neymar’s goals in the league are assisted by Messi. Of his 17 goals, 9 are assists from Messi, which also proves that there is a spirit between the two shooters.It feels like a piece of cake.  Valentine’s Day has just passed, and Barcelona’s Messi and Neymar are also lovers on the football field. So far this season, Messi has scored 37 goals in various events and Neymar has scored 24 goals.The 61 goals scored by the two players are unmatched in Europe.Messi’s 37 goals, 26 goals in the league, 3 goals in the King’s Cup, 8 goals in the Champions League, such data allows him to surpass Ronaldo and become Spain’s first.Neymar’s data is also good, the league scored 17 goals, the King’s Cup scored 4 goals, the Champions League scored 3 goals, a total of 24 goals.  Barcelona’s Menée combination ranked first in Europe, closer to Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo Benzema combination, the Portuguese scored 36 goals, the French scored 17 goals, the two scored a total of 53 goals.However, he participated in more matches than Barcelona players, because Real Madrid participated in the European Super Cup, Spanish Super Cup and World Cup this season.  In addition, Lyon’s Lacazette-Fiquil combination scored a total of 35 goals, of which the former scored 25 goals and the latter scored 10 goals.Atletico’s Grismann-Manjukic scored 34 goals, of which the Croatian scored 19 goals and the French scored 15 goals.The Premier League’s best striker combination is Tottenham’s Harry Kane and Eriksson, but the two scored a total of 34 goals, of which the former 23 goals, the latter 11 goals.Paris Saint-Germain’s combination of Ibrahimovic and Cavani, both scored 16 goals, a total of 32 goals.Premier League Chelsea’s Diego Costa and Hazard scored a total of 30 goals, Manchester City’s Aguero and Yaya Touré also scored 30 goals.Juventus’ Tevez and Pogba scored 27 goals, and Napoli’s Higuain and Carlejón also scored 27 goals.(Ivan)