Lunch is not good for mental health

Lunch is not good for mental health

According to a report by The Telegraph in the UK, a recent study found that leaving the office for lunch not only benefits the general health of workers, but also makes them happier and more conducive to work.

In contrast, people who eat in front of level one can cause depression, and boots affect work efficiency.

  The British bread brand Kingsmill and the University of Sussex (University of Sussex) recently conducted a joint study to measure the happiness index of office workers eating lunch in different locations through several psychological tests-including self-tests and text association tests.Finally, the happiness index of each lunch and eating place was compiled.

On average, having lunch on the beach can increase a person’s happiness index by 17.

04 minutes, while gradually before lunch, then happiness is not declined 1.

42 points.

  The results show that eating on the beach, most people can improve mood; eat on a park bench green stuff is the second best option to increase well-being; home for dinner at the same time can make a person feel happier; in busesand eat on the train, but also can improve people’s happiness.

And if eating in the company cafeteria or coffee shop, an office to improve the family’s “happiness index” almost no benefit.

If you eat in certain places, not only does not improve well-being, and will make people feel more pessimistic.

  The researchers said: “Think about it, eating a sandwich when the sun shines on the outside, or eat while feeling the breeze was blowing from, does have a rejuvenating effect.

To eat lunch outdoors, human emotional health and attitude have such a big impact, it is very interesting.

“Accordingly research findings, researchers added employers allow employees to eat lunch outdoors, even just occasionally whom, but also can improve the mood happy and employee productivity.