Maternal love of the greatest I really like to watch “Man and Nature”, which has a set of talking about a small female, in love with a beautiful plumage and because robust small males.They like each other a.However, the reality is very small female.Because it likes the male, can not give it a home, can […]

Birds under the eaves of my friends dog Friends of Cats

In this world, you have many friends.New friends or old, ways of the world, sometimes total Mian Bude scruples, also slightly helpless.  I wonder if you ever noticed, that often you inadvertently come into your life is not a friend of a friend in.They have never been what you demanding, but also to interfere in your […]

Acacia on line spectrum

A touch of bright red hearts into tears green is shy at the beginning of the heart meet a core of you is great, full of incense in the summer of Allure dream I hid behind a flower smell as before you are jumping the notes on the staff clinging to life when a beautiful […]

Acacia night photos, listen to the rain Yelan

Acacia night photos, listen to the rain Yelan / MU sail tonight, breeze gently, gently rain, confusing lights, pedestrian rubbing shoulders away.  Today’s rain to very slow, and gradually, like a child affected by the gas, after a while he cried out!  Propped an umbrella, entering into the crowd, marching sizes of puddles, listening to the rain!  Rain, […]

Acacia leaves

Acacia winds swept the leaves, branches and leaves have been falling, emotions play like spring grass.Leaves from germination to think of this life litter, if there is no help ABA, how can it grow.I grew up like this you can not do without, like the leaves can not be separated ABA.Once the scenes in my […]

Acacia Iraqis month more worry

REVIEW Time flies, we are really weak, we are unable to retain what.Each of us, unfortunately, are compared and time, and are tiny compared to the history, because we are only guests and guests!  Autumn wind blowing at night, moon worry on top, overlooking the stars crazy language, Acacia unmanned v..  Heavy drinker intoxicated, but why not, […]

Acacia into tears

Thoughts like a glass of wine with the passage of time more and more deep flavor is always in the deep night deep into tears Acacia meet but missed the doomed in this life you never get so emotional world so willing to melt in your tender and delicate in so quietly miss you if […]

Acacia into a miss from the road

Rain streaming into the sad dream of youth in April had a smile still bright in my heart that I am away the shadows of the end of time is the wind tore past beautiful voices crying all the way to quiet my shijian carrying your tenderness after a tear in my wandering in the […]

Acacia in that snow

Big snow ah, flying in the sky, I dream alone in the vast snow, snow flying in addition to the whole world, can not see the shadow of any animal, even a touch of the sun also hide in the clouds, just north wind whistling singing off rough wind, sing the white world, there is […]

Acacia in autumn

Acacia text in the fall / autumn Siyu long walks walking trails in the street covered with patches of autumn leaves autumn wind blowing through the shadowy figure went past eyelids murmur of a distant memory greeting evoke that period but never met as if returning to the old are Friends should not meet in […]