Childhood – Top

Weihai Tian He Street Office: Lin Peizhong mentioned gyroscopes, but now children don’t know much about gyroscopes, and fewer children have made gyroscopes themselves and experienced their own fun, but for our generation born in the 1.970s, spinning gyroscopes was once a boy’s favorite. To this day, the scenes of childhood friends pulling the top […]

Blind man

Everyone said that life in high school is three point one line and classroom is the main line. How about college life? It’s just that the bedroom is the main line. Every day I repeat my blindness and ignorance, but sometimes I will give you some calm changes and new ideas, which is also good. […]


It’s been six or seven years since I met the barber. At that time, he was still working in the old unit and was considered an old neighbor.. Hairdressers look like they were in their early sixties this year. They worked in a grease factory in their early years. Since the closure of the unit […]

Asking for People and Seeking Oneself

Asking for help and asking for help Qin people to visit guiyuan buddhist temple, a famous tourist attraction in Wuhan, on the 5th of the year of Chuge ( it is said that this day is the day to pick up the God of Wealth ).     The air was dirty, smoke-filled and dimly lit in […]

alas! annoying motion sickness

The most feared thing in my life is to take a car. I will not forget the pain of carsickness even in my life. I have another characteristic of motion sickness. The smaller the car, the more severe the motion sickness. The bus ride is more dizzy, the bus ride is especially dizzy, and the […]

A wisp of moss, half-life chi tie

It seems particularly enchanting and affectionate to women, and is often referred to as ” green silk” or ” love silk”. Why do you keep green silk for beauty and discard it?? Is it another kind of free and easy, or do you want to abandon the pain once upon a time? Regardless of ancient […]

A misty heart

[ Editor’s Note ]There is a vast sea of people, long journey, beautiful scenery, unknown journey, lines of footprints depicting the picture of life and treasured in the depths of memory..  The vast sea of people, the long journey, the scenery in memory, the unknown city, and the travel tracks depicted by rows of footprints […]

A Chinese dress, buried my heart

Sometimes I think that those sad stories may be a memory imposed on me. I don’t know how to walk through the living past, but I always feel sad and overwhelmed in the later years.. Perhaps this is self-righteous mood and subversion of inner hesitation.   I haven’t written any words for a long time. I […]

The smell of missing

In autumn, the mountains are cold and the waters are thin, the forests are dyed to the fullest, and the mid – autumn festival also brings a stronger taste of missing..     When we miss, we are lonely and lonely. And when we are lonely, when we are lonely, our thoughts are especially strong, too strong […]

Confused living, just thinking

Confused living, just thinking about what you can see, a lot of confusion is living around, waiting for people to step on it. The figure is ample. At this time, there should be a person who stays where he is, observing silently and feeling dejected. The expression of heavy water looks at the back of […]