24-hour towel weight loss exercise


24-hour towel weight loss exercise

In addition to the towel can wash the face table, it can also be used to do weight loss exercises!

Whether you are at work or at home, raise your towel, insist on doing the following set of weight loss exercises, burn it, and enjoy it anytime, anywhere!

11:00 office pull, refreshing and refreshing can also reduce greed!

銆€銆€Going to work in the morning is easy to cause lack of attention. Then, by stretching the upper limbs and muscles by pulling the towel, it promotes the blood circulation of the mind and chest, which helps to refresh the mind.

In addition, exercise can activate the central nervous system of the brain, effectively reducing the definition of satiety, so that you are not greedy for lunch.

銆€銆€Recommended towel exercise: chest X 脳 straight belly 脳 pull chest pull 脳 shoulder arm 14:00?
Pull at 16:00 and increase the slight burning rate!

銆€銆€Usually we walk to the micro-asthmatic, the degree of sweating for up to 30 minutes, can consume about 140 kcal range, but walking can only move to the legs, the production of thin belly is not big.

If you can use the towel to twist around, use the lunch break or go out, pull and pull, can not only affect the abdominal muscles, but also increase consumption.

銆€銆€Recommended towel exercise: flat 脳 turn waist twist 脳 raise the hips high 脳 side bend 16:00?
Take a break at 18:00, master the fat burning gold deposit!

銆€銆€Previously mentioned 3 in the afternoon?
6 o’clock is the best time to burn fat, but most people have to go to work at this time.

May wish to use the chair towel exercise, strengthen the lower limb circulation metabolism, complications, sedentary edema, obesity and other issues.

銆€銆€Recommended towel exercise: seat 脳 knee position 脳 leg 19:00?
Watching TV and pulling a towel at 21:00, I don’t know how to strengthen my work!

銆€銆€The towel is simple and easy to handle, so many people use the piecemeal time of watching TV to make towel exercises, especially women who love to watch the series, and when they look at the towel, they will soon pass, and of course they lose weight and succeed.!

Like I usually watch movies in the action class or listen to the light music, I find that the action is quicker, the sweat is more, and the effect is better!

銆€銆€Recommended towel exercise: half a 韫?脳 turn waist 8 words 脳 turn deep 韫?脳 hips 21:00?
Taking a towel at 21:30 is the best time to soften adults!

銆€銆€Doing a towel exercise in the bath, one is to exercise in a higher temperature space to enhance metabolism, effectively soften the feces; the second is to wash the skin through water vapor to achieve the skin effect.

銆€銆€Recommended towel exercise: twisted waist 脳 raised hip front bend 脳 length raised hand 脳 chest 21:30?
22:00 before going to bed, pull the towel, promote basal metabolism and help sleep!

銆€銆€Moderately doing a towel before going to bed can help sleep, especially in the movement of the tibia and ribs before going to bed, can drive the deep metabolism of the organs, regulate the five internal organs, and have a good color every day.

銆€銆€Recommended towel exercise: flat lay 脳 turn waist single leg 脳 lift bridge type 脳 tilting movement really does not have to go to a specific location, special time to do, even an office eight hours a day, after work, the home is veryA place for good activities, this time I teach you to use the towel, I hope that everyone can use the space anytime, anywhere, and use the time to do their best to fight for our weight loss career!

How to resolve the aging psychology of the elderly


How to resolve the aging psychology of the elderly

As we all know, the psychology of the elderly will slowly change with the changes in age. How can we make the psychological aging of the elderly not so fast?

Don’t worry, the following tricks can be resolved.

銆€銆€Using the brain more, thinking about the brain is the command that dominates the various organs of the human body. The aging of the brain will inevitably lead to the aging of various organs, and the brain has a major impact on human knowledge, wisdom and thinking.

Therefore, the elderly should use more brains, diligent thinking, so that brain cells and tissues do not shrink.

銆€銆€Participating in physical exercise can improve and strengthen the physiological function of the elderly, enhance physical fitness, increase the ability to resist disease, but also enrich the life of later life, add fun to life, make the spirit refreshed, happy, enhance confidence, enhance initiative, and activelyArrange the courage and interest of old age to enhance the psychological function of the elderly.

However, the items selected for physical exercise must be suitable for your physical condition, otherwise it will be more beneficial.

銆€銆€Dealing with interpersonal relationships For the elderly, the most important interpersonal relationship is family relationships.

In family life, family members should live in harmony and have a good relationship.

銆€銆€Selectively chatting with people is a positive way to rest.

In the chat, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign, heaven and earth, the world’s major events, social anecdotes, everything, often can get things that are not available in books.

A pour can also relieve troubles and achieve a psychological balance.

銆€銆€Mutual help, let me be healthier and help each other. I am everyone, everyone is me.

One person has a hard time helping everyone, one family has a hundred things busy, I help others to forget, others help me remember.

“A gas can be forbearant, before you can worry.”

“Strengthen moral cultivation, learn to be sensible, and persist in “forbearing philosophy” in the face of non-principles.

銆€銆€I hope that the above sharing can bring help to elderly friends and wish the elderly friends good health.

Some kind of forgetfulness is an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease


Some kind of forgetfulness is an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease

Understanding the early manifestations of Alzheimer’s disease is important for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

Because some dementias can be completely recovered after the early causes are removed, and in the middle and late stages, the condition is difficult to reverse.

銆€銆€There is a grandmother surnamed Zhang who is holding a broom every day. She is obliged to clean the room in the living room, the corridor and the general direction of the nursing center.

In fact, the black American female professor decided to sweep the floor every day.

銆€銆€Zhang Apo is only 56 years old this year, but she has been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for more than 4 years. It is considered to be a “young family” with early onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

At the beginning, the grandmother just swept and swept the room she lived in, and then 鈥渟acred鈥?the whole family’s health. The family thought it was 鈥渃lean鈥?and did not care too much.

Until later, Zhang Apo gradually extended the “business” to the entire yard, the stairs of the housing unit. If the full-time health worker cleaned the ground and the garbage was cleaned up, Zhang Apo also made a big noise with the health worker.

The children only thought that Zhang Apo might have a problem. When she went to the hospital for diagnosis, she really suffered from “senile dementia.”

銆€銆€In society, I don’t know enough about dementia in the elderly. I think that the elderly have become very forgetful. I don’t know how to go home after going out. I repeat the old things. I didn’t expect to send the elderly to the hospital. In fact, this is the old age.Early symptoms of dementia, if treated at this time, most people’s condition can be recovered or cured; if they develop into life, they can’t take care of themselves, and in the middle and late stages of madness, it is difficult to treat.

銆€銆€The early manifestations of Alzheimer’s disease can be summarized as the top ten signals or the top ten warning signs.

The details are as follows: (1) Forgetting people will forget things, but normal people can recall.

Alzheimer’s patients often forget things, can’t think of it afterwards, and may ask the same question repeatedly, forgetting the earlier answer.

銆€銆€(2) After forgetting the patients with dementia, they may forget to serve the table and even forget the meals that have already been prepared.

銆€銆€(3) The word does not reach the patient may even forget some simple words, or will not use the appropriate words, words, language expression is obviously not as good as before.

銆€銆€(4) Time and place concept confusion Patients may have time concept confusion or in the streets of their homes, the door is lost, forget how to come out from home, and do not know how to go home.

銆€銆€(5) Decreasing judgment Even if it is a normal person, it is possible to distract or forget the child being cared for, but the person with dementia may completely forget the child who is being cared for and leave the house.

Or easily deceived and bought a very obvious “fake”.

銆€銆€(6) Loss of abstract thinking ability Patients often forget their own passbook passwords, and their own deposit amounts are forgotten.

銆€銆€(7) Randomly place the item. The patient often places the item in an inappropriate position, puts the electric iron in the freezer, or puts the watch in the biscuit box, or puts a lot of waste products such as rotten paper and cloth as a treasure collection.I don’t know why.

銆€銆€(8) Temperament and behavioral changes The impermanence of people will have some emotional changes, but the behavior and mood of patients with Alzheimer’s disease may change dramatically. In a few minutes, they will change from calm to tears, and they can’t help themselves.Or take a shot and anger.

銆€銆€(9) The personality of patients with personality changes may occur with violent unreasonable changes, such as easy to be afraid, or suspicious, jealous of others, etc., which is very different from the original personality.

銆€銆€(10) Losing initiative often becomes lazy than the original, and does not want to participate in any activities, even the activities that you liked, and are not enthusiastic about people.

銆€銆€These are some of the early warning signs of Alzheimer’s.

Of course, not all patients with early Alzheimer’s disease will have all of the above-mentioned performances. Maybe some kinds of symptoms may appear. Some of the symptoms may be more prominent. However, family members or patients must pay attention to these symptoms, seek timely treatment, and provide early treatment to prevent problems.

銆€銆€By-laws: Li 脳 脳, male, 70 years old.

Progressive memory decreased and personality changed for more than 2 years.

Over the past two years, the memory has dropped significantly. The things I just talked about are immediately forgotten. Things are lost three times and four things. Some things are said many times, but I still can’t remember.

The original scholarship activities such as fishing, playing table tennis, etc. are too lazy to participate.

This year, I began to avoid hygiene, and I didn’t want to take a shower. The original cheerful personality became lonely.

銆€銆€Simple scale measurement 24 points (normal 30 points) expansion scale 2 points depression scale 7 points Alzheimer’s scale scale 36 points (normal 50 points) Daily scale 32 points (normal within 20 points) Magnetic resonance display: general brain atrophyThe bilateral ventricles were enlarged and the bilateral hippocampus were obviously atrophied.

銆€銆€Diagnosed as senile dementia, mild.

銆€銆€Expert tips. early treatment, timely treatment, in order to prevent problems before they happen

9 kinds of flowers that should not be raised indoors


9 kinds of flowers that should not be raised indoors

In the living room to raise a few beautiful flowers, outside the home is more warm, but also shows a person’s taste.

However, flowers are beautiful, but not all flowers are suitable for placement in the living room.

Note that the following 9 kinds of flowers, raised at home, may cause chest tightness, insomnia and other diseases.


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€9绉嶉矞鑺变笉瀹滃鍐呭吇銆€銆€1銆佹湀瀛h姳銆俆he scent that it emits, sometimes when someone smells, suddenly feels chest discomfort, suffocation and difficulty breathing.

銆€銆€2, orchids.

The aroma that it emits, the long-awaited will be over-excited and cause insomnia.

銆€銆€3, Bauhinia.

The pollen that it emits, if it is in contact with people for a long time, can cause an induced disease or worsen the symptoms of cough.

銆€銆€4, the night is incense.

It can emit a lot of irritating scent particles in the evening, and patients with high blood pressure and high blood pressure are prone to dizziness, discomfort, and even worse.

銆€銆€5, tulips.

Its flowers contain a toxic base that, if left in contact with it, will speed up hair replacement.

銆€銆€6, oleander.

The smell of its flowers, which smells too long, causes people to be drowsy and mentally degraded; the milky white liquid secreted by them will poison people if they are exposed for too long.

銆€銆€7, pine and cypress.

The aromatic scent emitted by the pine and cypress flowers has a stimulating effect on the human stomach. If it is too long, it will affect people’s appetite, and pregnant women will be upset, nausea, and dizzy.

銆€銆€8, foreign hydrangea.

The particles that it emits, if it comes into contact with people, some people have skin allergies and pruritus.

銆€銆€9, yellow flower azalea.

Its flowers emit a toxin. Once ingested, it can cause poisoning, and severe people can cause shock, which seriously endangers health.

Lily, the scent that it emits is too long, causing excessive excitation of the central nervous system and causing insomnia.

In the late summer and early autumn, beware of the autumn tigers stealing hearts!


In the late summer and early autumn, beware of the autumn tigers “stealing hearts”!

At the end of the late summer and early autumn, the autumn is getting stronger and stronger, and even the temperature is still high. The autumn tiger has not yet been promoted, but the weather has changed and the solar terms have changed.

How to maintain health in the autumn, Chinese medicine pays attention to the integration of nature and human beings, the method of health preservation should be changed in four seasons, the climate change is cold and hot, and appropriate adjustments should be made.

Autumn is a transitional stage from hot to cold. The sun is yin and the yin is long. When the autumn arrives, the coolness appears, and it is prone to autumn dryness. The “dryness” is the main air of autumn, and the dryness hurts people.”Dry elephant”.

For example: there will be dry skin, allergic itching, redness and desquamation, even dry throat pain, dry stool and heart and hand heat. In the autumn season, pay attention to the temperature difference, add water at any time, make the heat dissipation smooth, and take care of the cold.

Autumn sleep should be regular.

Go to bed early in the fall and get up early, get up early and get up early like a chicken in the morning.

Going to bed early can astringe the lungs, and getting up early can clear the lungs and make Zhian Ning, which is consistent with Yangyang in spring and summer and nourishing Yin in autumn and winter.

Getting up early and getting up early in the fall and winter helps to converge and keep the lungs from being damaged by autumn dryness.

And proper early rise can reduce the chance of reducing thrombosis and prevent cerebral thrombosis.

In autumn, you should raise your mind and peace of mind, and you should be calm. Don’t think too much. Try to use less mobile phones, reduce troubles, and unevenness will affect the flow of body qi; convergence of mind, qi will converge, make autumn calm; everyone is active in summerMovement, the Qiuqi mentality converges, that is, to be quiet.

Autumn sports gradually reduce the temperature in autumn, people will reflect blood vessels at the highest temperature, the joint activity will decrease, the exercise belt should be fully reduced, and the exercise should be fully prepared before exercise. Otherwise, the joint ligaments and muscles will be strained.

The form of exercise can be chosen according to your own preferences.

The autumn diet is based on the climate change of the four seasons. Humans derive the best survival mode of 鈥渁utumn harvest, winter storage, spring life, summer long鈥? but autumn is prone to lung and digestive diseases. If it is not well-regulated, it is easy to be cold and vulnerable when entering winter.cold.

It is recommended that the autumn diet is suitable for: nourishing yin and moistening such as pears, lilies, honey, fungus, yam; less octame acids such as apples, lemons, grapes, grapefruit, etc., to avoid fried spicy food.

Immediately during the Mid-Autumn Festival, moon cakes are essential, but moon cakes are high in sugar and high in oil. It is recommended that high blood pressure, high blood fat, diabetes and other friends eat less; eating moon cakes, reunion rice, drinks, etc., will inevitably increase the substitution of sugar, it is best to control diet.A piece of moon cake can also be shared with the family to avoid overweight.

Because of eating more food stagnation, spleen and stomach deficiency is easy to stomach pain, diarrhea, resulting in poor appetite.

Such as gastrointestinal heat will have bloating, bad breath, constipation and so on.

In the summer and late autumn transition season, many people like to eat barbecue, drink beer, and the right amount, the food should be cooked, because the barbecue is greasy, difficult to digest, a lot of high, and add a lot of salt or MSG, I hope everyone should not eat,Don’t be greedy, don’t lie down after eating.

Mooncakes, barbecues and other greasy foods eat too much stomach bloating, uncomfortable, cold drinks cause stomach pain how to do?

“Hawthorn ebony juice”, the raw materials used in the hawthorn can eliminate digestion, stomach; Chenpi qi and spleen; ebony can thirst, Yijing appetizer; black spines are more sweet; licorice to regulate the spleen and stomach.

So it is the best drink to greasy.

Acupuncture points in the autumn massage are commonly used in the acupoints, Zusanli, Tianshu, Zhongyu and other acupoint massages, respectively, with stomach, wide chest, vomiting, conditioning the spleen and stomach, and intestinal stagnation, clearing heat and dampness, regulating the large intestine, digestion and other effects.

Ten sleeps in tourism


Ten sleeps in tourism

Sleep is a very important aspect of travel life.

Knowing the correct way to sleep and understanding sleep taboos can help travelers get a better rest.


Avoid lying on your back.

When lying on the back, the net of the tongue roots will fall back and affect the breathing, which is prone to snoring. If the hand is placed on the chest, it will not oppress the heart and lungs, leading to nightmares.

The most ideal sleeping position is to lie on the right side of the paint. This method can relax the whole body muscles, excessive blood flow to the liver, and smooth breathing.


Avoid the thoughts before going to bed.

You must calm down before going to bed, don’t worry about trouble, or you will lose sleep.

You can turn over the pictorial before going to bed, and light music.


Avoid drinking and eating.

Excessive diet before going to bed, stomach bloating, digestive disorders, affecting sleep.

Slow blood flow during sleep, excessive intrusion into high feces, high cholesterol food, prone to arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and hypertrophy.


Avoid talking.

Talking before going to bed causes excitement in thinking, the brain is not peaceful, and it is difficult to fall asleep, leading to insomnia.


Avoid turning the lights to sleep.

People face strong light not only affects falling asleep, but also leads to deep sleep, easy to wake up, and dream.


Avoid sleeping with a dream.

Such people inhale a lot of carbon dioxide, and even have difficulty breathing and suffocation.


Avoid sleeping in the wind.

You cannot blow the electric fan for a long time during sleep.

When a person sleeps, the physiology can withstand, the resistance is weak, and when the wind blows, it is easy to get sick.


Avoid breathing.

Open mouth breathing, the so-called “filtering” of the air, cold air and gas containing dirt directly stimulate the throat, easy to stimulate the throat, easy to catch cough, infection.


Avoid sleeping and enduring.

The urine tolerance team is harmful to the human body and also affects sleep.

Emptying and urinating before going to bed, reducing the stimulation of feces, preventing disease and prolonging life.


Avoid sleeping late.

Recent studies have found that excessive sleep can affect a person’s life.

The general sleep time is 7 hours.

Five principles make you have a good body


Five principles make you have a good body

Principle 1: Seriously consider “Why do you want to be thin?

“The reason, and then start to lose weight, many people often put “to lose weight” on the lips, but this will not slim down.

“The clothes you want to wear don’t fit well”, “The body is very heavy and easy to feel tired”, “I feel edema every day”. Seriously, the inconvenience and problems caused by the current body shape will appear after such awareness.With a clear goal, you can find the right way to lose weight.

銆€銆€Comment: Big favor!

I saw that the most successful weight loss experience is that my friend returned to the original weight and body in 2 and a half months after giving birth. In order to wear the original clothes back to work, the power is super!

銆€銆€Principle 2: When you start to feel fat, it is the best time to lose weight. You may not know that even if you eat too much, these things will not immediately become hoarding.

When you start to feel fat, it is actually extra food that starts to make your body puffy.

If you leave it alone, it will become hoarding, but it is difficult to lose.

But if the complications are within two weeks, these extra foods will not be degraded, so start losing weight now.

銆€銆€Comment: Yes, it’s easiest to start with a little fat. It’s hard to wait until the fat upper body is reduced!

銆€銆€Principle 3: It is important to believe that you are not easily unfortunate enough to lose weight and feel when you lose weight.

The same piece of cake, miss “Does this make you fat?”
“If the mood is eaten, this cake will soon become a aunt’s reserve army.

But if you tell yourself, “Can you relieve stress after eating a bite?”
“It’s incredible, your body won’t absorb it.”

In the same way, don’t say to yourself in the mirror: “Get fat!”

“Mood can change the constitution, causing it to be difficult to accumulate.”

銆€銆€Comment: The mood does have a great impact on the body.

This means that you should not be nervous about losing weight, and you will be better at losing weight.

Instead of saying that after self-hypnosis, you can eat and drink!

銆€銆€Principle 4: Face up to your SIZE weight is the most basic, but can not be satisfied.

The size of the waist and hips should be measured, and it is helpful to take pictures with clothes that highlight the figure.

The size of the measurements and other things that can make weight loss can stimulate the determination and will to lose weight.

銆€銆€Comment: My personal experience is not only a trigger for weight loss, but also a good warning.

If you are fat today, 0.

5 kg, the next one or two days can be restored with a little control, this is the best way to maintain weight.

銆€銆€Principle 5: Reduce the number of cards by 500 per day. If the target is reduced by 2 kilograms per month, convert to the consumption of calories, and reduce the number of cards by 500 per day to achieve the goal.

It is definitely to reduce the intake of food or increase the amount of exercise.

For example, eating a piece of cake that you usually eat can reduce the overlap of 300 cards. When you go home, you can consume 200 cards more than usual, so that the goal of reducing 500 cards a day is achieved.

銆€銆€Comment: If you have the habit of eating snacks, you should be almost the same!


In addition, do some contraction weight loss exercises in the bath, you can also consume a lot of calories.

The five major supplements in winter, the heart and brain, like the bones


The five major supplements in winter, the heart and brain, like the bones


In the winter, the weather is cold, which is a period of high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Especially for some elderly people, it is better to prevent the heart and blood vessels while protecting the brain and intelligence.

Maybe many people have to ask what is the connection between the heart and the brain?

Let us see how the experts introduced it.

To better understand the relationship between cardiovascular diseases and intelligence, experts conducted a four-year follow-up survey of 452 older people.

At least one-third of these people have high-grade cardiovascular disease, such as angina or slower blood flow due to arteriosclerosis.

Compared with those who did not have cardiovascular disease during the investigation phase, people with heart problems experienced a significant decline in language learning.

After the researchers excluded other factors related to mental effects such as depression, the results of the study were still true.

Experts say that factors that cause cardiovascular disease can affect people’s intelligence, poor heart function, slow blood flow, affect brain function, and thus reduce cognitive ability.

Therefore, people do not want to wait until the stroke to think of prevention, usually protect the heart, the brain will be more healthy.

So what kind of “tonic” do you like most about your heart and mind during the week?

The heart and brain are the most like bones. The brain is most like bones, muscles contract, and the movement of the traction bones produces various movements.

In addition, the bones are better to move, the bones are the support of the human body, and the muscles constitute the basic shape of the human body, which constitutes the body cavity, including the cranial cavity, the chest cavity, the abdominal cavity and the pelvic cavity, thereby protecting the brain, lung, heart, kidney, liver, spleen and the like.organ.

Heart loves joy When a person feels pressure, the body releases decompression substances, so the general pressure does not cause great harm to the body.

But when the pressure is too high or the body is invaded for a long time, the heart will be “pressed”.

If you are restless, you are easy to cry, you can’t care about your daily routine, you are more hesitant than usual, your appetite is greatly reduced, it is difficult to concentrate, and it is difficult to fall asleep.

Don’t take these symptoms seriously, take timely action to decompress your body and keep your mood happy.

The brain likes the spinach brain is a precious and complicated engine, must add “quality fuel”, and these high-quality fuels are the freshest fruits and vegetables, such as spinach, and fat and thin mix of fresh meat, preferably beef, lamb andFish.

Studies abroad have also shown that eating more spinach can reduce memory loss.

On the contrary, the brain’s “worst fuel” is foods containing more chemical additives, such as canned foods and instant noodles and other foods containing preservatives, as well as meat treated with tender meat.

Both the heart and the brain love to drink water. The electrolyte of the brain transports most of the water.

Therefore, when the body is short of water, people will have headaches, dizziness, and inability to concentrate.

Drink at least 1 every day.

5 liters of water, especially during the two surgical intervals, must drink a glass of water to let the brain work again.

A study in the United States has shown that people who drink more than 5 cups a day are more likely to die from a heart attack than those who drink only two or fewer cups.

Experts therefore recommend a proper attempt to drink eight glasses a day.

Light diet, good brain and good cardiovascular experts said that the amount of healthy supplement should be controlled at 5-6 grams of salt per person per day, equivalent to filling a toothpaste cover, no more than 3 grams of oil per person per day, do you really have high blood pressure,Low-salt and low-fat diets are important guarantees for maintaining cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


Don’t let the house murder your health


Don’t let the house murder your health

The house needs to be checked for health. Mrs. Qiu is a woman suffering from vaginitis. She has been seeking medical treatment for many years but has not improved.

Although the medication can relieve the symptoms, it is not completely cured. Although it is not a very serious “big illness”, it has caused her to suffer enough, and the doctors are puzzling, and it is rare that the vaginal inflammation is difficult.

The strange thing is that as long as Ms. Qiu travels, her vaginitis will be cured without medicine. Mr. Xu often has some inexplicable abdominal pain. He has seen many doctors and can’t find the reason.

What is even more tragic is that from the blood test report, his kidney function is slowly declining.

This situation is very easy to be afraid, but the doctors are also helpless.The above is a real case in the relevant medical report.

What do you think when you hear these two encounters?

“Hey, they are probably too unlucky, so they have been repeatedly showing the same symptoms.” Or “They must be in poor health, it is best to re-adjust their physique”, and some even suspect that the home is not good.

銆€銆€These above statements are normal reactions of ordinary people to illness. They initially blame their own bodies. If they really can’t blame, they have to blame the feng shui or ghosts in their homes.

In fact, some of the above observations are closer to the correct answer, that is, their illness is actually related to the family!

銆€銆€You don’t know the poison. We stayed indoors for almost 90% of our lifetime, and we stayed at home for the longest time, and because it was our own home, most people were most comfortable and relaxed.The attitude of the mind is that few people will doubt that the safest safe haven may actually become a dangerous place.

銆€銆€In the past, medical research always focused on germs, viruses, and humans. The causes of illness were all annoying microbes. Few people questioned whether they would make people sick.

However, when there are more and more unknown diseases in modern times, Mr. Xu, as mentioned earlier, can’t find the cause of abdominal pain, or Mrs. Qiu is always recurrent vaginitis, even if some diseases have appeared in the past, but in the near oneSignificantly increased in 20 years.

These phenomena make me as a doctor, I can’t help but wonder if there are any causes of illness that we have neglected besides microbes.

銆€銆€Take kidney disease as an example, like the second deadly role of the original traditional kidney disease – focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (at 1?
Within 4 years, the patient began to permanently dialysis; as for the first sputum, the role is rapid glomerulonephritis, which is usually permanent dialysis in the body within 3 months. In the 2006 American medical report, it was found in the United States, focalSegmental glomerulosclerosis is the most common nephritis that causes uremia.

The Asian Taiwan region also has the same evolutionary trend.

銆€銆€Why does focal segmental glomerulosclerosis grow so fast?

The doctors who originally placed the cause on the microbes began to actively study. Finally, they finally found the reason. The original problem was in the environment.

It has been confirmed from medical research abroad that the total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) in the environment is the biggest cause of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis.

銆€銆€Perhaps you will ask, why are there various alternative organic compounds in the family?

For example, the furniture we originally used was all natural wood, but after the technical advancement of the furniture manufacturing industry and the need for economic and environmental protection, we began to use synthetic wood to make furniture.

The use of synthetic wood is of course understandable, but in order to shape wood chips, many manufacturers use a large amount of binders, and many adhesives contain volatile organic compounds, such as formaldehyde, so it is easy to cause excessive formaldehyde concentration in the room;Reduce the degree of bacterial contamination of tap water, add chlorine to the water, but did not think that chlorine and organic matter in the water will form trihalomethanes, and trihalomethanes will enter the human body through the water vapor of drinking water or hot bath, causing ushurt.

銆€銆€The family will also make people sick. Mrs. Qiu and Mr. Xu are actually sick cases because of 鈥渉ome鈥?

銆€銆€The lucky Mrs. Qiu met Dr. Erica Elite after visiting a famous gynaecologist. After careful consultation, the doctor found that as long as Mrs. Qiu traveled, vaginitis would improve, so the doctor began to wonder if she would be her.There was a problem with the environment at home.

Sure enough, when she further investigated, she found that the problem was in the bathtub of Mrs. Qiu’s house.

銆€銆€It turns out that Mrs. Qiu has the habit of taking a bath every day, but because the water in her house is acidic, and the hot water pipe is a copper pipe, the copper ions in the hot water pipe are exposed to acid and are released into the bathtub in large quantities due to copper in the water.Ions can irritate the vaginal mucosa, so Mrs. Qiu will have repeated wounds of vaginitis.

銆€銆€Because the house is “ill”, causing Mrs. Qiu to become sick, so as long as the right medicine is given, the hot water tube of the bathroom is replaced with a stainless steel tube, and Mrs. Qiu’s vaginitis will naturally heal.

Fortunately, the hot water pipes in the house now use stainless steel pipes or galvanized iron pipes.

銆€銆€And Mr. Xu, it is not as lucky as Mrs. Qiu.

Because there are so many diseases that cause abdominal pain and kidney function decline, it is quite difficult to find the real cause.

In the end, he met a doctor who was willing to trace it carefully and found that Mr. Xu’s problem was also in the shower.

It turns out that the enamel at the bottom of the bathtub in Mr. Xu’s home has worn out, causing the lowest metal to be exposed. Therefore, when Mr. Xu took a bath, the scrotum directly touched the lead-containing metal plate. After long-term contact, excessive lead was passed through.The skin enters the body and causes lead poisoning.

I know the true meaning of life after I am blind.


I know the true meaning of life after I am blind.

I am a software programmer for a network technology company.

In May of 2006, I was responsible for designing a management program for a company. Due to time constraints, I sat around the computer day and night. Sometimes, in order to avoid disturbing my family’s rest, I turned off the lights in a dark room.After working for a few days, I felt that my eyes were dry and unbearable, and then I was afraid of light. I saw things and flowers. As a result, on the way home when I installed the program for my clients, my eyes suddenly disappeared!

銆€銆€I was admitted to the hospital and the doctor diagnosed “optical nerve atrophy.”

After half a month of treatment, the doctor quietly told my wife: “The medicine used is used, the effect is not obvious, there is no particularly good method at present, I suggest you go to the Chinese medicine to try.

When the wife told me that I had to transfer, I understood what it meant, and the last hope was extinguished at the same time.

銆€銆€I transferred to the Chinese medicine hospital, and many people came to comfort me: “Don’t worry, there is a cure, and now science is so developed, there will always be a way.
“But, I can’t talk in my mouth, can you be in a hurry?”

If you wear clothes and others help to tie the buttons, eat others to help pick up the dishes, go to the toilet and ask someone to help you see which is the men’s toilet. Can you be in a hurry?

銆€銆€In order to avoid the total trouble, I try to reduce the activity, often lying on the bed motionless.

One day after dinner, my wife took me out for a walk. I just cautiously groped my hands and tried to open the plastic curtain. I didn’t expect to touch a woman’s chest with my hand. The lady was scared and the wife was in full view.Underneath, I had to pay a smile and whispered: “Sorry, his eyes are not good.

“On that day, I walked through the door without saying a word, went outside and fell on the wooden board and burst into tears.

銆€銆€In the boundless darkness, I don’t know what to do or dare to think about the future.

However, in the darkness, the family and friends, the pair of warm and generous hands that never changed, let me survive that period.

My wife is busy with work every day, busy with the children, no matter how tired they have to go to the hospital to see me, she always pretends to be as calm as usual, let me listen to her voice in the dark, smell her breath, noHelping the heart to get a little comfort; the old father also accompanied me at the hospital every day, silently serving me tea, washing my face and rubbing my feet, using his old but still powerful hand to hold my hand, just like when I was young,Leading me to the Children’s Palace to see the model show; there are friends, colleagues and customers, so that my ward will always be filled with flowers and laughter. I overcome the resentment of God’s unfairness to me, and is more energetic than anyAt that time, there was a strong attachment to the human world.

And between this resentment and attachment, it is more and more clear that I am infinitely remorseful.

I regret that I always have a good physical quality, I don’t know how to work and relax, and I have to work hard. I regret that I have not spared more time to spend time with my family, and I have missed many sweet and warm home time; even whenThe wife told me inadvertently: “The pot of spider orchids on our balcony is really good!

“When I was desperately trying to remember and I couldn’t remember the way of the orchids, I also regretted why I didn’t spend some time to appreciate the flowers and trees around me, but now I can’t see it. I have been treated for 7 months, IThe vision gradually recovered to 1.

0. Before returning to work, I drove with my wife and son to travel around the country.

I saw the golden leaves dancing in front of the window, seeing the sunset reflecting the distant mountains, and seeing the lake like a blue glass vase on the brown land. I can’t help but sigh again and again: “It’s beautiful!

“After the day, until it is ok, I will take the time to call my wife a few phone calls and ask her what she is doing, in a good mood; after work, even if I am busy, I will never take my work home, not to look at it.”My son’s homework, listen to him telling interesting things between classmates, and then the family sit together and eat dinner from the room; every weekend, I will go to see my parents, I only knew to buy them for them, now I understandValuable gifts also resist the time of Sun Chenghuan’s knees; at work, I still ask myself to do my best, but I don’t always compare my achievements with others. I only hope that I can learn new things every day.In progress; in the face of pressure, troubles and contradictions, I no longer want to establish a perfect image in front of others and bury everything in my heart, I will choose to show people with true feelings.

銆€銆€In this way, when life is about to enter the biology of 40-year-old door, I began to learn and struggle, enterprising, patience and other important lessons: learn to give up, learn to lose, learn to release, learn to meet, learn to appreciate.