[Can you drink Pu’er tea while pregnant]_Pregnancy_Impact

[Can you drink Pu’er tea while pregnant]_Pregnancy_Impact

Drinking tea is a very good health habit. The reason why many people do not like to drink boiled water on a weekly basis, but have a preference for tea, not only because the fresh taste of tea is very attractive, but also because tea has a lot of nutritionValue and health effects, so since ancient times, various types of tea have been loved by people.

Especially Pu’er tea, drinking it is very beneficial to the human body, but some women who like Pu’er tea need to be extra careful when they become pregnant mothers.

First, can you drink Pu’er tea during pregnancy? 1. During pregnancy, it is best not to drink any tea including Pu’er tea.

But if pregnant women have tea addiction, it is necessary to drink some light Pu’er tea cooked tea. Fermented cooked tea has mild tea, nourishing the stomach and warming the body. After processing, there is almost no caffeine.

At the same time, pay attention to the moisture of tea, do not drink fake tea, counterfeit tea, do not drink strong tea, and do not drink a lot.

Expectant mothers should not drink strong tea: Tea contains a large amount of tea polyphenols, caffeine, etc. There are many unfavorable factors for the growth of the fetus in the mother’s abdomen. In order to normalize the development of oxidant intelligence and avoid excessive stimulation of the fetus by caffeine,Drink less or no tea.

2. However, if pregnant women drink Pu’er tea raw tea, it should be lightly brewed, because if the tea is too strong and the concentration of caffeine exceeds 10%, it will increase the urine and heartbeat frequency and frequency of pregnant women, which will increase the pregnant women’s heartWith kidney load.

This is why pregnant women should not take other types of tea and coffee during pregnancy.

In general, we do not recommend that pregnant women drink Pu’er tea raw tea.

Second, the abnormality of Pu’er tea 1. When the physiological period comes, the menstrual blood will consume a lot of iron in the body during the physiological period. Therefore, female friends should add more iron-rich vegetables and fruits at this time. 2, pregnancyPregnant women are not suitable for tea during pregnancy.

3. Pregnant women are in labor. 4. Women who want to participate in nursing after giving birth should not drink too much tea.

5. It is a health habit for menopausal women to drink tea, but it also depends on their own conditions. Not every health habit is suitable for everyone, especially for pregnant women. Many ordinary habits are not suitable.If you ca n’t eat anything, and if it ‘s inconvenient to eat more, the pregnant mother must understand clearly, and do n’t eat what you want blindly.

3. Precautions for drinking Pu’er tea: 1. Pu’er tea should be drunk as you drink, it should not be soaked in tea for a long time before drinking, avoid drinking Pu’er tea overnight.

The extraction amount of tea polyphenols in overnight tea will be prolonged, and it is not suitable to take it regardless of the freshness of the tea soup, the taste of the taste, the health effect, or the health point of view.

2, drinking Pu’er tea is divided into constitutions.

After being called Pu’er tea, it will have a bit of bloating, belching, and constipation impurities.

3, drink plenty of Pu’er tea before and after meals.

Pu’er tea is best for half an hour after a meal. If you eat too little, you should not drink more.

[How about eggplant?】 _How to do_How to do

鑼勫瓙鏄竴绉嶉潪甯哥編鍛崇殑椋熸潗锛屽湪浜轰滑鐨勭敓娲讳腑鏄潪甯稿彈娆㈣繋鐨勮敩鑿滀箣涓€锛岃€嬼 笖 師 哫 瓙 铙 鈢 鐢 ㄦ 潵 Duo Duo 璖 咖 勭 Ti 綔 勭 坒 Chi 滃 ぇ 椁 愶 纴 瓴 Han Han  彁 渚 餮 織 織 瀙 繍 織 織 織 織 織 織 織 織 繒屽埗浣滆寗瀛愬ぇ椁愭湁涓€瀹氱殑璁茬┒锛屽叾涓紝涓嶅悓鐨勫湴鍖烘湁涓嶅悓鐨勫仛娉曪紝涓嬮潰灏辨潵鐪嬬湅鑼勫瓙鍜嬪仛濂藉悆鍛紵涓嬮潰灏辨潵鐪嬬湅璁茶В鍚э紝甯屾湜澶у鑳藉浜嗚В涓€涓嬨€傚仛娉曚竴锛?.Gong Luo Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan Xuan?.鑼勫瓙鍒囨垚婊氬垁鍧楋紝鏀句笂鍗婂嫼鐩愭媽鍖€锛屾潃涓€涓嬫按銆?.You will be able to find out what is going on, what is going on, what is going on, what is going on, what is going on, what is going on, what is going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on?お骞诧紝涓嶇劧鍙嶅€掍笉濂藉悆浜嗐€傝繖鏍峰仛涓嶄粎鐪佹补鑰屼笖鐪佺伀銆?.钁卞鍒囧ソ澶囩敤锛屽浜嗭紝杩樿澶氭媿鐐硅挏鏈€?.閿呯儹鍚庡€掑叆椋熺敤娌癸紝鐑归钁卞鍚庝笅鍏ヨ寗瀛愩€傜炕鐐掍竴涓嬩簲鍒嗛挓宸﹀彸锛岃鑼勫瓙鍧囧 寙 奃 効 劆?.Do you know how to make up for it?.This is the second effect: it ‘s very effective, and it ‘s very beautiful. It ‘s very difficult to get around, and it ‘s a lot of fun.儳鐒︾殑閿呭叿鈥濄€?.What’s the matter? What’s the matter? What’s the matter? What’s the matter? What’s the matter?.Are you tired of it?0.閫傞噺鐨勮皟鍏ョ洂銆佸皬鍗婂嫼绯栵紝涓村嚭閿呯殑鏃跺€欐斁鍏ヨ挏鏈媽鍖€灏卞ぇ鍔熷憡鎴愪簡銆傚仛娉What?.鑼勫瓙鍒囩墖锛屾斁灏戣鐩愭媽鍖€锛岃寗瀛愯厡鍒?0鍒嗛挓宸﹀彸锛屾尋鍑烘按浠姐€?.闈掋€佺孩妞掑垏涓併€?.閿呬腑鏀炬补锛岃寗瀛愯繃娌圭偢锛屾崬鍑恒€?.The problem is that there is a chain of links, which means that there is no way to split the field, or if you want to do it, you will have to split it.€?.缈荤倰鍧囧寑鍚庯紝璋冨叆楸奸姹併€?.鐐掕嚦鑼勫瓙鍏ュ懗鍚庯紝鏀惧叆闈掋€佺孩妞掍竵锛岀炕鐐掑潎鍖€鍚庡嚭閿呫€傚仛娉曚笁锛?.鑼勫瓙鍓婄毊鍒囨潯銆傛€昏寰楃毊浼氬奖鍝嶅彛鎰燂紝浣嗚繖涓氮璐逛簡涓€閮ㄥ垎钀ュ吇鍝堬紝濡傛灉浣犲湪涔庤惀鍏诲浜庡彛鎰燂紝灏卞埆鍓婄毊浜嗐€傛妸骞叉穩绮夋拻杩涘幓鎷屽寑銆傝鑼勫瓙鐨勬瘡闈㈤兘娌句笂涓€灞傝杽钖勭殑娣€绮夊氨鍙互浜嗐€?.娌逛節鎴愮儹锛屾妸鑼勫瓙鏀捐繘鍘荤偢銆備竴娆′笉瑕佹斁澶锛屽惁鍒欎細鑼勫瓙浼氱矘鍒颁竴璧枫€傜偢鍒拌寗瀛愬彉寰楅噾榛勪簡锛屽氨鍙互婊ゆ补鐩涘嚭3.鎶婂垰鎵嶇偢鑼勫瓙鐨勬补鍊掑嚭鐣欎竴鐐瑰簳娌癸紝鍏垚鐑紝鍏ヨ倝鏈倰鐔熴€備笅涓€鍗婅挏鏈拰钁Braided?。鏀句袱鍕洪粍璞嗛叡鐐掗銆傚鏋滀綘鍠滄棰滆壊娣变竴浜涳紝杩欐椂杩樺彲浠ュ姞涓€浜涜€佹娊锛屽姞閫傞噺姘淬€?.鎶婅寗瀛愭斁鍏ワ紝鍐嶇炕鐐掑嚑涓嬶紝鏀剧偣绯栵紝楦$簿锛屽拰鍙︿竴鍗婅挏鏈紝鍐嶆媽鍖€锛屽氨鍙互鍑洪攨浜嗐€傛病鏀剧洂锛屾槸鍥犱负閰辩殑鍜稿懗澶熶簡銆傛斁钂滄湯鏄垜鍠滄姣旇緝娴撶殑钂滃懗锛屽鏋滀綘涓嶅枩娆紝鍙互涓嶆斁锛屾斁浜涢鑿滄湯涔嬬被鐨勩€?

[How to make osmanthus honey parfait]_Homemade osmanthus honey parfait _How to make osmanthus honey parfait _How to make osmanthus honey parfait

[How to make osmanthus honey parfait]_Homemade osmanthus honey parfait

We often want to learn to cook, but we don’t know how to learn.

I will introduce the learning methods and experiences here. In fact, first of all, I have to start making a dish. The following introduces the method of osmanthus honey parfait, and I will try it myself.


1 Steam the cooked rice into a bowl and use a rolling pin for a few minutes.

2 Soak the round glutinous rice in cold water one night in advance and add it to the rice cooker to cook 3.

Spread a layer of cooked oil in the fresh-keeping box, spread the smashed glutinous rice into the box, and flatten it with a rice spoon4.

Spread a layer of red bean paste on the flattened glutinous rice, sprinkle a layer of fried walnuts and peanuts after flattening, and then spread a layer of glutinous rice and compact it5.

When you are ready to eat, flip the fresh-keeping box upside down on the chopping board to remove the jelly cake6.

Cut the jelly into pieces with a knife coated with cooked oil, sprinkle with sugar osmanthus, and the honey is ready to eat. If you want to make the sweet-scented osmanthus honey jelly, please read the above steps carefully, and then be patientLearn to do it several times.

In this way, it won’t take long for you to see the “fruits” of your labor.

[How to make matcha chestnut cake]_Homemade method of matcha chestnut cake_How to make matcha chestnut cake_How to make matcha chestnut cake

[How to make matcha chestnut cake]_Homemade method of matcha chestnut cake_How to make matcha chestnut cake_How to make matcha chestnut cake

Have you ever been scared of cancer today?

Why is the terrible disease of cancer getting closer to human beings?

Dietary factors determine the decisive role.

So, to get away from cancer, the first thing to do is to eat healthy.

And the first cloth of healthy eating, you need to make it at home.

Now let me introduce you to Matcha Chestnut Cake 1.

Add 20 grams of fine granulated sugar to the egg yolk to make it thick and slightly swollen.

Add 3 grams of fine granulated sugar to the egg white 3 times, beat until it is picked up with an eggbeater and can form a sharply curved tip 2.

1 Sift the low-gluten flour and matcha powder into the egg paste, and mix with a rubber knife until no dry powder is visible at all.

2 Take a small part of the protein and add it to the egg yolk paste. Use a rubber spatula to mix evenly. Then pour the egg yolk paste into most of the remaining protein.

Put a batter in a circular inlaid mouth inlay bag with a diameter of about 1cm, add batter, and squeeze 2 spiral cake wafers on a non-stick cloth. The diameter of the cake slices is slightly larger than the mold 5

Put it in a preheated oven and bake it at 180 degrees for about 10 minutes. After baking, let it cool naturally in the room.

Cut out a piece of it according to the size of the mold and spread it on the bottom of the mold. You may never have been to the kitchen. But after reading the introduction of the matcha chestnut cake, you definitely want to try it yourself.

[How about eating walnuts at night]_ walnuts _ how to eat _ how to eat

[How about eating walnuts at night]_ walnuts _ how to eat _ how to eat

Walnut is a kind of nut food, which has many benefits to the human body, such as treating neurasthenia, relieving insomnia, relieving high blood pressure and so on.

It is generally not recommended to eat walnuts at night because the stomach has poor digestion and you can choose to eat them in the morning.

Eating walnuts every morning can nourish the kidney and strengthen the brain, nourish the qi, moisturize the skin, and make the hair black.

Walnuts are most suitable for brainpower workers, especially white-collar women, because these people often overuse the brain, which is very painful and painful. Eating walnuts can supplement the brain.

Eating 3-5 capsules a day is enough.

First, 71% of adults who prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are walnuts, and 71% are linoleic acid and 12% are linolenic acid. These unsaturated molecular weights can purify the blood, remove impurities from the blood vessel walls, and consume saturated fat accumulated in the body.Effectively prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Second, the treatment of gallstones is mainly due to the combination of mucin in food with calcium ions in bile and unbound bilirubin.

The sulfuric acid contained in walnut kernels can prevent the binding of mucin and calcium ions, unbound bilirubin, and can dissolve, subside and excrete.

Therefore, patients with gallstone disease, may wish to insist on eating walnut kernels every day, it may be possible to avoid the suffering of surgery.

Similarly, walnut kernels are also used to treat urinary stones.

Third, vitamin E contained in anti-aging walnut kernels, oxidative damage caused by free radicals incorporated into recombined cells, is recognized by the medical community as an anti-aging substance, so walnut is known as “longevity fruit”.

[Ganoderma lucidum chicken soup_Ganoderma lucidum]

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[Hand-caught lamb can also be done at home]_How to do_Homely practices

[Hand-caught lamb can also be done at home]_How to do_Homely practices

Lamb is a very common food in winter. Not only can you make hot pot, you can also steam, cook, fry, deep-fry, and lamb. There are many ways to eat lamb. There is a popular hand-cooked lamb in the area. I suddenly want to eat it, but it is not convenient because of the long distanceGo forward. At this time, you can make mutton by yourself at home, as long as you make it according to the correct ingredients, the taste is very good.

Method 1: Prepare the main ingredients: lamb loin with bone 1000g.

Seasoning: 25g parsley, 25g green onion, 15g ginger, 10g minced garlic, 1g aniseed, 1g pepper, cinnamon 1g, cumin 1g hand-cooked lamb pepper powder 1g, vinegar 60g, 5g wine, 1g MSG, 5g salt, 1g sesame oil, 50g chili oil.

Production step 1, chop the mutton loin into two-inch long, five-minute wide pieces, and wash with water.

Coriander roots were washed and disinfected, cut into two long sections.

Scallion, three pieces of money cut into one-inch long sections, two pieces of money chopped; 2, chopped shallot, minced garlic, parsley.

Soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, pepper powder, sesame oil, chili oil and other sauces; 3, pour two pounds of water into the pot, put the lamb on the fire and boil, skim the float, remove the meat and wash it.

Next, change to three pounds of water and boil, add mutton, aniseed, peppercorns, cumin, cinnamon, spring onion, ginger slices, Shao wine and refined salt.

After the soup is boiled again, cover the pot and move over low heat until the meat is rotten.

Remove the meat, place it in a plate, and dip it in the sauce.

[Barbecue pork ribs are delicious, the salting recipe is very important!】 _How to preserve_How to preserve

What is the flaw?豍 罐 屽 店 _ 樍 剢 剱 罐 屽 埗
鐑х儰鍑烘潵鐨勯鐗╁懗閬撻潪甯歌浜猴紝鐑х儰鐨勮繃绋嬩篃鏄竴澶т韩鍙楋紝闅炬€湁閭d箞澶氫汉閮藉枩娆㈢儳鐑ょ被鐨勮仛浼氭椿鍔ㄣ€傚仛涓哄父瑙佺殑鐑х儰椋熸潗涔嬩竴鐨勬帓楠紝鎯宠鍋氬緱璇变汉鍙f按閮芥祦涓嬫潵锛屽氨瑕佹噦寰楀湪鐑х儰鍓嶅浣曡厡鍒躲€? 鐑 ゆ 帓 南 ㄤ 箣 嶓 塡 卒 鍒 訒 南 娉?In the meantime, you can find a lot of things that you want to do. You will be able to see if you have a lot of time.敤姘存礂鍑€鍚庯紝鐢ㄥ姏鎸ゅ帇鎶婃帓楠ㄤ腑鐨勬按鍒嗘尋鍑猴紝瑁呭叆鏂扮殑濉戞枡琚嬮噷鍑嗗璋冩枡锛岃繖閲岃鍑嗗铓濇补 銆侀叡娌广€佽姳妞掋€佸ぇ鏂欍€佽懕鑺?What’s the difference between the real world and the real world? I’m afraid of you, you’re not afraid of you, you’re not afraid of you.Crazy?4 What’s the difference?鐑ょ鐑ゆ帓楠ㄧ殑姝ラ 灏嗘帓楠ㄨ厡鍒跺ソ鍚庡氨鍙互寮€濮嬬儰鍟?瀹堕噷鏈夌儰绠辩殑锛屽彲浠ョ敤鐑ょ鏇村崼鐢熸柟渚垮揩鎹枫€傚湪鐑ょ洏閾轰笂閿$焊锛屾帓鍏ヨ厡濂界殑鎺掗锛屽墿浣欑殑閰辨眮鍊掑湪鎺掗涓?What’s the difference? What’s the difference? What’s the difference? 250 ° ︼ 纴 Juan 眰: Do you think?5 闒 嗛 挓; 铷 帷 婇 哇 哄 勄 軾 綾 纴 鐴 ょ  璋?00搴︼紝鍐嶇儰10鍒嗛挓锛屽嵆鍙€?

[How to make kimchi brine]_Kimchi water_How to do_How to do

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瀵逛簬鍥涘窛浜烘潵璇村钩鏃跺悆楗€绘槸灏戜笉浜嗘场鑿滐紝灏界绂诲紑浜嗗洓宸濅篃浼氭€€蹇垫场鑿滅殑鍛抽亾锛屽緢澶氳敩鑿滈兘鍙互鐢ㄦ潵鍒朵綔娉¤彍锛屾渶閲嶈鐨勬槸鍒朵綔娉¤彍鐨勭洂姘存瘮渚嬭鎺屾彙濂姐€?涓€銆佸洓宸濇场鑿?Awkward?00 鍏 嬶 閴 該 f100 鍏 嬶 閴 擶 ф 枡 50 鍏 嬶 溮 溮?00 mammy?0 嬏 嬶 麴 鍐 is impersonating 50 协 嬶 璴 钂?0Anything?.棣栧厛鍦ㄥ喎姘撮噷鏀惧叆閫傞噺鐨勭洂锛岀劧鍚庢妸姘寸儳寮€.姘撮噺鍦ㄥ潧瀛愬閲忕殑20-30%宸﹀彸锛屼笉瑕佸お澶氥€傜洂姣斿钩鏃跺仛鑿滄椂澶氭斁涓€鐐癸紝鎰熻Huanyu Xunrong insects . 锛堝鏋滅敤鐡惰鐨勯ギ鐢ㄦ按锛岄偅灏变笉闇€瑕佺儳寮€锛岀洿鎺ユ斁鐩愬氨濂姐€傦級2.According to the world, the peaks and peaks are the same, and the peaks are the same, the peaks are the peaks, the peaks are the peaks, the peaks are the peaks, and the peaks are the same. 鍏 跺 獠 掍 欍 欍 嬋 個 庋 娴 娉 厍 屍 叾 倾 炲 炲 煲 鏄  粠 綠 樼 頰 掰掰 保 鏉 ョ 殑.3.鏀剧孩妞掋€佺敓濮溿€佽挏杩涘幓锛屽彲澶氭斁浜涳紝鍙鍔犺彍鐨勫懗銆備笖杩欑鑿滆淇濇寔鍧涘瓙鍐呬竴鐩存湁锛屽畠浠湁鏉€鑿屾彁鍛崇殑浣滅敤銆傦紙闈掓涔熷彲浠ワ紝浣嗘槸棰滆壊娌$孩妞掑ソ鐪嬶級 4.2 adze?澶╁悗鍙敞鎰忎粩缁嗚瀵燂紝鐪嬭荆妞掑懆鍥存槸鍚︽湁姹芥场褰㈡垚锛屽紑濮嬬殑鏃跺€?锛屾槸涓€鍒颁袱涓崄鍒嗙粏灏忕殑姘旀场锛屼笉娉ㄦ剰瑙傚療鍑犱箮鐪嬩笉瑙?濡傛灉鏈夋苯娉★紝鍝€曟槸涓€涓皵娉★紝銆€灏辫鏄庡彂閰垫甯搞€傦紙鍏跺疄瑙傚療涓嶅埌涔熸病鍏崇郴锛屾斁2-3澶╁氨鍙 Mutual Buzz Level 5.帍 帄 帄 師 師 常常 幸 杸 湩 提 鉱 锅 Argon ソ 浜 嗭 Paper ソ 浜 嗭 帍 屽 煿 鍏 诲 ソ 嵜 婰 尰 尰 尰 尰 傰 傰 傰 傰 傰 傰 傰涘彛鐨勫瘑灏佸崄鍒嗛噸瑕侊紝鍙互鐩存帴鏀捐悵鍗滅櫧鑿滀箣绫荤殑浣犳兂鍚冪殑娉¤彍浜嗗皬璇€绐?.鍧涘瓙鍐呭蹇呴』娲楀共鍑€锛岀劧鍚庢妸鐢熸按鎿﹀共锛屾垨骞茶剢鐢ㄥ紑姘寸儷涓€涓嬩篃琛? 2.What’s going on?What’s going on? Advice: Do you want to be stunned? 涓€瀹氳鏅惧共浜嗘墠鑳芥斁杩涘幓銆?3.鍧涘瓙涓€瀹氳瀵嗗皝锛屾渶濂介€夌敤鍦熺儳鍒剁殑甯︽部鍙g殑閭g銆傞殢鏃惰娉ㄦ剰娌垮彛鐨勬按涓I ‘m going to make a brief note: I ‘m not sure how to do it, I ‘m going to make a mistake, I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to do it.鍒嗭紝閬垮厤姘村共鎺夈€?4.頧 擘 糙 糙 糉 笉 人 稘 娌 傌 纗 獗 璱 稱 娌 喌 璐 熻 姳 姼 弗 來 乼 湑 揑 叁 Cui Kettle 鍧 涘 瓙 糀 沑 漑 漀 擮 铮 儌 儌 儌 劌 儌 儌浜屻€佽€佸潧娉¤彍鑿滆氨绠€浠?浠婂ぉ缁欑瓛瀛愪滑浠嬬粛鑰佸潧娉¤彍鐨勮缁嗗仛娉曪紝闈炲父绠€鍗曞摝銆傛潗鏂欐湁鐩栫殑鍧涘瓙涓€涓 纴 钖 勭  搴 斿  镄 勮 撩 撐 溴 鍑 夊 崑 姑 遴 鐩 鐶 纶 溴 懮 寖 尃 姃 姳 女 掞 纴 閰 燰 凰 燸娓呮按鐑у紑鍚庢斁鍑夛紝鍒囪涓€瀹氳鏀惧噳銆?.How to do it? If you do n’t know how to do it, if you do n’t have 1000, what ‘s the difference?00 嬏 洂 銆?.鍔犲叆濮滅墖銆侀厭銆佸啺绯栥€佽姳妞掓悈鎷屽潎鍖€銆?。灏嗙洂姘村€掍汉娉¤彍鍧涗腑锛屾饭鍒板潧瀛愮殑浜斿垎涔嬩笁涓哄疁銆?。灏嗘礂鍑€鏅惧共鐨勮敩鑿滄斁杩涘潧涓€?.You can click on the button or click on the button or click on the button or click on the button or click on the button or click on the button or click on the button or click on the button if you want to use it.ㄦ Arc?.鏀鹃€氶銆侀槾鍑夊锛堟垜鏄皢娉¤彍鍧涙斁鍦ㄩ槼鍙拌钀界殑锛夈€傚皬璇€绐?銆佸潧瀛愬唴涓嶈兘杩涙补鍜屽喎姘达紝涓€涓佺偣鍎夸篃涓嶈銆?2銆佹场鑿滀笉鑴嗗姞閰掋€佸お閰稿姞鐩愶紝姣忔寰€閲屽姞钄彍鏃惰鏀剧洂銆佹枡閰掋€傝嚦浜庣洂鐨勫垎閲忓槢锛岀敤鍢村反灏濅竴涓嬶紝闈炲父鍜稿氨琛屻€?3銆佸鏋滃潧鍐呯敓鑺变簡锛堣〃闈㈡湁鐧借壊钖勮啘锛夛紝澶氬姞鐐圭洂銆佹枡閰掓悈鎷屽潎鍖€锛屽苟灏嗗潧鍙f竻娲楀共鍑€銆佹崲涓婃竻姘淬€?4銆佸潧鍙e懆鍥存按妲界殑姘磋缁忓父鏇存崲锛屼繚鎸佹竻浜€?5銆佹瘡骞村簲瀛h敩鑿滐紝绛掑瓙浠兘鍙互寰€閲屽銆傝€佸潧涓繀鏈夌孩杈f銆佸ぇ钂溿€佸銆佽悵鍗滃帇搴曪紝杩欐牱鎵嶈兘淇濇寔椋庡懗绾銆?Ping ¤ Guo Right- Huguodongyao Universal mechanical  Zaogezhaben Shengeduanchong В Guanhuorenchui Gehuaiduanchu Hanbenchufu Jiangqidaoxi  Zhou Buddhists new Zhu Raojuqinyang Chubeikuinou殑鍋氭硶鈥斺€旀场銆佺叜銆佺倰銆?

[Few people know the mysterious size of a woman]

[Few people know the mysterious “size” of a woman]

Our nation is a conservative nation, unlike the Westerners who are more open. Many classical sculptures and paintings in some Western countries show every part of the human body exposed. When we first saw them, we all faced red ears.

Many people think that Westerners are relatively inferior, which is wrong. They use art to show the beauty of the human body.

Our culture is conservative, and we are even more defensive against men and women. The ancients said, “Men and women are not allowed to accept or accept each other.”

Especially the hidden parts of women, today we will decrypt the majority of male friends.

Labia minora: 6cm Many people wonder how long a woman’s labia is. Is the labia of every woman the same?

In fact, a woman’s labia can change. The average length of a girl’s labia minora is usually five to seven centimeters.

Menstrual blood volume: 100ml each time menstrual cramps, the flow of menstrual blood varies greatly, but generally on average, about 100cc.