How to use accidental band-aid

How to use accidental band-aid

What to do if I get injured accidentally?

Consuming band-aids is also particular about cleaning the wound before use.

This old man must remember.

  The band-aid is also called “hemostasis plaster”, which has hemostatic and protective effects, and is a kind of trauma medicine commonly used in our daily life.

It consists of a long strip of adhesive tape with a small piece of gauze dipped in the middle.

  Due to the limitation of the band-aid structure, it can usually only be used for large superficial, neat and clean wounds, and small wounds with little bleeding without the need for replacement, thereby temporarily temporarily stopping bleeding and protecting the wound.

But it should be noted that the use time should not be too long.

  It is common for someone to directly apply a band-aid to a wound. This is absolutely incorrect, and it is very easy to cause wound infection.

Cleaning the wound first is an essential step before using the band-aid.

When playing outdoor sports, the sanitary conditions are poor, and the probability of injury conflicts. This should be paid more attention to.

  In addition, if the band-aid stuck on the wound is wet with water, it should be replaced immediately. If left untreated, the wound is equivalent to soaking in the water directly, instead it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

  It is reminded that band-aids cannot be used directly in the following situations: people with severe wounds and contaminated wounds; wounds with iron nails or knife points; when the wound is not clean or there is a foreign body in the wound;Infected wounds, wounds with secretions or pus should not be used on wounds.

  There are many other medicines for traumatic injuries, such as some 37 tablets, wound dampness analgesics, and various medicinal liquors.

It should be reminded that no matter what kind of medicine, if you are not very clear about its use and contraindications, it is best to consult your doctor first, and don’t use it blindly to avoid accidents.