Soprano singer He Hui will hold a solo concert, staged in January 2020

The soprano singer He Hui who just finished 10 “Mrs. Butterfly” at the Metropolitan Opera in New York is about to return to the country to sing.She will hold a solo concert at the Zhongshan Park Concert Hall on January 4, 2020, which includes operas “Turandot”, “Don Carlos”, “troubadour”, “The Artist’s Career”, “Tristan and Aesop””Elder” and other classic arias.Hehui is the only Chinese singer who is on stage at the same time as the top six opera houses in the world. As the first heroine, she is the only Chinese who boarded the Scala Opera House.Beginning at the end of October this year, Hehui performed Puccini’s “Madame Butterfly” at the New York Metropolitan Opera House and performed 10 consecutive performances.This performance also made “Mrs Butterfly” in Hehui’s opera career more than 180 games.”Mrs. Butterfly” is one of the most challenging operas of the soprano, because the quality of the soprano determines the effect of the performance. The soprano almost sings from beginning to end.This is the most typical opera that tests the actor’s vocal skills, musical quality, performance level, physical endurance and other factors.Through this opera, I realized the fun of being immersed in the role and being a role, and it also greatly inspired my other role performances.”He Hui said.He Hui, who has been busy with the world’s top opera all the year round, rarely returns to China to hold a solo concert with a piano.In this concert, she said she would show 100% sincerity and select classic arias from world-famous operas. The works of Puccini, Verdi, Wagner and other masters will all echo in her singing.In an interview with the media, He Hui said, “I sing operas all year round, and the location of this solo concert is my favorite opera aria.Last year, I had a solo concert at the Beijing National Grand Theater, but this year is completely different from last year, with a lot of focus and absolute expression of my sincerity.There are arias in Verdi’s “Tang Carlo” and arias in “Tallo Poet”, which are all very skill-testing.I also prepared Chinese leaders.This concert mainly focuses on appreciating opera classics.If the audience is very enthusiastic, I will consider adding a few more.”Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Xu Meilin Proofreading Liu Baoqing