[How to make pancakes soft and delicious]_How to make_How to make

[How to make pancakes soft and delicious]_How to make_How to make

This type is a very popular pasta.

Some except those who can buy other in the snack bar, people who have the time and conditions, can also make the title at home, so that you can eat a healthier, healthier and more suitable for their own taste.

However, making some things is not an easy task, especially if you want to make some soldering irons soft and delicious, you still need to master certain skills.

Below, I will introduce some techniques for making dough and branding for everyone!

First, the way to make and noodles: 1.

A bowl of clear water with a small amount of sugar and a little salt 1000 g / 500 g of water, 2-3 in winter, 1, 1-2 hours in spring


Microwave oven heated to 30?
40 degrees (about a minute).


Add one flat tablespoon of active dry yeast (available in supermarkets).


Stir until the yeast dissolves (looks like a mud soup) noodles 1000g / 15g yeast temperature 40.


Use this “mud soup” and noodles until you feel comfortable.


Place in a warm place 30?
40 degrees (do not exceed 70 degrees, otherwise live yeast will become dead yeast) 7.

Wait 15?
20 minutes.

There will be no bounce when pressing a hole with your finger after facial hair.


Add some dry noodles to adjust the feel.

Second, some kind of frying method: 1. Put each agent into a ball.

Press it from the center to the center and roll the dough into thin slices.

2, stuffing, can be a variety of fillings, like buns.

3. Prepare a non-stick pan with low heat.

Put the buns in the pan with the folds facing down.

4, optimistic, some are not rolled out with a rolling pin, but photographed manually.

Use your fingers close together to lightly press the attachment to make it thinner and larger.

Try to shoot evenly.

Rest assured that the filling will not be exposed because the skin is very soft and elastic.

Be careful not to touch the edge of the pan with your wrist, and be careful not to burn yourself.

5. I feel that the crust is slightly cooked and shaped. Turn it over. If you can shoot, continue to pat it flat. You can also use silicone shovel to press it.

Cover with shells and bake.

Change to medium fire.

6, flip back and forth again, the skin will gradually become white.

7. When the seven or eight is mature, brush a layer of oil on the cake with a brush.

Turn over.
Brush the other side with oil and turn over.

When the fire is changed, the crusts on both sides turn white, and golden pits appear, and the crusts swell, and the upper and lower skins are separated, and the crust is cooked.
If you don’t want to eat the oil, dry it until the cake is golden.

Three, matters needing attention: If you want to eat a little, you can eat it now. If you want a softer skin, put together the baked cakes.

Mutual heat causes them to soften.