[Few people know the mysterious size of a woman]

[Few people know the mysterious “size” of a woman]

Our nation is a conservative nation, unlike the Westerners who are more open. Many classical sculptures and paintings in some Western countries show every part of the human body exposed. When we first saw them, we all faced red ears.

Many people think that Westerners are relatively inferior, which is wrong. They use art to show the beauty of the human body.

Our culture is conservative, and we are even more defensive against men and women. The ancients said, “Men and women are not allowed to accept or accept each other.”

Especially the hidden parts of women, today we will decrypt the majority of male friends.

Labia minora: 6cm Many people wonder how long a woman’s labia is. Is the labia of every woman the same?

In fact, a woman’s labia can change. The average length of a girl’s labia minora is usually five to seven centimeters.

Menstrual blood volume: 100ml each time menstrual cramps, the flow of menstrual blood varies greatly, but generally on average, about 100cc.