National inventory of war epidemic in cities: the cure rate in this Hunan city has reached 50%

National inventory of war epidemic in cities: the cure rate in this Hunan city has reached 50%

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  National city war epidemic inventory: 45 cities have 100 diagnosed cases. The cure rate in this Hunan city is as high as 50%. Original Fan Luyuan stopped publishing. The country has gradually diagnosed 66577 cases of new coronary pneumonia, gradually died 1,524, cured 8184, and currently suspectedThere were 8969 cases and 11053 severe cases.

Among them, areas outside Hubei have achieved 11 consecutive declines in newly diagnosed cases.

  Count the epidemic 1, ranking of cure rates in key cities: Shaoyang, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, cure rate exceeded 40% for February 14th, rolling cure rate of new coronary pneumonia nationwide reached 12.

18%, Hubei Province cure rate 8.

77%, outside Hubei12.

18%, a record high since the outbreak.

Among them, the cure rate outside Hubei has increased for 20 consecutive days.

  Of the 10 key provinces with more than 500 confirmed cases, the cure rates for the other 9 provinces except Hubei Province have exceeded 20%, with the highest cure rates in Hunan Province and Zhejiang Province, respectively, at 38.

86% and 35.


  Specific to each city, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in 45 cities across the country currently exceeds 100, of which, 16 cities in Hubei Province, the proportion is excessive, 5 cities in Jiangxi Province, 4 cities in Zhejiang, Anhui, and Henan.

  Judging from the proportion of patients who were cured and discharged in 45 cities, gradually diagnosed in Shaoyang, Hunan, 100 cases have been cured, 50 cases have been discharged, the cure rate is 50%, and the cure rates in Hangzhou and Zhengzhou are 43.

98% and 43.

06%, ranked second and third.

A total of 9 out of 45 cities have a cure rate of more than 30%, and 3 cities are located in Zhejiang Province.

The cure rates for Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen were 21 respectively.

51%, 27.

61%, 27.

76% and 25.


  Of the 45 cities with more than 100 confirmed cases, the cure rate was less than 10% in 5 cities, namely Bengbu, Anhui, Tianmen, Hubei, Wuhan, Xiangyang, and Suizhou.

  2. In addition to Hubei, Henan and Heilongjiang have more than 10 deaths. As of now, 21 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) have died of new coronary pneumonia, and 67 cases have gradually died outside Hubei, with a fatality rate of 0.


Among them, Henan and Heilongjiang provinces had 13 and 11 deaths, respectively, with the highest number. Anhui, Chongqing, and Hainan had 6 deaths, 5 and 4 deaths respectively, ranking second.

Zhejiang Province, which ranked fourth in the cumulative number of confirmed cases, has not yet had one death.

  3. The cumulative number of suspected cases dropped by more than 10,000, a record low of nearly 18 days, and 2,277 new suspected cases were added nationwide on February 14, with a total of 8,969 suspected cases.

The number of suspected cases gradually dropped for 6 consecutive days, hitting a new low of nearly 18 days, and also the first time since January 29 that the number of suspected cases nationwide fell below 10,000.

Gradually, the number of suspected cases outside Hubei Province repeatedly occurred in 3435 cases, a 13% decrease from the previous month.

In addition, there were 169,039 medical observation cases (close contacts) across the country, alternating for four consecutive days.

  Dynamic attack 1. The development of a new coronavirus genetically engineered vaccine has been completed. On February 15, China Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. disclosed in Beijing that the group cooperated with the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The development of a new coronavirus vaccine has made progress.

Sinopharm Zhongsheng Research Institute affiliated to Sinopharm Group has started the research and development of a new coronavirus genetically engineered vaccine, completed gene sequence synthesis, recombination and recombination, and engineering bacteria screening.

Sinopharm Group further introduced that at present, Sinopharm Group is attacking in multiple ways to strengthen the development of new crown virus vaccines.

Its Chinese medicine Zhongsheng Wuhan Company is also responsible for the research and development of new coronavirus vaccines, and the virus culture is currently continuing.

  2. More than 20,000 people from 217 medical teams assisted Hubei and mobilized the scale to exceed the Wenchuan earthquake. At 9 am today, the State Council Information Office held a press conference in Wuhan Antique, Hubei. Member of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of the National Health and Health Committee.Jiao Yahui, deputy director of the State Administration of Health and Medical Care Administration, introduced the situation of the organization of epidemic prevention and control and medical treatment in Hubei and answered questions from reporters.

  Wang Hesheng introduced at the press conference. As of 24:00 on February 14th, a total of 217 medical teams and 25,633 medical members (excluding military systems) were dispatched from various places to mobilize 3 mobile P3 laboratories.

Among them, there are 181 medical teams in Wuhan; 20374 medical teams; 36 medical teams and 5259 medical teams in other cities.

Much more than the scale and speed 重庆耍耍网 of the medical rescue of the Wenchuan earthquake.  3. More than half of the diagnosed patients in Hubei Province used the introduction of Chinese medicine Wang Hesheng. At present, three national Chinese medicine teams have been dispatched, and the national Chinese medicine system has been organized to jointly send medical teams to Hubei. Now it has reached 2220 people.

The Chinese medical team insists on the integration of traditional Chinese and western medicine, highlighting the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine. More than half of the confirmed cases in Hubei Province are treated with traditional Chinese medicine.

TCM has also actively participated in community prevention and control, releasing TCM for the needy.

  The 4,9 square cabin hospitals admitted to 5,606 patients will ensure that the number of untreated patients is cleared. Wang Hesheng said that Wuhan has now opened 9 square cabin hospitals with more than 6,960 beds and 5,606 patients in the hospital.

Next, we will continue to vacate part of the hospital ward, requisition some venues, and transform them into designated hospitals and square cabin hospitals to ensure that all patients who have been identified, diagnosed, and suspected patients can be treated centrally, and the number of patients who have not been admitted will be guaranteedCleared.

  5. The first confirmed case of new crown pneumonia in Africa The Ministry of Health of Egypt announced on February 14 that the first case of new crown pneumonia occurred in the country, and the patient was a foreign national.

This is also the first case of new crown pneumonia infection in an African country.

The Egyptian Ministry of Health stated that the positive infection was found at Cairo International Airport, but there were no symptoms on his body, and the patient has now been isolated and in stable condition.

  6, Gao Fu was investigated?

At present, there is no official information on the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. The website of the National Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection released relevant information on the investigation of Gao Fu, director of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on February 15.

In the end, the reporter no longer found the news on the official website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.

  The Air Force Gao Fu dissertation incident was once on the hot search.

A paper published by the Chinese Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on January 29th in the United States stated that research has shown that since mid-December 2019, interpersonal transmission has occurred between close contacts.

Also, January 1st?
On January 11, a total of 7 medical staff were infected.

But at this time, the public knew nothing about it.

During the process, Gao Fu responded that this was a retrospective analysis. The work of retrospective investigation is one of the responsibilities of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

  Stock market epidemic concept stocks decreased in depth, and the 8 stocks gradually increased by more than 50% after the holiday.

  After benefiting from the strong growth in the first week after the Spring Festival, the epidemic beneficiary sector expanded gradually this week.

The Wonder Mask Index has gradually decreased by 11 this week.

At 7%, the pneumonia concept index decreased by 9.

At 07%, the online education index and cloud office index decreased by 6 respectively.

23% and 6.


  With the rise of the sector index, the trend of the concept stocks of the epidemic has diverged, and some leading stocks are still showing strong performance. Some of the stocks with weak correlations and poor fundamentals have already spit out previous gains.

From the perspective of the continuous and gradual expansion in the two weeks after the festival, the online education leader Fangzhi Technology has directly accumulated 8 upward stops after the holiday, and gradually expanded by 93.

87%, the highest increase.

The latest closing prices of Fangzhi Technology, Landy Group, Borui Pharmaceutical, Tianhua Supernet and Inco Medical are less than 10% of the highest closing price after the holiday.