Flowering season rainy season, rainy season flowering season

Flowering season rainy season, rainy season flowering season

Inadvertently, the mother yelled softly, tears came out; occasionally, when she saw her mother loved the kitten, she unknowingly ate the kitten’s vinegar and felt that her mother did not love me anymore, no tears came outA mother ‘s unintentional greeting and a lightly caring word made me feel the presence of motherly love. Look, tears have quietly come to my side; the failure on the sports field makes me feel faceless and ruthless to my classmates.The tears came out; the classmates’ forgiving understanding melted me and accepted me, and the tears came again.

When I appreciated the composition just now, the image of the grandfather in “The Girl’s Prayer” moved me speechlessly, only tears replaced all my emotions. The image of the fearless dog in “The Old Man Sharpener” was already in my heartAfter taking root, I can’t speak well, I just feel my eyes fainted with tears.

When I recall my grandfather’s past, I only knew that my heart was bleeding, as if being cut by a knife; in the face of the teacher’s understanding, the teacher’s care, and the tears filled the whole land . Is it all this?All foreshadow me going through the flowering season to the rainy season?

Does the “rain” in the rainy season refer to tears? I don’t understand why some people say: the flowering season and the rainy season are full of energy, the flowering season and the rainy season are youth, openness, enthusiasm, not melancholy.

But why am I the opposite?

Does this mean that I have a flowering season, but only a “rainy” season?

Oh, I can’t easily let go of my years, I must make my flowering season full of energy, and I must be a lively and cheerful flowering season girl.

  I laughed, the sky outside the window was still beautiful.

15 Psychological Tips for Decompression in the Workplace

15 Psychological Tips for Decompression in the Workplace

Core tip: Practice decompression techniques for daily use. Professionals must learn to relax themselves in a simple way. This is an important way to effectively reduce the tension caused by various stresses.

Here are some simple ways to relax yourself or reduce stress everyday, as long as you have a little practice to master.

  1. When facing heavy pressure, take a nap.

Snoring is considered one of the most effective ways to reduce and prevent stress.

  2. Follow your own emotions and don’t deny yourself.

If you are angry, bored, or confused, acknowledge your feelings and suppress your emotional tension. Stress increases because “the pressure increases and the rebound force increases.”

  3, temporarily withdraw from the stressful situation, take a short break, do some small and constructive things, such as organizing information, cutting hair, cleaning furniture, etc.

  4. Do a full body massage, because it can relax your tense muscles, improve your blood circulation and calm you down.

  5. Ask a colleague, supervisor or friend to help you deal with the pressure-prone task.

  6. Distract attention and concentrate intensively on reading, surfing the Internet, exercising or some recreational activities.

Focusing is the key to reducing stress.

  7. Create a corner that is comfortable and safe for you to take a good rest and do nothing.

  8. Take a day out of your daily work to entertain.

  9. Complete one thing you have started, regardless of size.

Accomplishing anything, even small things, can reduce some stress.

  10. Stop and smell the flowers, make friends with children or old people, or tease small animals.

  11, strive to do a good job, but not blind pursuit of perfection.

  12. Make it by hand and do small things that make you happy.

  13, hug the person you like, and you know this person will hug you.

  14, find some fun, such as cartoons, movies, TV shows or humorous websites, etc., even joking with yourself.

  15. Minimize beverages containing caffeine or alcohol. Use fruit juice and water instead. Bananas are a good choice instead of a can of beer. It can alleviate your concerns.

Bananas are rich in vitamins A, C, and B, as well as eight major amino acids, minerals such as iron and calcium, and trace elements such as potassium and magnesium.

Potassium prevents increased blood pressure and muscle contraction, which reduces tension, while magnesium reduces fatigue.

Choose the right skincare to help your baby prevent autumn dryness

Choose the right “skincare” to help your baby prevent autumn dryness

In autumn, the weather is getting colder, and the secretion of sweat and sebaceous glands of children is significantly reduced compared with that in summer, which causes excessive water dispersion on the skin surface, and makes the baby’s skin dry, wrinkled, and desquamated.
In order to prevent this situation, it is very important to choose a scientific skin care product for your baby.
  ”Skincare” 1: Choose suitable cleansing and bath products and emollients. , Do not use alkaline, degreasing soaps and baths when bathing. It is best to use baby baths specially designed and produced for babies.
The bath should not be used too often, just use the bath once a week.
In moisturizers, moisturizers and creams are better than moisturizers because they have a high oil content and a low moisture content.
Children with dry skin can use moisturizers and lighter ones.
  ”Skincare” II: Maintain proper humidity in the room. Dry weather. You can use a humidifier to adjust the temperature in the room.
  “护肤品”三:营养均衡的饮食  为孩子准备营养丰富,搭配合理的饮食,让孩子适当多吃一些鸡蛋,动物肝脏,绿叶蔬菜和水果,以保持皮肤新陈代谢所需的各种维生素和营养物质Reduces dry skin.
  ”Skincare” 4: Changing bathing methods Many mothers think that the best way to keep the skin hydrated is to reduce the number of baths. In fact, this idea is wrong.
Bathing not only softens the cuticle of the skin and increases the moisturizing effect, but also removes scales and irritants on the surface of the skin. It is a pleasant process for children, and it also provides parents with an opportunity to closely contact their children.Will be conducive to the healthy development of children.
Therefore, you should bathe your child every day regardless of the season.
  Tips for love: * When taking a bath, pay attention to maintaining a suitable temperature in the bathroom, and the indoor temperature should be kept above 20 ° C.
  * Take care not to take too long.
  * When the child’s skin is still wet immediately after the bath, apply the baby’s special emollients to the skin of the child’s extremities, trunk, and other areas where the skin is easy to dry, so that the skin will have water and action, and the water will be firmly locked to make the skinKeeps normal moisture and appears moisturized.
  ”Skincare” 5: Loose and comfortable underwear: Children’s underwear should be made of pure cotton fabrics, large and soft, and kept clean.

Healthy Living Strategies for White-collar Workers in Office Vulnerable Groups

Healthy Living Strategies for White-collar Workers in Office Vulnerable Groups

I don’t know when it will begin, white-collar workers will no longer be synonymous with “being well-dressed and replacing richness” in the Internet.

The keywords accompanying this racial attribute have gradually evolved from the central business district, commercial buildings, computers, and coffee houses to house slaves, car slaves, men and women, and sub-health.

Numerous health research institutions found that the health of white-collar netizens is worrying compared to ordinary netizens.

It is very rare for white-collar users to maintain a healthy physiology while working for their career goals.

The author is trying out “white-collar” keyword search, and similar information such as cervical spine, lumbar spine, and stomach problems will also appear.

If we are all used to the symptoms on the keyboard, it can only be said that white-collar workers have turned sickness into a habit.

Although various clubs and gyms are full of streets, it seems that the function of recreation and leisure is far greater than fitness.

How many white-collar workers can successfully break out and take good care of themselves under the siege of various information email reports?

  At the same time, the vigorous medical reform seems to be staying on the discussion and analysis like many systems.

Most experts still focus on the price of medical devices and medicines, and pay little attention to the process.

In fact, it is not easy for white-collar workers to see a doctor. “Difficult to register, difficult to see a doctor” is still a true portrayal of the current medical system.

White-collar workers began to try to communicate with each other’s health-related issues through the Internet platform. Xiao Shenyang said: What you can do will not bother others.

The white-collar workers said: Don’t bother the doctor about what the Internet can do.

Indeed, today’s network information is developed, and occasional small symptoms are just a simple content of the website.

The corresponding research and development of the website and medical encyclopedia products also make it easy for white-collar workers to obtain the information they need.

If there are still people who will go to the top three hospitals to register because of a small cold that is not stumbling, it can only be described in one word?


Ultraman (OutMan).

  People habitually think that good hospitals are concentrated in large cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, but the cost of capital and time spent to find a good doctor is high.

Some news events have clearly sent a message to white-collar workers, which has led to excessively high medical prices and serious charges.

In addition to their own health considerations, it is currently the biggest concern for white-collar workers to see their family members. Although they think that medical expenses are more expensive, many professionals in the workplace have medical insurance to reimburse some or all of them. But for parents, the child medical insurance systemIf it is not complete, it may seem more disturbing to see them than to see a doctor themselves. It is natural to delay work for the family and work harder, but how can the related processes mentioned above be avoided?

Experts said: “At present, the website builds information, medicine, medical treatment, and expert consultation to provide one-stop services. Independent Q & A channels provide information exchange for netizens, and cooperate with many authoritative medical institutions to provide professional services to netizens in the first time.

All of them take into account the current working hours of white-collar netizens, making their process of seeking medical advice more convenient and effective.

“According to the survey, about 90% of white-collar workers currently have sub-health and psychological stress to varying degrees, of which 13% of white-collar workers have serious sub-health problems and even need treatment.

In the economic crisis, white-collar workers are investing in health at the same time, and most of them focus on sports and fitness.

Medical experts’ suggestions on this: For the current health problems among white-collar netizens, we must cultivate a healthy lifestyle and meditation.

If white-collar users keep themselves in a state of restlessness, the body’s repair function replaces attenuation.

Therefore, to rule out exceptions, don’t set your desire too high, you can be calm and healthy.

After all, excessive stress is also a healthy pathogen.

At the same time, it is necessary to maintain regular exercise in daily life. The sudden increase in exercise amount is not helpful for strong fitness. The key is that regular adherence will effectively sub-health.

A must-see for sensitive muscles!

Fan Wenfang Skin Care Tips


A must-see for sensitive muscles!
Fan Wenfang Skin Care Tips

The highest internal cultivation method to fight against sensitivities ● Drinking water, the first line of defense against susceptibility Fan Wenfang said that the most afraid of sensitive skin is lack of water and dryness, and hydration is a work class that she does not dare to burn out for a moment.

In addition to using direct hydration methods such as hydrating essences and hydrating masks all year round, she values the hydration inside the body. Only by allowing the body to store enough moisture can the skin truly have an in-use reservoir that can not be used up.Ensures normal circulation metabolism and a strong skin defense system.

Coming together every morning, she will drink a large glass of water on an empty stomach to promote the removal of garbage from her body.

  However, this is not just casual water. Pure water or pure water mixed with mineral water is the best. It can help the body to obtain clear and clean water.

At the same time, do not take pure water as soon as you take it out of the refrigerator, warm water close to your body temperature will not hurt your stomach, and it is more suitable for women who are prone to cold.

Because the protective barrier of sensitive skin is weak, moisture is easily lost, and you can’t forget to keep hydrated throughout the day.

At this time she would drink with different water drinks.

Although some stars refused colored drinks because of fear of deepening skin tone, she said that she is a coffee lover, and two cups of coffee a day cannot be changed because coffee has a strong antioxidant effect.problem.

Tea drinks are also a hydrating recipe that she recommends for sensitive skin: green tea with strong antioxidant properties, and warm Puer Pu’er are also her favorites.

At the same time, she claims to have vitamin pills, which are not as useful as replacing fresh vitamins in fruits.

Because Singapore is full of fruits, she will definitely order her favorite orange juice, watermelon juice and watermelon pineapple mixed fruit juice during the day.

She also specially reminded not to wait until thirsty before drinking water, because at this time your body has actually issued a warning of extreme water shortage, and the skin’s water shortage is very serious.

● Bird’s nest is only effective if it is eaten like this. Although there are some claims that the actual beauty benefits of bird’s nest are questionable, Fan Wenfang’s years of experience have told her that bird’s nest really contributes to maintaining skin elasticity and moisture, and it also makes her sensitive skin more susceptible.Resistant, it is definitely a holy beauty.

But this kind of Eastern-style moisturizing beauty product is more and more important to see if you have perseverance.

She says taking it daily is the key.

At the same time, how to eat is also the secret.

As long as the environment allows, she will buy the original bird’s nest to stew herself, stew one slice the next day, and re-stewed after 2 days to ensure freshness and authenticity.

She only carries canned bird’s nests when she is on a business trip. Otherwise, even if she is filming, she will prepare a small pot to cook them herself. Freshness is the first standard for taking bird’s nests.

Timing is also the key. She will drink a bowl on an empty stomach every morning and then keep it for half an hour. Do not eat anything to allow the body to thoroughly absorb the essence of bird’s nest. Or take it before bedtime. Also, do not eat other food.

The most taboo to eat bird’s nest with snacks, completely ruin the effectiveness of bird’s nest.

Fan Wenfang also reminded that if you want a rosy complexion, adding some red dates to cook is also good.

● The anti-allergy magic that my mother taught me is her beauty teacher from a young age. The mother who is also sensitive skin will teach her a lot of anti-sensitivity personal experiences, so that she will not take many detours.

When she was a model, she used to wash her face with a facial cleanser and never removed makeup. Mom would remind her to use makeup remover and wash her face 20 times to ensure that the skin was really clean.

At the time of the allergy, she would also use her mother’s exclusive tofu to wash her face. After cleansing, she gently massaged her face with water tofu, which really had a calming anti-inflammatory effect.

However, the most beneficial thing is the dieting method of the mother. The mother will plug a kitten to her in the morning and comb herself in the most traditional way. She will also cook the barley, chrysanthemum and sugar water to drink in hot weather, and drink the bird’s nest.Also inherited from my mother.

Therefore, Fan Wenfang suggested that we have the opportunity to ask our mothers about beauty methods. After all, we have the genes inherited from our mothers. The mother’s skin problems are similar to ours. Decades of experience can help you really build a private skin solution.

● Inverted, the best magic formula for firming skin. Because of sensitive skin, Fan Wenfang has always tried to use as simple as possible. Firming products are not included in her beauty list.

But her skin is as tight as taut, but she has her own firming secret-yoga handstand.

She will do a 15-minute headstand with the coach every morning. It is simple but effective. It can effectively help the skin resist gravity, and it is as energetic as drinking 3 cups of Espress.

Energy Yoga effectively strengthens immunity

Energy Yoga effectively strengthens immunity

The immune system is an invisible protective screen in the human body, which protects our health at all times and allows us to live a healthy and happy life.

Immune system disorders can cause decreased immunity, susceptibility to external viruses and bacteria, and can even cause a variety of diseases, such as tumors, rheumatoid arthritis, and allergies.

Therefore, we have selected a number of yoga postures to maintain and allow the immune system to function normally.

  1. Clean up the meridian and adjust the breath (primary method) to a good or lotus sitting position, keep straight forward, hands palms up, place on both knees, close your eyes to relax, gradually focus on the breathing, liftLift your right hand, press your index finger, middle finger on Yintang, ring finger on the left nostril, exhale with the right nostril, and then inhale.

It is best to have no sound during breathing, and when you feel tired, end your breathing exercises.

  Efficacy: It can increase the oxygen content in the blood, promote the circulation of the blood and lymphatic system, and remove toxins in the blood.

The entire respiratory system from the nose to the lungs in Qing principle is refreshing, peaceful and peaceful, and makes people in normal mental and physical health.

Frequently performed to improve immune function and prevent various respiratory infections.

  2. Stand in a bucket style, with your feet wider than your shoulders, inhale, lift your arms over your head, keep your elbows straight, and your wrists hang down naturally.

Exhale, while bending down, the upper limbs sway down with this, let the head and a section easily and naturally swing a few times between the legs, and finally the head and arms naturally pituitary.

Stop for a moment, inhale slowly, and return to the position with your hands up and over your head.

Repeat exercise 4-6 times.

  Efficacy: Strengthen blood circulation, make the body vigor, clear head, excite spinal nerves, and eliminate fatigue.

  3, bridge-type supine, legs bent, feet gradually approaching the tip, put hands on the front and back of the body, palms down, slowly inhale to lift the body up, hips and forward gradually leave the ground, chin against the sternum,Hold for 10-20 seconds, exhale, slowly lower the tail, tail, straighten your feet and relax.

  Efficacy: Strengthen the muscles of hips and thighs, expand the chest and lungs, and stimulate the thyroid, parathyroid, thymus and other endocrine glands, so that the body’s immune function is at a high level.

  4. Cobra-style supine, body flexed elbows, hands on shoulder tibia, palms down, legs close together, relax the body, at the beginning only rely on the head, the strength of the neck slowly lifted the upper body, and then use the power of the armLift your upper body slowly to the limit, look up, look at the ceiling, buttocks close to the ground again, and keep this posture for 5-10 seconds.

When withdrawing, slowly exhale and place the spine segments back to the ground in sections until the chest and abdomen are flat on the ground, with your forehead on the ground and your whole body relaxed.

  Efficacy: Keep the spine elastic, help the slightly protruding intervertebral disc to return, promote the adjacent blood circulation, and make the gland’s activity balanced.

It has a good health effect on the kidney, and can wash away the sediment in the kidney.

  5, plow-type supine, legs straight, feet together, hands on both sides of the body, palms down, first, relax the body for 10-20 seconds.

Then lift both legs at the same time while inhaling, press down with both hands, contract the abdominal muscles to make the buttocks, the back off the ground, exhale when the legs are raised up to the torso, and swing your feet over the top of your head,Drop your feet on the ground and keep this position for 5-10 seconds.

Breathe slowly and regularly. When you recover, bend your knees first, then extend the spine back to the ground in parallel, and then start the posture again.

  Efficacy: It has a good exercise effect on the entire spine, stimulates blood circulation throughout the body, adjusts the function of the thyroid gland, is beneficial to the liver, spleen, pancreas, and various endocrine glands, improves the body’s resistance, and can help treat hemorrhoids and diabetesAnd various heads.

  Nourishes the entire spinal nervous system, reduces back pain and low back pain, improves metabolism, and relieves headaches.

  6. Stand on your back with your legs straight, your legs straight together, palms down, gently press the ground, and your legs slowly lift up until they are perpendicular to the ground. Then, raise your hands to your waist and tibia, so that your hips, buttocks, and feet are raised.To be taller, straighten your legs, take in your chin, and rest against your sternum. Breathe as slowly and comfortably as possible for 5-10 seconds.

Slowly lower your legs while restoring, let it reach above your head, put your hands down, put it back on both sides of your body, straighten your feet, and slowly drop it back to the ground.

  Efficacy: Increase the hemoglobin content in the blood, improve the blood oxygen supply in the brain.

Good for thyroid and parathyroid glands.


Regular exercises can help prevent and cure all kinds of colds.

Massage method of 5 major parts of the body using essential oils

Massage method of 5 major parts of the body using essential oils

Massage oil can be used on multiple rubbing parts such as the head, head, and shoulders.

Before massage, apply some essential oils on the body parts to lubricate the skin and nourish the skin.

However, it should be noted that the essential oils used in massage must be replaced.

  The essential oils used in the massage are all blended essential oils, because pure plant essential oils directly contact the skin and often cause skin allergies because the concentration is too high. Therefore, when massaging, you must use too much essential oil and change to pureWhat vegetable essential oils are is base oil.

It can be considered that the base oil must be a vegetable oil that does not volatilize and has not been chemically refined, such as sweet almond oil, extra-virgin olive oil, castor oil, lotus oil, wheat germ oil, etc. These oils are tasteless and can be vitamin D, Vitamin E and iodine, calcium, magnesium, fatty acids, etc., can balance and stabilize essential oils, and help the essential oils be quickly absorbed by the skin.

The general edible oil is usually chemically refined and has lost these nutrients, which is not suitable for replacing the base oil for replacement.

  Let’s take a look at the massage method using essential oils on various body parts.

  Head massage can be done with fingertips moisturized with essential oils and massaging the entire scalp with your fingers.

When you have a headache, massage around the bottom of the neck, from the top to the bottom of the scalp. The fingers should use a sliding massage motion, and the force should be strong to let the essential oil penetrate into the body.

  The injection massage can use finger oil on the tip. The technique is a small and strong circular motion. The cervical spine is divided into two sides and each is massaged upward from the bottom of the neck to the bottom of the scalp.Absorption.

  Shoulder massage can use fingertips to dip in essential oils, using sliding strokes and kneading methods, using thumbs and palms, from alignment to repetition, repeatedly massage back and forth so that the essential oils are fully absorbed.

  The front-end massage can use the fingertips to dip in the essential oil, and use sliding, stroking and kneading techniques, the strength can be strong or weak, but do not massage on the spine, starting from the back of the waist, the movements of both hands should be smooth and coherent.Go forward and massage down the back of the back to spread the essential oil across the waist. Repeat this massage many times. The longer the time, the more relaxed the body feels.

  Abdominal massage can be performed with fingertips moisturized with essential oils.

Use a circular motion in a clockwise direction when massaging yourself, or counterclockwise when massaging for others.

Essential oils can prevent and protect the skin of the abdomen.

Constipation: Regular defecation every day to establish conditioned reflex

Constipation: Regular defecation every day to establish conditioned reflex

Many sedentary white-collar workers suffer from the invasion of constipation, so they will buy “health products” or “health teas” with laxative effect.

As everyone knows, these products often contain laxatives. In the long run, they have become dependent on laxatives and may cause colonic melanosis.

  Eating laxatives and eating melanosis of the colon Ms. Zhang is 29 years old and works for a foreign company. She has a heavy workload and is often under high pressure.

Constipation occurred two years ago. First, she had a bowel movement every 2-3 days. She was not aware of it because of her busy work. Then she developed it once every four or five days.

Ms. Zhang then inquired whether there was a good medicine to quickly resolve constipation, and then listened to a friend’s introduction and took intestinal moisturizing tea.

At the beginning, constipation really improved, but after a few months, even drinking intestinal moisturizer tea every day didn’t work, constipation started again, and symptoms such as anal foreign body sensation appeared.

She was disturbed, went to the hospital to see the clinic, and through a colonoscopy, the doctor discovered that her bowel had melanosis.

  Cai Jieyi, deputy chief physician of the Department of Gastroenterology, the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, said that Zhang was a typical case of melanosis due to long-term use of laxatives.

In itself, some laxatives (such as rhubarb, senna leaves, and US buckthorn skin) and intestinal moist tea contain a compound called “anthracene”. If people use it for a long time, a large amount of pigment will be deposited in the intestinal mucosa, So that the surface of the colon becomes black, known as “colonosis”.

Many medical experts at home and abroad believe that colon melanosis has an increased risk of colon cancer.

  Cai Jieyi pointed out that with the acceleration of the pace of life in modern society, people’s living habits and diet structure have changed greatly, and the incidence of constipation is increasing.

Constipation mainly refers to the decrease in the number of defecations, the decrease in the amount of stool, the dryness of the stool, and the laborious defecation. Generally, every 2?
Defecation lasts longer for 3 days or up to 3 times per week.

Clinically, when other organic diseases are excluded, constipation occurs mainly because the tandem muscle group lacks sufficient active peristalsis.

  Conditional reflexes are established every day for regular defecation. Cai Jieyi reminded that the principles of scientific rationality, safety and effectiveness must be followed in the treatment of constipation.

First of all, develop good habits.

Reasonable supplementation, increase the intake of cellulose and water; moderate exercise, promote insulin peristalsis, and promote defecation; establish good defecation habits, achieve regular defecation every day, and use physiological laws to establish defecation conditioning reflex; once constipated, do not use medication by yourselfIt is best to go to the hospital to consult a doctor, and you can choose drug treatment, biofeedback treatment or other appropriate treatment methods as appropriate.

Biofeedback therapy is a doctor using a biosensing probe with a data display to insert perception into the patient’s anorectum, and guide patients to perform actions such as increasing abdominal pressure or training the levator ani muscles based on data fed back from the instrument to improve constipationCompliance, inspires spontaneous bowel movements, and corrects constipation.

How to deal with neonatal abnormalities

How to deal with neonatal abnormalities

From the moment the baby is born, it becomes the focus of care for the family. In fact, some abnormalities of newborn babies are not pathological. Parents do not need to be overly alarmed and focus on handling properly.


Physiological jaundice is mainly due to the hypoxic environment of cholesterol in the uterus, which stimulates the excessive production of red blood cells, which causes more sources of bilirubin in the early neonatal period than in adults. In addition, neonatal liver cells take up, combine and excrete bilirubinPoor function, so it can cause physiological jaundice.

Usually after birth 2?
Appears in 3 days, 7?
14 days subsided.

The general condition is good, self-limiting, no treatment is needed, and it is good after healing.


Sneezing Occasionally, sneezing of newborns is not a cold, because the nasal blood of newborns runs more vigorously, and the nasal cavity is small and short. If small external substances such as cotton wool, fluff or dust enter, it will stimulate the nasal mucosa and cause sneezingLaughing, this can also be said to be a way for the baby to manually manage the nasal cavity instead of manually.

You can also sneeze when you suddenly encounter cold air.

Unless your baby has a runny nose, parents do n’t need to worry about it and do n’t let their baby take cold medicine.


Peeling Almost all newborns will have peeling, only slight dandruff or peeling like a snake. As long as the baby eats and sleeps, it is normal to have no problem sleeping.

Peeling is because the stratum corneum, the top layer of the newborn’s skin, is underdeveloped and easily displaced.

  In addition, the basement membrane of the neonate with the epidermis and dermis is underdeveloped, which makes the connection between the epidermis and the dermis not close enough, which increases the chance of epidermal displacement.

This peeling phenomenon may occur in all parts of the body, but with limbs and slightly behind the ears, as long as it becomes a natural shift in the bath, there is no need to take special protective measures or forcibly peel off the peel.

If peeling is accompanied by other symptoms such as swelling or blisters, it may be a sign and you need to see a doctor.


Neonatal erythema. Some neonates develop a general redness of the skin after the first attack, accompanied by red spots the size of a fingertip.

This may be caused by the cold and dry external environment and the effects of toxins.

Last 1?
After 2 days, it gradually subsided, and desquamation occurred. It was common in the soles of the feet, the center of the feet, and the wrinkles. After desquamation, the skin was pink.


Newborns with chestnut rash often have needlepoint-sized yellow and white spots on the nose, nose and tip, which are caused by the accumulation of sebaceous glands. They are called chestnut rash, not pustules, and will disappear naturally after molting.


Weight loss due to overeating in the first few days after birth, with insignificant dehydration and excretion of urine, so 2?
4 weight loss has decreased, about 6% weight loss than when born?
9% is called physiological weight loss.

As the amount of milk increases, eating increases, returning to normal about 10 days after birth, and entering a rapid growth stage.


The only way for newborns to breathe briefly is the nose. Although the upper throat guarantees that they will not accidentally pinch when pumping, it also causes the physiological characteristics that he cannot breathe through his mouth.

In addition, because the baby’s lungs are not yet mature, sometimes there will be “asphyxia” for about 10 seconds.

However, it will be normal after 6 months.


Dehydrated neonates have thin subcutaneous faeces and relatively permeate body fluids, making them easy to dissipate heat.

When the room temperature is too high, heat dissipation through the skin increases.

If there is insufficient water in the body at this time, the blood will be concentrated, which will easily cause dehydration in the newborn.

The heat of dehydration generally does not exceed 38 ° C. If it can be found in time, the fluid can return to normal soon.

Newborn baby with strabismus in the eye, because of the squeeze in the birth canal, the eyelids will be a little swollen. Generally 2?
It will disappear in 3 days.

Generally speaking, the newborn’s early eyeballs have not been fixed, it looks a little cross-eyed, and the muscles of the eyes are poorly adjusted, often with short-term strabismus, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.

If after 3 months.

The baby is still squinting, and he should be taken to the hospital in time.

Breast enlargement Due to the effects of estrogen on the fetus in the second trimester of pregnancy, breast enlargement can occur in both boys and girls within 1 week of birth, and may be of the size of a broad bean.

Breast enlargement to be second after birth?
It took 3 weeks to subside on its own.

Some elderly people think that baby girls should squeeze out milk to restore the swollen breasts to normal, and at the same time ensure that milk is secreted during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

This is wrong and may cause infection.


Babies are constantly snoring every month after birth. This is because the diaphragm has not yet matured.

In addition, sometimes snoring is due to the baby’s excessive excitement, and sometimes it is due to fresh feeding.

Arrived at 3?
At 4 months, your baby will be less snoring.

If your baby keeps snoring, you can feed your baby some warm water to stop snoring.


Pioneer foot In fact, it is normal for a newborn’s foot to be flat and flat.

Conversely, if the baby has a high arch during the first month of the month, it is a bad sign because it indicates that the baby will have neurological or muscular problems.

Baby is 4?
The arch will develop well at the age of six.


The inner octagonal legs and the ribbed legs grow due to the limited space in the uterus, which is caused by the legs curled and the chest and tibia stretched.

So his legs and feet bend inward.

After birth, exercise your baby regularly and strengthen the muscles in the hips and legs.

Your baby’s body and feet will slowly straighten.


Neonatal startle often has local muscle twitching after falling asleep, especially the fingers or toes will tremble gently.

Or if they are slightly stimulated, such as strong light, sound or vibration, they will show that their hands are open upwards, and they will happen again soon, sometimes accompanied by crying and startle response.

This is due to the immature development of the newborn’s nervous system.

At this point, as long as the mother gently presses any part of the baby’s body, he can calm him down.


Red urine newborn after birth 2?
5 days, due to urinary residue, coupled with the decomposition and decomposition of leukocytes, urate excretion increased, the urine turned red, and crying occurred during urination, mostly found in urine stained with red diapers.

At this time, you can increase breastfeeding or warm water to increase urine output and prevent crystallization and embolism.

Can white vinegar wash your face? White vinegar wash your face has these benefits_1

Can white vinegar wash your face

In daily life, vinegar is not only a good seasoning, but also has a good cosmetic effect.

Because the main component of vinegar is acetic acid, it has a strong bactericidal effect and can penetrate skin and hair very well.

Too many beauty professionals wash their faces with white vinegar.

So, can white vinegar wash your face?

What are the benefits of white vinegar?

Come and find out.

  Can white vinegar wash my face? White vinegar is more whitening. Many friends like it very much, but the disadvantage is that it is not gentle enough.

In this dry season, the skin will chapped without enough moisture, keratinosis, and acne and spots will follow.

We choose a moisturizing, whitening and gentle cleansing cream, which can fully clean and hydrate the skin without irritating and damaging the skin. This way, the favorite orange flower amino acid cleansing cream from Aimeda people can deeply remove pores and dirt.Provides sufficient hydration to the skin, leaving it moisturized after washing your face.

  What are the benefits of washing your face with white vinegar? 1. The skin with warm water and white vinegar is delicate. Washing your face with vinegar can make the skin enjoy the deliciousness, restore the skin’s luster and elasticity, and whiten and sterilize.

We are busy learning every day, working, coming in the wind, going in the dust, and unknowingly, our end faces will be stained with a lot of invisible dust. Washing the face with vinegar is good for facial cleansing and clear of harmful substances on the face.It avoids different substances from oxidizing the skin on the face, which makes a person suddenly old.

  Specific method: first prepare a small basin of water, take care not to be too hot, preferably warm water, then we pour about two tablespoons of white vinegar and mix thoroughly, then wash the face and hands, and then immerse in warm water with white vinegar to wash the face andWash your hands with water after about 5 minutes.

  Efficacy: Long-term, can make the skin white, smooth and delicate.

  2, white vinegar + glycerin whitening skin vinegar is whitening, women with severely dark skin, add a little vinegar to the water when washing their face and bathing, over time, the skin will turn white, this is proven by many people through practice, try you mustThere will be surprises.

  Specific method: Mix white vinegar and glycerin in a ratio of 2: 1. After cleansing, often rub the skin, 2-3 times a day.

  Efficacy: It can make the skin moist and reduce melanin deposition. After one month, the skin will become delicate and tender, clean, smooth, elastic, and full of beauty.

  3, white vinegar + water fine pores, alleviate acne specific methods: mix white vinegar and water according to the ratio of 1: 3, can be individually packed in a mineral water bottle.

After cleaning every morning and evening, gently pat white vinegar water on both ends with the palm of your hand. You don’t need to use too much at one time, and you feel that your entire face is wet.

  Efficacy: If you stick to it for a Wednesday, it will have an effect. The skin is very delicate, acne is not getting longer, the acne scars are lighter, the skin is not oily, and the pores are shrinking.

  4, white vinegar + atractylodes freckle specific spot method: the appropriate amount of white vinegar and Chinese herbal medicine atractylodes appropriate blend, and then sealed and soaked for a week.

Make sure to wash your face every day, especially where there are spots.

  5, white vinegar rubbing the face to reduce wrinkles specific method: After washing your face at night, take 1 spoon of white vinegar, 3 spoons of water mixed, dipped in a cotton ball, gently rub the wrinkles on the face, and then gently massage with your fingers, And then wash it.

  Efficacy: The right way to help eliminate small wrinkles on the face and wash your face with white vinegar1.

Pay attention to the amount of white vinegar used to wash your face. It only takes a small spoon each time. You don’t need to put a lot of white vinegar in it.

  Because our skin needs an adaptation process, the amount of white vinegar is best to put a little less, a spoon of soup is enough.


Pay attention to the types of face wash. Many female friends in life like to wash their face with white vinegar.

Wash your face with white vinegar, you can use a moisturizing facial cleanser. After washing your face, the ends are still moist and not easy to dry. Do not use a facial cleanser rich in salicylic acid, which will easily damage the skin.

  Facial cleanser is best to choose according to skin type. For oily skin, you can choose mousse facial cleanser, which can squeeze out foam. Medium dry, you can choose low foam facial cleanser.


Pay attention to the frequency of washing your face. Washing your face with white vinegar does not need to be washed twice a day. This is too diligent, which is not conducive to the normal coordination of facial oils. It is best to wash it once a day, preferably before bedtime.

  You can wash your face at most twice a day. You don’t need to wash your face too much. This will break the cuticle of the skin and cause premature aging.


Pay attention to the water temperature for washing your face. Washing your face with white vinegar, the water temperature also needs to be controlled. White vinegar itself is a liquid with a certain activity. Excessive water temperature will kill the active factors in acetic acid, so you only need to use warm water.

  Water temperature is an important factor in the onset of face washing. Do not lower the water temperature too high or too high, about 30 to 40 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is too high, it will kill the activity of acetic acid. If the temperature is too low, it will not completely remove the dirt on the face.


Pay attention to the subsequent maintenance. Wash your face with white vinegar. After washing your face, you can follow the normal procedures for skin care and maintenance. You can choose skin care products with better water retention, and remember to wash your face and take advantage of the humidity in your body.Skin care, don’t wait until your face is dry.

  It is enough to apply skin care products in accordance with the normal skin care steps. This is determined by your own maintenance habits, which is generally the routine.
Pay attention to the interval between washing the face with white vinegar for half a month, and then pause for 5 days, so that the skin can return to a normal state, and the skin and pores and cuticle can grow naturally.

  Suitable for the crowd: people with fake wrinkles on their faces.

  Washing your face with white vinegar can also cause some complications.

  1. The acetic acid of white vinegar is very corrosive. If you wash your face with white vinegar for a long time, it will make the stratum corneum of your face thinner. As a result, your facial skin will become thinner and prone to red bloodshot and allergic problems.It is a huge injury to a thin person, and it is difficult to reverse the recovery.

  2. The principle of whitening skin by white vinegar is to thin the skin and burn away the aged cuticles, so that the skin will be more transparent and white when you look at it visually, but this is an obvious self-destructing behavior. It is not recommended for everyoneWhitening to try so.

  3. Washing your face with white vinegar will aggravate the problem of unequal vitamins, causing the skin to be white and yellow, and even serious may cause various skin diseases.

  Note: Wash your face with white vinegar. After washing your face, you can follow the normal procedures for skin care and maintenance. You can choose skin care products with better water retention, and remember to start skin care after washing your face while the body is still wet.Don’t wait for your face to dry before servicing.
  Conclusion: Although washing your face with white vinegar is very beneficial, the acetic acid of white vinegar has a strong alkalinity. If you wash your face with white vinegar for a long time, it will make the stratum corneum of your face thinner, and your facial skin will become thinner and prone to red bloodshotThe problem of allergies and allergies is a great harm to people who have thin skin, and it is difficult to reverse the recovery.