xpect.Former 北京夜网Shengjun Hao favorite Heru Xi clumsy, silly and colleagues will not deal with, and now all become a time bomb.And her two polite people, she can hide behind Shengjun Hao silent.Separate male and female guests, she sat in a corner from start to finish.About eating out alone, she buried a meal without looking up.Last but rather became Shengjun Hao to smooth things over, lest the relationship did not do a good job, they gave birth to the addition of comments.

  This does not, yesterday on the noisy.Seeing to the New Year, Shengjun Hao really busy, holding Heru Xi to send New Year gift boxes of what something like that, he drank half a drink, she said, while stocks saw home?This difference in time of her departure less than a half hour, every door is enough […]