Meng rain, like to know what the world’s best little secret – like, can not wait to share with the other three: “it’s raining, yet you take an umbrella, I forget to take an umbrella to go out.”

  Yu Ze glanced out the window, without a word, without looking up blond girl, said she was not interested in words, Yu Pei looked at her, smiled and said: “I’ll take you home.”   She just found herself silly to say more than words.   Car to car to go, rain or hail, what to do with […]

I have a slight anorexia.”

  He said the most natural, as if he knew she was a friend for many years, without the slightest hesitation, micro-Sim is not good for a long time continue to ask, afraid of becoming disgusted him, the sound muffled ah, quietly returned to the dining room.   And other micro-Xin long a little later that he […]

Head: “Well, what do you think the right time, that’s when you let him come.”

  Chen En diving cry.   ”Columbia fish!You’re back!Come quick, Monastic Monastic!”   Sharp-eyed brothers saw a diving Chen.   Old Song also immediately call to: “diving, come here, you do not come to help me, I’ll be filling them to get on the ground!”   ”I’ll be right over.”Chen diving grin waving.   ”You are really quite you these brothers.”Wang […]

Quality, aloof beauty has left the world.

  Mu corresponding sub astrology dressed in black and white flowers in a white dress, thin straps sketched increasingly attractive clavicle, accompanied by Mu child star elegant look, come out like lotus-like.   Rao is a Muslim child star has always been accustomed to watching other people at this time also could not help but cheeks hot.The […]

Uncle, stunned to see his movements, “you”

  Zaza Zui Lin raw, finished and we have to think of himself a “ritual” CEOs should not drink the cup, the cup he hurriedly put it back, too old straight Beibeng.   An Qian Qing Ke twice.Yao Ji ceremony also found, to his lips can not detect micro curved in carelessly and uncle to continue the […]

Sexual harassment bar?”

  Feng early surrender, “I did not say ah, but this is a joke, really a bit too, my child for saying sorry ah Man.”   Tao Man child crooked head, “I and von beginning to play the role of the lines is this, a joke, and you pull it too far?Sorry.”   Miu Miu sneer, “I think […]

The company competition after another was suppressed, Hayao Nakayama can be said to have a loss.East game company slightly exposed a flaw, he can not wait to seize the opportunity 痛打落水狗.

  ”” Kung Fu “temporary decline in sales is actually irrelevant, other game companies on the market and it is not possible with comparable products arcade.As long as the player is still keen to play this game, the limelight after the game room owners to make money, would still order our consoles!I’m really worried about is […]

To tell you the message.”

  Liming Si finished sentence, waiting for him to answer and hang up the second time.   Qin Bo smiled and shook his head, and after a long pause, smile to disappear.   He started really did not think so much, until he saw the piece of text messages last night, he was shocked to say the other […]