Blooming bud

Part One: bloom buds friend, are you okay?Also remember, you and I side by side live a happy life learning, we play together, learn together, have a happy success, there are plain practical, there are infinite passion.  But one day you quietly left, leaving me, this left us a collective.I do not know why, but I […]

Bloom season, Internati life

Sunset, such as dust, light falls on the brow of the season, startled patches of clouds passing sky.And I, carrying a lapel weathered the years, marching well-being interwoven Red Road, from blossom to fall dew cream, then from the wing into the green vegetation are.Love Lane mottled broken shadow glide eyes, inexplicable surge of emotion […]

Bloom during the rainy season

Window, rain falls; within the window, I write alone, leaving a bloom of the rainy season.    No cicadas cry, the rain seemed to take away those hot, washed the dust on the asphalt Hisatsumi, but also to the voices of flowers mixed in the rain echoed.    Hanging out of the window that a bunch of pink bells, […]

Bliss only ponder the edge of the heart

I like flowers, like gorgeous.    In the street lanes, mountain fields, with different kinds of flowers, the breeze or shy in hiding.    If there is no matter, where you can always see the squatting for a long time, like a child daydream, quiet look at, not to investigate what is and what nickname florid.The flowers are the […]

Bless my heart as a mountain man

Is a cold overcast morning, the sun did not warm bright light coming through the gap between the curtains.This year is really not the same as a year for, already in June, and the howling wind outside the window Yin Ming is still dancing, a little summer feeling no.My heart as the weather outside the […]

Black memorial

REVIEW: black came of their own, and once in his father’s scrap metal recycling company, came a very small black dog, emaciated, and even stand unstable.Some food to feed everyone, gradually, the familiar black and up.    Guanghui, I could not find shelter in black.  Sometimes, really do not believe that black has been buried, I feel it […]

Bitter & shy;

Do you like bitter gourd?This crumpled long cucumber, a lot of people like it, taste bitter, crunchy, quite weird taste experience, people who like it sweet to say back clear, refreshing tongue.People do not like it, I frowned — Oh how so much suffering!It does not taste good!I am the former, like bitter gourd is […]

Bits and pieces

Part one: flowers, bits and pieces all over the floor a handful of subtle fragrance of insect voice, slowly fade out ears, the noise gradually eliminate, once stroked Caojian also spill the slightest hint of yellow, whether next year’s reincarnation I have a dream like that green memory?Are also like is so beautiful?  But also a […]


Biscuits, in fact, a special kind of bread.But the water component is very low, and crisp roasted and focus only.Biscuits are made with water or milk and flour, climbing, sailing, can be used as food, biscuits force is very old, back in ancient Egypt, there is a similar biscuit food and become the grave of […]

Birthday eve

Son, tomorrow is your birthday fourteen years of age.Last night you called back and said, you do not go home at night, to live with a cousin in Uncle home.Cousin of a full one year younger than you, do the same birthday, the two discuss how too, have a good plan yet?Tomorrow the two of […]