Opened the window, wisp of wet gas with the air he could feel the rain to November, the beginning of cold and warmth of the season, this season really is not too pleasing, but like this damp air, which the rain do not stick to the cool dust.This is like a touch of cool, wet […]


Perhaps you think it is, this world, no matter how small may be exaggerated 1.3 billion times will become very large.Although this flower-like life dying was too extreme, but compared with China’s 1.3 billion people, it seems that this is nothing to speak of sadness small.    Indeed, in our vast land of China, every day in […]

Blossom Yunjuanyunshu

[Part One: flowers Yunjuanyunshu] flowers Yunjuanyunshu day in this day by day repeated, unnecessary happiness, but also unnecessary pain, leaving only quiet.  My life was actually so fast, unconsciously, the weather has begun to turn cold.Can still days or bright so early every morning opened his eyes, the sky is already bright.Rural morning is always quiet […]

Blossom flower sky

[Part One: blossom flower sky] blossom flower sky, love to love to love to revel.Yan Yan to leave and go wild, sleepless ebb and flow of the tide.Blossom flower sky, love to love to love to revel.Late at night the moon dream moon, is the daughter of hard left roots.Used to look at the flowers […]

Blossom end disconsolate

Blossom, I remember, had both good and bad.    - Inscription open Hong Meng, who will love species, if that did not Romance, sympathetic Crackdown his life.Every word a gem, throwing endless Acacia blood and tears stained red beans, and who knows, the flowers bloom for the Iraqis solo.    It was a kind of a dream of Red […]

Blossom article

Part one: the world of colorful flowers bloom, fragrance and bright, was won this sentimental season.The dream faded, the color of the fragrance, tall buildings away, whirling with green back.  Walking through the autumn of this overflowing campus, the wind blew away the clouds lingering attachment.Close my eyes, feeling the grace of this nature.Perhaps, beyond that […]

Blooming poppies

Part One: Angel blooming poppy unfortunate encounter demons.Oversight, could not withstand the temptation, he was plunged into a boundless sea of magic.When she woke up, she had the body of the poppy.  ”Do not touch me, please stay away from me” poppy heart cry.But no one can hear.People only see the beauty of its swagger, the […]

Blooming bud

Part One: bloom buds friend, are you okay?Also remember, you and I side by side live a happy life learning, we play together, learn together, have a happy success, there are plain practical, there are infinite passion.  But one day you quietly left, leaving me, this left us a collective.I do not know why, but I […]

Bloom season, Internati life

Sunset, such as dust, light falls on the brow of the season, startled patches of clouds passing sky.And I, carrying a lapel weathered the years, marching well-being interwoven Red Road, from blossom to fall dew cream, then from the wing into the green vegetation are.Love Lane mottled broken shadow glide eyes, inexplicable surge of emotion […]

Bloom during the rainy season

Window, rain falls; within the window, I write alone, leaving a bloom of the rainy season.    No cicadas cry, the rain seemed to take away those hot, washed the dust on the asphalt Hisatsumi, but also to the voices of flowers mixed in the rain echoed.    Hanging out of the window that a bunch of pink bells, […]