Fall in love with Cangyang Jiacuo

Accidentally, I saw an article about Cangyang Jiacuo on Sina’s fox demon blog, and was deeply moved by its sad and beautiful words. I was not able to help but have a strong curiosity about that – Cangyang Jiacuo..     So I began to read a lot of information about Cangyang Jiacuo.     Cangyang Jiacuo, born in […]

Dust settles

[ Editor’s Note ]” Dust Settles”. Life is like this floating dust, flying hopelessly in the sun, and then encountering this rain will eventually become the mud of reality.. ‘ The Dust Settles’. Life is like this mud, and mud also has its own happiness, such as listening to the smile of a flower, kissing […]

Difficulties are temporary, dreams are permanent

Said in my heart, when I wrote this topic, my heart was a little sad. Because there are so many things I really didn’t do well. Once I also had many dreams, and I still have many dreams until now, but I really didn’t have any dreams.   But I really admire those who have dreams, […]

corn field

The wheat fields that gave their food for their lives are all over the mountain, with portions lying on different slopes. The hillside is inclined to the eaves and the back of the reaper, accompanying the growth of the years.. The flatness of the wheat field cut the original calm of the hillside, and the […]

Childhood – Top

Weihai Tian He Street Office: Lin Peizhong mentioned gyroscopes, but now children don’t know much about gyroscopes, and fewer children have made gyroscopes themselves and experienced their own fun, but for our generation born in the 1.970s, spinning gyroscopes was once a boy’s favorite. To this day, the scenes of childhood friends pulling the top […]

Blind man

Everyone said that life in high school is three point one line and classroom is the main line. How about college life? It’s just that the bedroom is the main line. Every day I repeat my blindness and ignorance, but sometimes I will give you some calm changes and new ideas, which is also good. […]


It’s been six or seven years since I met the barber. At that time, he was still working in the old unit and was considered an old neighbor.. Hairdressers look like they were in their early sixties this year. They worked in a grease factory in their early years. Since the closure of the unit […]

Asking for People and Seeking Oneself

Asking for help and asking for help Qin people to visit guiyuan buddhist temple, a famous tourist attraction in Wuhan, on the 5th of the year of Chuge ( it is said that this day is the day to pick up the God of Wealth ).     The air was dirty, smoke-filled and dimly lit in […]

alas! annoying motion sickness

The most feared thing in my life is to take a car. I will not forget the pain of carsickness even in my life. I have another characteristic of motion sickness. The smaller the car, the more severe the motion sickness. The bus ride is more dizzy, the bus ride is especially dizzy, and the […]

A wisp of moss, half-life chi tie

It seems particularly enchanting and affectionate to women, and is often referred to as ” green silk” or ” love silk”. Why do you keep green silk for beauty and discard it?? Is it another kind of free and easy, or do you want to abandon the pain once upon a time? Regardless of ancient […]