Early morning

Early winter, early morning.     Those who have just woken up from their sleep and have not yet had time to get up early give this modern industrial park a rare peace. Looking at the window lattice as white as paper, I still think it is my hometown thousands of miles away if it is not […]

My younger brother

After hearing the news of my brother’s layoff, my heart suddenly became heavy, as if I had hanged a stone in my heart. The younger brother never expected to lose his job in the late forties.. He always believed that the unit he worked for was career establishment. In this small town, there was no […]

An Acacia Countless Homesickness

[ Editor’s Note ]Spring water flow, autumn water flow, year after year, how many people leave their native land without asking for wind and rain, and only for dreams. The spring breeze blows, the spring breeze blows, one year old and one year old, how many people gaze tearfully at home, unable to turn back […]

Hunger breeds discontentment

When I was in junior high school, my son said to me that I was washing dishes, Mom, I will live in the same city as you when I grow up and work.. In my heart secretly pleased, my son also loved me. No, he went on to say, because of the same city, I […]

Grasp life by measure

When the winter snowflakes pass by the boundless sky and shed snow-white clothing all over the city, are you also thinking about the hometown of snow? When the morning sun illuminates every inch of the earth’s skin through the faint clouds, do you also stand in the sun and look up at the skylight in […]

Don’t compete with yourself

There is an inexplicable heavy load that is the pressure of life, and there is an inexplicable pain that is heart tired. Tired heart is the tears or even bleeding of life in the heart, the bitterness and helplessness of the heart. I have to face too much and too much every day. I have […]

Beijing Notes, Training Our Spirit ( 1 ) )

Training our spirit is accumulated bit by bit and is the result of a firm will and unremitting efforts for a long time. There are many kinds of such training, such as the beauty of heart, language and behavior in art, culture, thought and noble sentiment..   Why should we train our spirit? Because, in the […]

Across the river of memory

The scene of life is like a river, flowing in the silence of the years. No matter what glory you create or what obscurity you have, the inner water of life will make the years flow in memory of dust and dust.. It is always flowing, searching, exploring, quietly observing the world, reflecting and carrying […]

‘ Like it, why do you have to have it?’

Written in front: At midnight, I was really anxious. Suddenly there was ghostly crying in the corridor. I pushed open the door and saw a girl squatting on the ground with no fear of the cold, sobbing at the other end of the phone to retain her words.. I was even more upset.   Hey. The […]