Chen Zhihong: SEO teacher summarizes December 2015

It seems just finished summary, and came to the end of the month.Time really fast, a year of seasons, but he never stays for whom.December weather, should be the most cold, around us, to see is a move forward another person.  About December, we certainly will have a lot of stories about my case, I think […]

Cambridge Juelian immortal, so far Shennian Shima

He is one of the few modern Chinese literary legend.  He is open-generation poetry “New Moon School” Master and Lord.  He is China’s Shelley, dean of poetry circles.  He is a literary myth, the world’s Lover.  He is writing elves, Red newborn baby.  He was ambassador romantic, passionate model.  He is Xu.  He, in Intrigue poetic city in Zhejiang, born.  Perhaps it is […]

Bonds of this world, shallow smile

Slanting rain fine wind, the heart, the rhythm of a.Opened the window, the cold wind Lili, a Fallen flowers, falling foot.Misty rain, the long night of this winter, dream Whispering Color?    Night is young and the lights dim.Perhaps, deep memory, once love, in the years of the lips, always a hint of a smile, warm spring-like […]

Beilin not old (cool in summer and literature Cup)

Beilin is not old age of seventeen in the fall, I began to learn calligraphy.Ancient talented woman drop of ink in a book by the window Xuan carved beautiful picture, has been longing for the good of my heart.So the first time you pick up a pen excited.I feel touch the edge of dreams.Open copybook, […]

Bamboo Love

Before going Dazhuhai, I think this piece of bamboo, now is certainly the cloud whisk Wan Ye gentle, dancing, let me play the leading role; it Keke bamboo, whether still empty intestines were drawn eyebrow, skinny, but rise into the sky.The original, “Joan section places the wind blowing branches, Merry pay me stand Wanggui.The most […]

Autumn reverie

In a flash, and the fall.    Inadvertently think of that classic oldies “Aizaishenqiu” search out from the Internet, listening to over and over again, into a familiar melody, intoxicated, unable to extricate themselves, bringing back memories.All those days with the youth on the once young and frivolous, bit by bit in my heart surging, lingering, lingering.Walking […]

At the end of ordinary life

This year did not thirty, small month, 29 is the New Year’s Eve.  Twenty-eight morning, the weather was gloomy, chilled ice in front of the river, the wind stinging his face, a few days ago still warm sun is shining, the birds sang joyous, early spring as a child just born, not used to repeated climate […]

Annoying moonlight

Last night, a Qing Mei, pleasant winter months, the United States was maddening.  ”This good night Nai Ho!”- not afraid of good night, all too beautiful things will make people feel helpless:” so beautiful and tells the people what to do!”For months ecstasy, perhaps with Lenovo to someone or something or a certain feeling about.But ecstasy […]

Althea bloom years

Walking in this summer is the season, there is a touch of melancholy hearts.Thoughts filled the air, the person to pull distant time tunnel.In April, hibiscus blossom season.Bright hibiscus blooming in full bloom, purple color that extraordinary and refined.Everywhere you looked, the share of leisurely purple giving a feeling of emptiness.Like this ethereal feeling faint, […]

According to Little King Tong

During my work Fenghua, Ningbo, leisure shopping in the street, everywhere you can see in seafood eateries, many of the words are written on the face of the door, “according to Tong seafood,” the one asked, originally “according to Tong” is a well-known fishing village.   Ningbo is close to the sea, to say the Ningbo […]