IBM introduced the "cheap version of" block chain platform to help enterprises reduce the cost of technology development record

IBM announced a new block chain products, allowing developers to create enterprises and build their own projects to the center ledger。 BIGBLUE Currently, there are plans to allow other companies to development block chain applications, but compared BIGBLUE, IBM service will be more expensive look。 Block chain is a large distributed database, currently the number […]

Elderly total stomach flatulence may be indigestion, how do?(1)

  Indigestion elderly the most common case, because the digestive system of the elderly has gradually degraded, so usually eat too full will not digestible, stomach often feel flatulence, so how do the elderly poor digestion?With a look!  To eat staple food digestion elderly poor how to do 1, the staple food to eat eat eat。 Rice, […]

[Hainan Boao Forum for Asia International Convention Center Golf Golf weather] Hainan Boao Forum for Asia International Convention Center Golf golf weather forecast today, today, the weekend, the weather today, seven days, golf weather, golf courses one week weather forecast, Golf Course weather forecast Inquire

International organizations meeting Stadium Profile BFA International Convention Center Golf Club is located in Asia's only regularly addressed the "Boao Forum for Asia" location —- Dongyu Island。 The ball will be a convenient traffic, from Haikou Meilan Airport to the club just one hour's drive from Sanya Phoenix International Airport to the club just a […]