Brazil announced to reduce import tariffs on 250 products

Xinhua Brasilia, June 24 (Reporter Liu Tong Yang Jiangling) Brazilian Foreign Trade Commission and the Department of Trade and Industry announced on the 24th, to reduce the country's inability to produce 250 kinds of capital goods and information and communications products import tariffs。  According to the Brazilian "Official Gazette" he revealed, including 240 kinds of capital […]

The coldest winter time coming!The elderly most vulnerable to cold five kinds of disease (1)

  Friends heard of "Nine Songs count" do?Every sentence with a user-friendly way to describe the cold of varying degrees: one thousand nine hundred twenty-nine not shot, three thousand nine hundred forty-nine ice away; fifty-nine and sixty-nine, the riverside to see Willow; seventy-nine River open eight or nine geese to ; plus-nineteen, cattle walk everywhere。 By […]

Alternative Reading Arts test: an actor must learn to show it?

Golden Rooster Award, Academy Award, Golden Horse, Golden Eagle Award, Flying Award, Magnolia Award winning actor educational experience past ten statistics, remove the unknown and repeat for a total of 131 in the 131 actors, there are 69 technical education。 They are mostly in the theater, the Beijing Film Studio, the theater department graduates, such […]

Aguero behind Messi: He is the only mortal he can help us win

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 18 report: Argentina VS Iceland match, Messi performance is not very satisfactory。His very best, but the result is poor, lost a penalty shot, shot 11 times without success……A lot of people after the game Messi ridicule, and criticism of him […]

US Secretary of State: to promote the countries concerned to modify the terms of the Iranian nuclear deal

Data Chart: US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson。 Reporter Diao ocean taken earlier in the day, when Tillerson met with reporters with British Foreign Secretary Johnson said the United States has been a tripartite agreement with the Iranian nuclear namely Britain, France and the three countries to establish a working group to amend the agreement […]