[BEIJING] monthly observation: Food Network implementation of new regulations to protect the safety of food goods tongue

Catering service network platform to conduct business licenses for food catering service provider's network reviewed, signed an agreement with the responsibility for food safety network businesses, business registration information network name, address, legal representative, responsible person and contact information, to ensure network business entities operating stores have to ensure that the information stated in their […]

Early symptoms of cervical erosion cervical erosion Notes

[] Do the work of contraception when having sex, it is best to have family planning, contraception work to do。 This would reduce the invasion of bacteria, avoid unwanted pregnancy and abortion, thereby avoiding cervical injury, effectively prevent the occurrence。 [Note] menstrual hygiene female friend if you want to prevent the occurrence of cervical erosion, […]

Yinhua Fund thin officer Hui: global economic recovery, capital market ushered in new opportunities | coal prices

   Mid-November 2017 on the Shanghai Composite Index since 3450 point adjustment, the stock market trend is more tangled, do not know that in addition to concerns raised by the Central Economic Work Conference "to leveraged" efforts to push up interest rates to what extent the outside, but also worried that the economic recovery momentum sustainability […]

33rd Tianjin Youth Science Creation Competition final assessment starts

Speaking on behalf of。  Tianjin Zhongxin She CAST party members, Vice Chairman Lu Shuangying, Tianjin Intellectual Property Bureau member Guo Wenjiang, director of the Tianjin Youth Science and Technology Center An Qinghong, Minister CAST popularity of Tianjin Wang Liming, president of the Tianjin Institute of Invention and Long Yue, Hexi District Education Bureau party secretary […]

National Planning Commission asked to investigate Southern Methodist emergency events: the true punishment

Jinghua Times News November 26, "Southern emergency event" the parties issued a statement in microblogging, said the 999 emergency center to force the referral of patients to deceive, Beijing Wei Planning Commission has complained to the 999 emergency center claims。 Yesterday, CCTV reported, the Beijing Municipal Planning Commission reply, said Wei has been investigated。 It […]

Financial regulation welcome new pattern of row two sessions: Silver Maintaining make up regulatory gaps

  Financial regulation welcome "line two sessions" a new pattern of China Banking Regulatory Commission and China Insurance Regulatory Commission proposed consolidation of responsibility, the formation of the government work report Insurance Regulatory Commission pointed out that strengthening financial institutions internal risk controls。 Strengthen the coordination of financial supervision, improve on shadow banking, internet banking, financial […]

Magnolia Magnolia pharmacological effects of the application

Pharmacological effects, Magnolia is a medicinal value is very high, I believe many of my friends have used, have a good effect on the spleen, the pharmacological effects of Magnolia which together with the small series to see Magnolia's pharmacological effects introduce it!Magnolia pharmacological effects magnolia tree Magnolia or Magnolia biloba dry skin, root bark […]