How to play games with newborns

How to play games with newborns

Newborn refers to infants within 28 days of birth.

The baby has just arrived, and sleeps for up to 18 or 9 hours a day. Some parents think that they cannot communicate with them and play.

Actually not. At this time, the baby has gradually adapted to society and gradually interacted with people. Mom and dad can use them to play games with them.

  1. Speak or sing to a baby How can he talk or sing with a baby who cannot understand the language?

Father and mother must not have doubts. Although the baby still does not understand you, he can cause your gentle voice. This auditory stimulation will strengthen the relationship between parents and baby.

Mom and dad can gently say to the baby: “Good baby, smile”, “Little baby, go to sleep”, “Don’t cry, mother sing a song” and so on.

In addition, you can sing some lullabies for your baby.

  2, do some simple massage movements for the baby. The baby can’t do any turning, crawling and other movements, it will only stretch out its own small area, and use its feet and legs to stretch the quilt.

Mom and dad can do some simple massage movements for the baby, size, step from shoulder to hand to massage the baby’s whole body 4?
6 times, pay attention to the movement must be gentle.

This kind of massage can make the baby feel comfortable and happy, and exercise the baby’s large muscles.

  3. Touch the baby’s cheeks. When the baby is nursing or awake, you can use your fingers to lightly touch your baby’s left and right cheeks and change your head to turn left and right. This tactile stimulation can train your baby’s ability to respond.

  4. Let the baby look at the face of the relatives. Mom and dad bring their faces close to the baby and talk to him with a smile. Ask the baby to look at their face, gradually move the face to tilt, and call the baby’s name softly.

How to become a popular person

How to become a popular person

One must be timely.

It is timely to say when to say, to stop at that place.

Some people should not say when they are on the social field, they do not greet in time when they meet; do not say goodbye when they break up; do not apologize in time when they are disrespectful;There should be more than one person.

They confessed their misfortunes in a lively and festive atmosphere; joked when others were sad and sorrowful; they continued to publish macros when their owners were upset; and they talked about “road news” in the elders’ home.

  Please preview, if you meet such a person in your society, what kind of impression will you make?

  The second is to moderate.

There is a Colonel Klaus in the famous book “Good Soldiers” by Czech satirist Hasek.

This person is known for his speaking rhetoric.

He had a “wonderful” speech to the officers: “Dear everyone, I mentioned that there is a window there.

You know what a window is, right?

A road sandwiched between two trenches is called a highway.

By the way, everyone, do you know what a ditch is?

A ditch is a concave and long pit dug by a colonial worker. Yes, it is called a ditch.

The trench was dug with an iron hoe.

Do you know what the iron golem is?

Iron tools, everyone, yes, do you all know?

Although these words of Colonel Klaus were processed by the writer, there is no shortage of people talking in social circles in life.

Therefore speaking properly is also one of the basic skills of social eloquence.

  Appropriate refers to how much to speak, but also to the right volume.

It should be pointed out that the right amount is not always better said less, not to mention the old monk chanting with no change in the amount of speech.

  Please see the following paragraphs: 1.
You see, it’s a pity to disturb you so late.

Are you going to rest?

I’m sorry, I’m sorry . 2, I don’t agree with this opinion!

I expressly disagree.

No matter how you look at it, I just disagree.

3.That’s not what I said, how could I say that?

Do you think I can say that?

That’s really not what I said.

How could I say that?

Do you think I can say that?
That’s really not what I said.
The above paragraphs may seem a little “nonsense” at first, but they are all “nonsense” that must be said to enhance the effect of expression. They are the “redundancy” of the language that must be retained.

The first paragraph is a statement of regret. Repeating a few sentences shows the sincerity of the attitude. The repetition in the second paragraph is to show that the speaker’s attitude is firm and unquestionable. The third paragraph is that the speaker is anxious to confess his mood.Necessary repetition.

This language phenomenon often occurs in social situations.

From this point of view, the appropriate amount of social eloquence does not exclude the necessary repetition in order to achieve the purpose of speaking, but means that according to the target, the environment, and the time, you should talk more and talk more, and talk less and talk less.

Some people introduced themselves Luo Luozhen, said toasting for the first half of an hour, and criticized endlessly . This affects both the effect of speech and their social image.

  The right amount of social eloquence also includes the right amount of sound.
The speaking volume in the large public should be a bit louder, and the size of the private visits should be moderate. If it is a close friend, talking with lovers, whispering can express a close and intimate relationship, giving a feeling of intimacy.
These are all things you should master when talking to people in social situations.

  Third, be moderate.

In the 1988 US presidential election, the Democratic Party created the impression that Bush had no independent statement among voters. They even called “Bush a shadow of Reagan.”

In conversations, Democrats always asked in a sarcastic tone: “Where is Bush?

“How to answer this question is just right?

Bush’s congressional adviser and veteran political public relations expert Ayers designed an answer for Bush: “Bush is at home with his wife Barbara. Is this wrong?

This answer reflects the combination of strong pertinence and appropriate sense of proportion, which is highly artistic.

Imagine, if you get ridiculed by others on the social field, immediately grab the opponent’s weakness and give them a headache, what effect will it have?

Maybe you think you are the winner, but in the eyes of others, you are a slender-minded person.

The answer that Ayers designed for Bush added a lot of glory to Bush’s politician style.

  The appropriateness of social eloquence mainly refers to grasping the depth of speech according to different objects, grasping the appropriateness of speech according to different occasions, and grasping the proportion of speech according to your identity.

First, body language should be just right.

Avoid the disadvantages of fast food and eat a healthy body

Avoid the disadvantages of fast food and eat a healthy body

Urban workers work daily and work overtime. After work, there is no time to cook at all. Fast food quickly became popular among urban white-collar workers and students. It also became a helpless action.Eating habits?

  Due to the unreasonable expected structure, imbalanced nutrition mix, irregular replacement time, and other issues, it has seriously affected the physical health of the “fast food crowd”.

Increasing the public’s attention to the nutrition of fast food, and effective selection of healthy fast food that has become their own has become an urgent problem.

  ”Fast food” as the name implies is fast food.

Fast and convenient, very time-saving, everyone can eat it, the core is speed.

Instant foods include instant noodles, oats, chicken broth and more.

  At present, the people who choose “fast food” are mainly college students and white-collar workers.

Since I don’t have time to eat a meal seriously during work, I often choose fast food for my lunch or breakfast.

Experts point out that there are three major problems in “fast food” eating habits: First, irregular time, 56% of white-collar workers and college students eat breakfast occasionally, and 58% of white-collar workers and college students have dinner at 19-21, orLater; the second is unscientific diet.

Blindly seeking speed or losing weight rashly causes gastrointestinal dysfunction; the third is often fried “fast food” foods, with few varieties and incomplete nutrition.

  The imbalance of nutrition mix has seriously affected the physical health of the “fast food family”.

Experts said that if all the fast food choices are fried, one person needs a very high conversion per day for a fried fast food. Eating such fried fast food all day will harm the human body and cause obesity.Hyperlipidemia, or cause cardiovascular disease.

  ”To cope with the increasing use of fast food in today’s society, how to improve the health of people who are accustomed to using fast food is an important issue that needs to be addressed.

“Experts said,” The key to a reasonable estimate is to master certain nutritional knowledge, form good supplementary collocation habits, and choose appropriate fast food products.

“Experts Experts, inevitably, when you choose fast food, you must aim for a balanced diet.

Experts recommend eating two or three meals a week.

If the work is really busy, and you are too lazy to cook and choose the “fast food” that is often fast-food, experts recommend: you should add a moderate amount of fruits and vegetables, such as non-fried instant noodles, add eggs or instant cucumbers, Tomatoes and so on.

  Why do you suffer from “Fast Food Syndrome”?

  Eating fast food for a long time, the variety is single, the nutrition is incomplete, the tongue loses its keen sense of taste, manifested as sore throat, bad breath, oral ulcers, toothache, sputum, bloating, constipation, yellow urine, and irritability and dreaminess.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that dietary prevention causes gastrointestinal stagnation and fever, liver and gallbladder discord, and heart and spleen heating.

  Therefore, office workers must be cautious about lunch, pay attention to it, do not just make do with it, and enrich food types to prevent “fast food syndrome”.

Change the pattern during lunch. Don’t always eat one kind of food to save trouble. If you can, you can eat more foods of B vitamins and vitamin C, A and trace elements, drink plenty of water, and alternate hot drinksSuch as green tea, chrysanthemum tea, etc., to prevent getting angry.

  Holiday Features 1.

High fat and deep fry.


High salinity and heavy taste.


High-sugar fast food drinks are all high-sugar products. They are the same whether they are hot or cold. They contain a lot of sugar desserts, plus soda and ice-cream desserts, which make the food extremely high in sugar.


A large number of seasonings are the characteristics of fast food, which seduces people’s appetite and makes people eat fast. Most of them are the characteristics of fast food.


Low-fiber foods should be supplemented with low-fiber foods as much as possible in the process of making fast foods, so that people do not need to chew too much during the eating process, and they can swallow them at the entrance.


Co-containing artificial additives.

  The disadvantages of supper 1.

The nutrition supply is not balanced. Only meat, sugar and oil supply are valued. Vegetables, fruits, and cellulose are lacking.

Vitamins and minerals are relatively deficient, so long-term consumption of fast food can lead to nutritional imbalances.

Various kinds of over-supply snacks are mainly concentrated with fats and monosaccharides, which are extremely concentrated substances, so the human body can easily absorb more energy than it needs daily.
And if the oil is more animal-based, it contains too high saturation, which may lead to high blood pressure and endanger heart health.


Excessive salt supply The seasonings of most fast foods are very strong and contain a large amount of salt, which is asymptomatic to the heart, brain, blood vessels and kidneys. If you eat it for a long time, your health will be damaged, but the harm is not obvious, so it is not intended.Outstanding.

  how to eat?

  This will not affect health. It’s not all about fast food itself. What’s more important is how to choose the food you eat.

As long as the food combination is selected properly, eating fast food is inevitable.

Beware of five odors that harm your baby’s health

Beware of five odors that harm your baby’s health

Cigarette-flavored adult smoke and smoke emitted when cigarettes are lit will “scarf” babies, directly threatening their immature respiratory tract, oral cavity, sympathetic nerves, and growing brain, causing discomfort, dental caries, tinnitus or hearing lossDelays intellectual growth and height growth.

  To prevent children from violating the “second-hand smoke” attack, the room is an absolute “smoke-free zone”.

If the parents of mom and dad are guilty of smoking, you can close the door between the room and the balcony to open a small “smoking area” for yourself. Of course, the balcony window is “open”.

  The fragrance “second-hand fragrance” poses no more threat to children than “second-hand smoke”.

Many people have allergic symptoms such as headache, dizziness, tears, rash, sore throat, chest tightness after passively inhaling artificial fragrance in the air.

After all, a beautifully packaged, fragrant perfume is a bottle of chemicals, some of which may be toxic and cause irritation to certain parts of the brain.

If it is difficult for a mother in the workplace to give up her “perfume complex”, she may wish to spray a little after saying goodbye to her baby; take a hot bath immediately after coming home from work and then contact her children intimately.

  Flower scent is related to insomnia, hair loss, cough, headache, allergies and orchids, mimosa, bauhinia, oleander, tulips, rose flowers, evening scent, lilies, carnations, yellow rhododendrons and so on.

For example, if you smell the strong rose flowers and the fragrance of night scent, your baby will feel stuffy, dizzy, and have difficulty breathing.

The fresh scent of lilies can make the baby’s central nervous system extremely excited, full of energy, and don’t want to sleep.

  If you have children at home, or people with allergies, try not to bring flowers home.

Because the child is in the period of growth and development, each organ is relatively delicate and prone to allergic reactions.

Even when outdoors, babies should approach it with restraint, and it is best to stay away.

  Camphor pill flavor Some mothers like to put sanitary balls or camphor tablets in the baby’s closet. It was thought that this would ensure the health of the child, but for some children, the results were not as expected.

According to reports, some babies smell the camphor smell on their clothes for a long time, which can cause bloody jaundice.

The main component of camphor pills is camphor; sanitary balls are made from organic substances extracted from petroleum or coal tar and then processed. Its main components are naphthalene and camphor.

They are both highly volatile and toxic.

Adults have the ability to excrete these toxicities, but children do not, and naturally suffer.

  Keep your baby’s clothing away from sanitary balls or camphor sheets, and do not use children’s cloth to make clothes or bedding.

The best way to keep your baby’s personal items clean and non-toxic is to use hot water after washing to achieve the purpose of disinfection.

  Pollution and tail odor in the car The seat covers, seat cushions and roof linings of new cars contain excessive formaldehyde and benzene; if the interior decoration is replaced by leather, peach, plating, metal, paint and other materials, there are also hidden dangers. TheseWithout scientific treatment, the material will also release harmful gases, which will make people smell uncomfortable.

And long-term exposure to car exhaust, in addition to children prone to lead poisoning, there may be chronic poisoning of carbon monoxide.

Nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide in the exhaust gas can cause paralysis of the baby’s central nervous system, spasms and respiratory diseases, and decrease of immune function.

  If you bought a new private car, it is best not to let your baby sit within six months.

Even if you take your baby to sleep and bought a car for more than six months to travel, you must control the time that your child stays in the car, especially in a closed car, and brake them to have enough time to breathe fresh air.

Usually, take your baby in the countryside, parks, community activities, away from streets, highways and bus stops.

Energy Yoga effectively strengthens immunity

Energy Yoga effectively strengthens immunity

The immune system is an invisible protective screen in the human body, which protects our health at all times and allows us to live a healthy and happy life.

Immune system disorders can cause decreased immunity, susceptibility to external viruses and bacteria, and can even cause a variety of diseases, such as tumors, rheumatoid arthritis, and allergies.

Therefore, we have selected a number of yoga postures to maintain and allow the immune system to function normally.

  1. Clean up the meridian and adjust the breath (primary method) to a good or lotus sitting position, keep straight forward, hands palms up, place on both knees, close your eyes to relax, gradually focus on the breathing, liftLift your right hand, press your index finger, middle finger on Yintang, ring finger on the left nostril, exhale with the right nostril, and then inhale.

It is best to have no sound during breathing, and when you feel tired, end your breathing exercises.

  Efficacy: It can increase the oxygen content in the blood, promote the circulation of the blood and lymphatic system, and remove toxins in the blood.

The entire respiratory system from the nose to the lungs in Qing principle is refreshing, peaceful and peaceful, and makes people in normal mental and physical health.

Frequently performed to improve immune function and prevent various respiratory infections.

  2. Stand in a bucket style, with your feet wider than your shoulders, inhale, lift your arms over your head, keep your elbows straight, and your wrists hang down naturally.

Exhale, while bending down, the upper limbs sway down with this, let the head and a section easily and naturally swing a few times between the legs, and finally the head and arms naturally pituitary.

Stop for a moment, inhale slowly, and return to the position with your hands up and over your head.

Repeat exercise 4-6 times.

  Efficacy: Strengthen blood circulation, make the body vigor, clear head, excite spinal nerves, and eliminate fatigue.

  3, bridge-type supine, legs bent, feet gradually approaching the tip, put hands on the front and back of the body, palms down, slowly inhale to lift the body up, hips and forward gradually leave the ground, chin against the sternum,Hold for 10-20 seconds, exhale, slowly lower the tail, tail, straighten your feet and relax.

  Efficacy: Strengthen the muscles of hips and thighs, expand the chest and lungs, and stimulate the thyroid, parathyroid, thymus and other endocrine glands, so that the body’s immune function is at a high level.

  4. Cobra-style supine, body flexed elbows, hands on shoulder tibia, palms down, legs close together, relax the body, at the beginning only rely on the head, the strength of the neck slowly lifted the upper body, and then use the power of the armLift your upper body slowly to the limit, look up, look at the ceiling, buttocks close to the ground again, and keep this posture for 5-10 seconds.

When withdrawing, slowly exhale and place the spine segments back to the ground in sections until the chest and abdomen are flat on the ground, with your forehead on the ground and your whole body relaxed.

  Efficacy: Keep the spine elastic, help the slightly protruding intervertebral disc to return, promote the adjacent blood circulation, and make the gland’s activity balanced.

It has a good health effect on the kidney, and can wash away the sediment in the kidney.

  5, plow-type supine, legs straight, feet together, hands on both sides of the body, palms down, first, relax the body for 10-20 seconds.

Then lift both legs at the same time while inhaling, press down with both hands, contract the abdominal muscles to make the buttocks, the back off the ground, exhale when the legs are raised up to the torso, and swing your feet over the top of your head,Drop your feet on the ground and keep this position for 5-10 seconds.

Breathe slowly and regularly. When you recover, bend your knees first, then extend the spine back to the ground in parallel, and then start the posture again.

  Efficacy: It has a good exercise effect on the entire spine, stimulates blood circulation throughout the body, adjusts the function of the thyroid gland, is beneficial to the liver, spleen, pancreas, and various endocrine glands, improves the body’s resistance, and can help treat hemorrhoids and diabetesAnd various heads.

  Nourishes the entire spinal nervous system, reduces back pain and low back pain, improves metabolism, and relieves headaches.

  6. Stand on your back with your legs straight, your legs straight together, palms down, gently press the ground, and your legs slowly lift up until they are perpendicular to the ground. Then, raise your hands to your waist and tibia, so that your hips, buttocks, and feet are raised.To be taller, straighten your legs, take in your chin, and rest against your sternum. Breathe as slowly and comfortably as possible for 5-10 seconds.

Slowly lower your legs while restoring, let it reach above your head, put your hands down, put it back on both sides of your body, straighten your feet, and slowly drop it back to the ground.

  Efficacy: Increase the hemoglobin content in the blood, improve the blood oxygen supply in the brain.

Good for thyroid and parathyroid glands.


Regular exercises can help prevent and cure all kinds of colds.

Summer health should be light and expensive


Summer health should be light and expensive

Diet should be light and hot summer diet should be light and soft, easy to digest, eat less high-fat and spicy and spicy.

A light diet can clear the heat, prevent heat, converge sweat, replenish fluid, and increase appetite.

Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to meet the nutrients needed and prevent heat stroke.

The staple food is rare, such as mung bean porridge, lotus porridge, lotus leaf porridge and so on.

Drink some refreshing drinks thoroughly, such as sour plum soup, chrysanthemum tea, etc.

However, cold drinks should be moderate, and you should not be biased towards cold and cold products, otherwise you will hurt the body and damage your body.

In addition, eating some vinegar can not only stimulate the appetite, but also inhibit the killing of bacteria and prevent metabolic diseases.

銆€銆€The room should be cool and the indoor temperature is low in the morning and evening. The doors and windows should be opened and the air should be ventilated.

The maximum temperature at noon is higher than indoors, and the doors and windows should be closed and the curtains should be pulled.

The shady environment tends to calm people.

銆€銆€You should be able to travel far and wide in the summer.

In the morning, the first light, the air is fresh, you can walk to the lush gardens, and vomit the new.

In the evening, if you stroll along the banks of the river, the cool breeze will be aimed at your heart, like a dream, and the pain of your heart will be wiped out.

In Wu Yu’s soft language, in the dream of the garden, open a new health journey


In Wu Yu’s soft language, in the dream of the garden, open a new health journey

“~~~After the Qingshan Mountain, I cried red Du Fu, and the tobacco outside was too soft~~~~~” When this lingering melody came, I immediately went to the wrong place for myself, and followed the sound.It was really playing the “dream of a dream in the garden”, and the stage was in the atrium garden of the elegant Lake Hue Pavilion.

Here, for the second time, I like the exquisite garden style here, I like the quiet twist here, I like some of the feeling of going home here, so I can’t help but come back, and I’m surprised to find out what I don’t know.

The flying horns, the flowing water, the tortuous cloister, and the mellow tone are perfectly blended together, as if the two people in front are true Du Li Niang and Liu Mengmei!

I haven’t slowed down from the song “Amazing Dreams”, and there is a soft voice from Wu Yan. The original bulletin in the lobby has begun!

Sit down, drink tea, eat snacks, listen to Wu Yu’s soft words, and even can’t understand the meaning of the word, but also intoxicated in that tone!

I missed the Pingtan last time, this time I was really satisfied!

On the way to the room, I met a cheongsam beauty, and this environment is also very good. I can’t help but think about it when I press the shutter. This is like a Jiangnan woman like water!

The room is still intimately prepared for fruit snacks or something.

On a holiday that is easy to get sleepy, first follow the heart and take a nap. Anyway, here is to relax.

I woke up and felt uncomfortable. I went out and strolled around. I found that there was a coach who was doing yoga. I was interested in it. With the coach, the stiff bones really need to be relaxed!

I used to exercise in the yoga room for the first time, and I was still in such a beautiful place. I don’t feel too good!

Stretching around the bones and strolling around, there is a special children’s swimming pool, which is quite suitable for bringing a baby to come over, children, it is estimated that there is no like to play with water!

I didn’t pay attention to it last time. There is still a health meal here. The freshest ingredients are presented in the simplest way. The food is full and fresh, and the food is full of health!

When I chatted with the staff, I knew that there are health rooms, easy-to-mesh boards, moxibustion chairs, health screening devices, pedicures, moxibustion, etc., as well as salt spray for bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and respiratory conditions.Clearing the lungs cabin is also very heart-warming, but these plans to come back to another experience and leave some thoughts for yourself!

In the evening, I took a bath in comfort and made an early appointment with Zhou Gong to play chess. It was wonderful!

This is the second time with the elegant 路 Huhu Pavilion, let go of the burden of living and working in the past, and open a new lifestyle of leisure and health!