Diseases Aborted by Abnormal Dry Mouth

Diseases Aborted by Abnormal Dry Mouth

The core tip: dry mouth, often because of lack of water, need to replenish water at this time, but sometimes it also indicates the occurrence of certain diseases.

  What are the diseases that abnormal dry mouth may indicate?

The experts made the following presentations.

  Abnormal dry mouth may indicate diseases 1. Lung is not bujin, kidney yin deficiency. Chinese medicine believes that dry mouth involves lung, kidney, spleen and stomach, lung is not bujin, kidney yin deficiency, etc. will cause dry mouth, and eating spicy hot products will also cause mouthDry phenomenon. At this time, drinking water is not enough.

Watermelon juice, coriander juice, pear juice, milk, plum juice and other beverages can play a role in refreshing and quenching thirst.

  2. Diabetes experts point out that the most common of patients with dry mouth is diabetes.

Diabetic patients often have dry mouth, thirst and other discomforts in the early stages, and further development can be manifested as polydipsia, polyuria, polyphagia and weight loss, which are typical “three more and one less” symptoms.

Diabetics suffer from increased osmotic urination due to increased blood sugar, loss of a large amount of water in the body, and dry mouth, and in most cases, the degree of dry mouth and thirst is directly proportional to the increase in blood sugar. Therefore, dry mouth is a signal of diabetesVoice of One.

The diagnosis of diabetes is relatively simple, as long as the fasting blood glucose and 2 hours postprandial blood glucose are measured, it is generally clear.

  3. Oral diseases Chronic submandibular glanditis, mumps, oral gland stones and other diseases can cause oral glandular lesions and reduce saliva secretion, which leads to dry mouth symptoms; and the function of many elderly tissues and organs deteriorates,Atrophy of the oral glands reduces saliva secretion and can also cause dry mouth.

This kind of dry mouth in the elderly is physiological dry mouth, you can go to the dental department for a special examination.

  4, Sjogren’s syndrome patients with Sjogren’s syndrome also experience dry mouth symptoms.

Sjogren’s syndrome is an autoimmune disease that often involves exocrine glands. Dry mouth and dry eyes are the most prominent manifestations.

Early patients often feel insufficient saliva, dry mouth or sticky mouth, and then have difficulty swallowing. Eating dry food (such as biscuits) must waste the ability to swallow. At night, they can wake up due to dry mouth.

Experts explain that dry mouth of Sjogren’s syndrome is due to the destruction of salivary glands by immune cells, resulting in reduced saliva secretion, but patients are not short of water, so they often like to drink water in small quantities.

This is not the same as diabetic thirst. Diabetic thirst is due to increased blood sugar and osmotic diuresis leading to dehydration in the body. Patients need to drink plenty of water to rehydrate.

  About half of patients with Sjogren’s syndrome have an enlarged parotid gland, some of which are accompanied by enlarged submandibular glands or nearby lymph nodes.

Other patients feel joint pain, which is more common in elbows and knees. Foreign body sensation and burning sensation are also common in the eyes and scabs in the nostrils.

Severe Sjogren’s syndrome can cause damage to the renal tubules of patients, often resulting in serious consequences such as arrhythmia.

Sjogren’s syndrome is easily missed and misdiagnosed. Patients need to find a rheumatologist for a comprehensive examination and blood test for ANA (anti-nuclear antibody). Anti-SSA and anti-SSB can be confirmed.

  5. Hyperthyroidism (hyperthyroidism) can also cause dry mouth symptoms.

The clinical symptoms are dry mouth, sweating, fear of heat, goiter, exophthalmos.

Hyperthyroidism is slow, and early symptoms are not obvious, so it is easy to be ignored by patients.

However, laboratory tests with thyroid function can easily make a clear diagnosis.

  6, diabetes insipidus is obviously dry mouth, thirst should pay attention to the possibility of diabetes insipidus.

Patients with diabetes insipidus have dry mouth, drink more, and the symptoms of polyuria are more significant than other diseases. Generally, the urine output of patients is more than 4 liters / day, and more than 10 liters in severe cases.

If the above symptoms occur, it is recommended to go to the hospital to check the urine specific gravity. The urine specific gravity of patients with diabetes insipidus is significantly reduced, often lower than 1.


10 secrets of Guan Tian’s Fart

10 secrets of Guan Tian’s “Fart”

According to foreign media reports, fart is a common thing in our daily lives.
Let us understand 10 secrets about fart.
Curiosity will eventually make you realize that the secret of fart is so simple.
1. Will Pacman fart?
Have you heard the following song?
“Doudou will protect your heart.
Doudou will make you fart.
“You may cry when you hear this song, is that true?
Indeed, beans do make you fart.
This is because beans contain a sugar called stachiose, and humans cannot properly digest this substance.
Because we can’t digest this sugar well, when the bacteria in our intestines try to break it down, a lot of gas is produced.
Then people will fart.
2. How many farts do people put every day?
Do you want to know how many times you fart every day?

According to research, the average person puts out about half a liter of fart every day, about 14 times a day on average.
Please count how many farts you put every day, and see if you fart more or less than this number, but you’d better not tell others the number of farts you pass every day, and don’t let everyone think you are a freak.
3. Will fart spontaneously ignite?
Do you remember such a plot in the cartoon “South Park”? Kenny slapped his fart for a day and was burned to death because of the spontaneous combustion.
So now we are sorry to tell you that the plot of fart spontaneous combustion is only the author’s imagination.
But scientists believe that if a person is farting for too long, the worst can happen and cause severe stomach pain.
Everyone still puts on the fart.
Roman Emperor Claudius is the emperor who has made the most contribution to “Fart with Fart”.
He believes that farting is good for the people’s health, so he specifically enacted “Fart can be served at a banquet”.
However, because people eat and drink too much at the banquet, it does not prevent the occurrence of stomach pain, but fart has become a scapegoat.
4. How can we hide the bad smell of farts?
If you fart in public, the best way to cover up your embarrassment is to be innocent. If you fail, use your finger to point at others.
But in any case, you cannot hide the taste of fart.
Unless you use “Fartypants” underwear, commonly known as “anti-slip underwear”.
Buck, Colorado, USA.
Wemer invented the world’s first fart-resistant underwear.
It has the function of filtering stinky farts, even if the user keeps farting, the people nearby will not smell.
This kind of airtight panties called “anti-sock panties” is made of soft, air-proof nylon cloth, with rubber bands sewn at the waist and trouser legs, and there is a replaceable filter pad in the pants to eliminate odor.
This filter pad is made of carbon, fiberglass, and wool fiber, so the fart-proof underwear varies from 12 to 15 pounds in size and cost.
5. Will the methane contained in cow farts pollute the environment?
I bet you must have heard of cow’s fart containing a lot of methane, and methane is the culprit of harming the ozone layer.
Perhaps this fear has some reason.
But it must be pointed out that farts from cows do not cause such harm to the environment.
In fact, most of the methane produced by cattle is exhaled when the cattle breathe.In fact, it is only cows, and sheep also produce carbon dioxide.

.So, scientists in New Zealand are trying to breed sheep breeds that don’t produce medium.

6. Is farting sexy?

Maybe some people in the world think farting is sexy, but for 99.

9999999999% of ordinary people certainly do not agree with this statement.

But in the animal world, farting is a signal to attract heterosexual mating.

Female Southern Pine Beetle may contain a hormone called forehead in the fart released, which can attract male partners to mate with them.

It can also be used to convene companions for meetings, and also as an invitation signal for collective mating.

You might think this beetle is really too happy, but unfortunately the hormone in the beetle fart can also attract natural enemies.

7. Do animals fart?

What gives animals the ability to fart?

Animals that can fart must have two intestines (the large and small intestine) and an anus, and not all animals have these organs.

Pogonophoran Worm, which lives near the sea floor or near active volcanoes, has no intestines and anus.

It doesn’t even have a mouth or a stomach.

It can absorb the bacteria attached to its skin and survive.

This worm is not the only animal in the world that does not fart.

Animals such as jellyfish, corals, and anemones that lack bowels and anus are also animals that don’t fart.

8. Is fart good or bad?

Whether fart is good or bad, eventually how you think about it.

Some people hate farting, while others think farting is fun.

In 1940, employees of Jem Rubber Co., Ltd. in Toronto, Canada, accidentally discovered that some rubber pieces can make sounds, and the rubber pieces can make farting sounds.

They told the boss that the smart boss saw the market potential brought by this voice.

The company quickly developed the “WhoopeeCushion”-fart pads-and quickly brought it to market.


A laughable toy is popular in Europe and America.

It turns out that farting can also bring US dollars, and maybe a good product.

9. Can you tell me the answer to the following questions about fart?

OK, let’s try to answer the following four questions: 1) If you are not wearing a space suit, does farting in space push you forward?

2) Will the fart be frozen?

3) You can see your breath in the cold winter, and can you see when you fart?

4) Have you ever found “Fart Fossils”?

In fact, the answers to these questions have not been scientifically tested and researched. Please guess boldly, maybe the answers to these questions are all yes.

10, fart can break through pants is incorrect.

Maybe you are still thinking about the answers to the above four questions, then this time I will tell you seriously and responsible that the pants will not be broken by the fart.

Everyone thought that a very “strong” fart would break through the pants. This is just a worry for everyone.

In the end, this has not happened yet, and scientific experiments have shown that such awkward things will not happen.

Lazy favorite Lai bed fitness three

Lazy favorite Lai bed fitness three

Laying in bed is not necessarily a bad problem.

After a night of sleep, most of our muscles and ligaments are in a transient state, and our organs are lazy.

If you wake up immediately after you wake up, the time from transitioning from a calm state to an active state will sometimes cause problems, such as dizziness caused by blood pressure, pain in the lower back and legs, and increased pain in patients with cervical or lumbar osteogenesis.

Therefore, leaning on the bed first and doing a little exercise on the bed can not only avoid these problems, but also increase the opportunity for fitness.

  When you get up in the morning, stretch your waist first to make your body transition from a restrained state to an excited state smoothly.

I suggest that you take the initiative to strengthen the health effects of stretching, and develop a new habit of stretching.

  Specific method: After stretching naturally, cross your hands with five fingers, insert your palms up to the top of your head, alternately straighten your toes with your hooks, and try to break through your limbs, gradually exerting force, and take turns to turn left and right for about 10?
20 seconds.

This way to make a little improvement, add a little tricks, expand the body, expand the thorax, then the contraction and breathing movements of the whole body muscles will be more and more strengthened, and you can quickly make your brain awake.

  Large left and right twists can strengthen the pull of the lower back and muscular muscles, and have positive significance for preventing or alleviating low back pain and neck and back pain.

  Specific method: After the action of strengthening the lazy waist is stretched, take the left and right supine positions, straighten the left leg, bend the right leg over the left leg, and try to stay away from the left leg into the edge of the bed.Side correct to rhythmically reverse 10?
At the same time, try to close the right knee to the top of the bed at the same time, and stand still for 10 seconds on the maximum twist.

Then, change the direction to the right lying position and repeat this action.

  The main effect of this action is to prevent muscle strength in all parts from restoring balance and relieve fatigue.

  Specific method: After the above action is over, put your body together in a supine position, bend as much as possible, bury your head, hold your knees or head with your hands, stand still for 10 seconds, and then slowly roll up and down 20 times.

After the end, naturally stretched and got up again.

Love him and help him decompress

Love him and help him decompress

“When I was young, people around me said we couldn’t cry.

After I matured, I told the mirror that I should not regret it.

Wandering around in a range!

The heart is continuously reincarnation on the lifeline!

People sleep in masks day and night!

I’m struggling!

“A man crying is not a sin” by Liu Tianwang has made hundreds of millions of Chinese men find a rare way of venting.

  For a long time, beautiful words such as strong, patience, perseverance, responsibility, and humiliation have been described by men as being restrained by traditional values. How painful and exhausted they are, how much psychological support they need, how they need guidance, maybe only in their hearts.Deep experience.

  ■ Why do I have to carry my own problems? “The pressure of performance evaluation is very high, and the interpersonal relationship is complicated, which has caused me to burn out and be exhausted, but I have no place to talk.

Tell your colleagues that everyone is sympathetic to the sick; tell your colleagues that they will increase their anxiety and psychological pressure. Even if they are distressed, they can only bear it by themselves. There is no way. Who calls me a man?

“A middle-aged man described his recent mood.

“Even the lyrics sing, ‘It’s not sin for a man to cry,’ but how many men can really cry, maybe only after being drunk when they endure the limit.

I work hard every day just to buy a house and end my drifting life. Of course, this is also the request of my girlfriend. I gave up a lot of my hobbies, but she also thought that I was too busy with work and left her alone.

Who understands me?

“A young man said helplessly.

  Not long ago, an institution in Tianjin conducted a psychological survey on 300 adult men. The results showed that more than 60% of men, especially middle-aged men, have psychological problems. The root cause of these psychological problems is stress, which leads to the burden on health and work.Concerns, responsibilities and concerns about the family.

  ■ Men also suffer from depression, stress, or stress!

This highly exposed word is a real existence and threat to men.

As a result of endurance, health is threatened. In the face of stress, more and more people choose to escape because they can not bear it, or they are limbered because they are beyond their tolerance.

Recently, reporters learned in the interview of the Department of Psychology of the hospital that most of the women who go to the hospital because of psychological problems are actually many people who have psychological problems.

  For example, we all know that depression is dominated by women in reality, and is even called a “disease for women.” Professor Gao Chengge, a psychologist, tells us that there are actually some men suffering from depression, but many men with depressionSeek a diagnosis or diagnosis.

They generally cause emotions to accumulate in the bottom of the heart, and when there are psychological abnormalities, physical and more serious mental illnesses are caused by avoiding medical treatment.

However, compared with the timidity and withdrawal of women, men are more likely to be irritable, irritable, and impulsive, making the disease more difficult to detect.

  ■ “Nutrition” to reduce stress “Love him, help him reduce stress.

Said a wife.

Give men sufficient psychological “nutrition” so that he can spend every day in a healthy, comfortable and happy state of mind.

  One of the nutrients: physical health, many chronic diseases, men are more likely than women, especially heart disease, but because of work needs, they have more irregular lives and ways than women, and the average life expectancy is a few years shorter than womenThis requires men to pay more attention to the care of their bodies, and a healthy body can lead to a recognized life.

  Nutrient No. 2: Stabilizing emotions In many diseases with unknown causes, they may be caused by emotional factors. The impact of emotions on physical health is becoming more and more important. To relieve stress, you must decompress yourself at appropriate times, vent appropriately, and find psychologicalThe doctor asks for help.

  Nutrient No. 3: Tolerance of the family is understood as the family. Don’t “stare” at men’s interpersonal communication, let him have some hobbies and friends, give him a proper life circle, and can release psychological pressure.

When men are at the bottom of their careers, give them encouragement instead of sarcasm.

How to deal with neonatal abnormalities

How to deal with neonatal abnormalities

From the moment the baby is born, it becomes the focus of care for the family. In fact, some abnormalities of newborn babies are not pathological. Parents do not need to be overly alarmed and focus on handling properly.


Physiological jaundice is mainly due to the hypoxic environment of cholesterol in the uterus, which stimulates the excessive production of red blood cells, which causes more sources of bilirubin in the early neonatal period than in adults. In addition, neonatal liver cells take up, combine and excrete bilirubinPoor function, so it can cause physiological jaundice.

Usually after birth 2?
Appears in 3 days, 7?
14 days subsided.

The general condition is good, self-limiting, no treatment is needed, and it is good after healing.


Sneezing Occasionally, sneezing of newborns is not a cold, because the nasal blood of newborns runs more vigorously, and the nasal cavity is small and short. If small external substances such as cotton wool, fluff or dust enter, it will stimulate the nasal mucosa and cause sneezingLaughing, this can also be said to be a way for the baby to manually manage the nasal cavity instead of manually.

You can also sneeze when you suddenly encounter cold air.

Unless your baby has a runny nose, parents do n’t need to worry about it and do n’t let their baby take cold medicine.


Peeling Almost all newborns will have peeling, only slight dandruff or peeling like a snake. As long as the baby eats and sleeps, it is normal to have no problem sleeping.

Peeling is because the stratum corneum, the top layer of the newborn’s skin, is underdeveloped and easily displaced.

  In addition, the basement membrane of the neonate with the epidermis and dermis is underdeveloped, which makes the connection between the epidermis and the dermis not close enough, which increases the chance of epidermal displacement.

This peeling phenomenon may occur in all parts of the body, but with limbs and slightly behind the ears, as long as it becomes a natural shift in the bath, there is no need to take special protective measures or forcibly peel off the peel.

If peeling is accompanied by other symptoms such as swelling or blisters, it may be a sign and you need to see a doctor.


Neonatal erythema. Some neonates develop a general redness of the skin after the first attack, accompanied by red spots the size of a fingertip.

This may be caused by the cold and dry external environment and the effects of toxins.

Last 1?
After 2 days, it gradually subsided, and desquamation occurred. It was common in the soles of the feet, the center of the feet, and the wrinkles. After desquamation, the skin was pink.


Newborns with chestnut rash often have needlepoint-sized yellow and white spots on the nose, nose and tip, which are caused by the accumulation of sebaceous glands. They are called chestnut rash, not pustules, and will disappear naturally after molting.


Weight loss due to overeating in the first few days after birth, with insignificant dehydration and excretion of urine, so 2?
4 weight loss has decreased, about 6% weight loss than when born?
9% is called physiological weight loss.

As the amount of milk increases, eating increases, returning to normal about 10 days after birth, and entering a rapid growth stage.


The only way for newborns to breathe briefly is the nose. Although the upper throat guarantees that they will not accidentally pinch when pumping, it also causes the physiological characteristics that he cannot breathe through his mouth.

In addition, because the baby’s lungs are not yet mature, sometimes there will be “asphyxia” for about 10 seconds.

However, it will be normal after 6 months.


Dehydrated neonates have thin subcutaneous faeces and relatively permeate body fluids, making them easy to dissipate heat.

When the room temperature is too high, heat dissipation through the skin increases.

If there is insufficient water in the body at this time, the blood will be concentrated, which will easily cause dehydration in the newborn.

The heat of dehydration generally does not exceed 38 ° C. If it can be found in time, the fluid can return to normal soon.

Newborn baby with strabismus in the eye, because of the squeeze in the birth canal, the eyelids will be a little swollen. Generally 2?
It will disappear in 3 days.

Generally speaking, the newborn’s early eyeballs have not been fixed, it looks a little cross-eyed, and the muscles of the eyes are poorly adjusted, often with short-term strabismus, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.

If after 3 months.

The baby is still squinting, and he should be taken to the hospital in time.

Breast enlargement Due to the effects of estrogen on the fetus in the second trimester of pregnancy, breast enlargement can occur in both boys and girls within 1 week of birth, and may be of the size of a broad bean.

Breast enlargement to be second after birth?
It took 3 weeks to subside on its own.

Some elderly people think that baby girls should squeeze out milk to restore the swollen breasts to normal, and at the same time ensure that milk is secreted during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

This is wrong and may cause infection.


Babies are constantly snoring every month after birth. This is because the diaphragm has not yet matured.

In addition, sometimes snoring is due to the baby’s excessive excitement, and sometimes it is due to fresh feeding.

Arrived at 3?
At 4 months, your baby will be less snoring.

If your baby keeps snoring, you can feed your baby some warm water to stop snoring.


Pioneer foot In fact, it is normal for a newborn’s foot to be flat and flat.

Conversely, if the baby has a high arch during the first month of the month, it is a bad sign because it indicates that the baby will have neurological or muscular problems.

Baby is 4?
The arch will develop well at the age of six.


The inner octagonal legs and the ribbed legs grow due to the limited space in the uterus, which is caused by the legs curled and the chest and tibia stretched.

So his legs and feet bend inward.

After birth, exercise your baby regularly and strengthen the muscles in the hips and legs.

Your baby’s body and feet will slowly straighten.


Neonatal startle often has local muscle twitching after falling asleep, especially the fingers or toes will tremble gently.

Or if they are slightly stimulated, such as strong light, sound or vibration, they will show that their hands are open upwards, and they will happen again soon, sometimes accompanied by crying and startle response.

This is due to the immature development of the newborn’s nervous system.

At this point, as long as the mother gently presses any part of the baby’s body, he can calm him down.


Red urine newborn after birth 2?
5 days, due to urinary residue, coupled with the decomposition and decomposition of leukocytes, urate excretion increased, the urine turned red, and crying occurred during urination, mostly found in urine stained with red diapers.

At this time, you can increase breastfeeding or warm water to increase urine output and prevent crystallization and embolism.

24-hour towel weight loss exercise


24-hour towel weight loss exercise

In addition to the towel can wash the face table, it can also be used to do weight loss exercises!

Whether you are at work or at home, raise your towel, insist on doing the following set of weight loss exercises, burn it, and enjoy it anytime, anywhere!

11:00 office pull, refreshing and refreshing can also reduce greed!

銆€銆€Going to work in the morning is easy to cause lack of attention. Then, by stretching the upper limbs and muscles by pulling the towel, it promotes the blood circulation of the mind and chest, which helps to refresh the mind.

In addition, exercise can activate the central nervous system of the brain, effectively reducing the definition of satiety, so that you are not greedy for lunch.

銆€銆€Recommended towel exercise: chest X 脳 straight belly 脳 pull chest pull 脳 shoulder arm 14:00?
Pull at 16:00 and increase the slight burning rate!

銆€銆€Usually we walk to the micro-asthmatic, the degree of sweating for up to 30 minutes, can consume about 140 kcal range, but walking can only move to the legs, the production of thin belly is not big.

If you can use the towel to twist around, use the lunch break or go out, pull and pull, can not only affect the abdominal muscles, but also increase consumption.

銆€銆€Recommended towel exercise: flat 脳 turn waist twist 脳 raise the hips high 脳 side bend 16:00?
Take a break at 18:00, master the fat burning gold deposit!

銆€銆€Previously mentioned 3 in the afternoon?
6 o’clock is the best time to burn fat, but most people have to go to work at this time.

May wish to use the chair towel exercise, strengthen the lower limb circulation metabolism, complications, sedentary edema, obesity and other issues.

銆€銆€Recommended towel exercise: seat 脳 knee position 脳 leg 19:00?
Watching TV and pulling a towel at 21:00, I don’t know how to strengthen my work!

銆€銆€The towel is simple and easy to handle, so many people use the piecemeal time of watching TV to make towel exercises, especially women who love to watch the series, and when they look at the towel, they will soon pass, and of course they lose weight and succeed.!

Like I usually watch movies in the action class or listen to the light music, I find that the action is quicker, the sweat is more, and the effect is better!

銆€銆€Recommended towel exercise: half a 韫?脳 turn waist 8 words 脳 turn deep 韫?脳 hips 21:00?
Taking a towel at 21:30 is the best time to soften adults!

銆€銆€Doing a towel exercise in the bath, one is to exercise in a higher temperature space to enhance metabolism, effectively soften the feces; the second is to wash the skin through water vapor to achieve the skin effect.

銆€銆€Recommended towel exercise: twisted waist 脳 raised hip front bend 脳 length raised hand 脳 chest 21:30?
22:00 before going to bed, pull the towel, promote basal metabolism and help sleep!

銆€銆€Moderately doing a towel before going to bed can help sleep, especially in the movement of the tibia and ribs before going to bed, can drive the deep metabolism of the organs, regulate the five internal organs, and have a good color every day.

銆€銆€Recommended towel exercise: flat lay 脳 turn waist single leg 脳 lift bridge type 脳 tilting movement really does not have to go to a specific location, special time to do, even an office eight hours a day, after work, the home is veryA place for good activities, this time I teach you to use the towel, I hope that everyone can use the space anytime, anywhere, and use the time to do their best to fight for our weight loss career!

Ten sleeps in tourism


Ten sleeps in tourism

Sleep is a very important aspect of travel life.

Knowing the correct way to sleep and understanding sleep taboos can help travelers get a better rest.


Avoid lying on your back.

When lying on the back, the net of the tongue roots will fall back and affect the breathing, which is prone to snoring. If the hand is placed on the chest, it will not oppress the heart and lungs, leading to nightmares.

The most ideal sleeping position is to lie on the right side of the paint. This method can relax the whole body muscles, excessive blood flow to the liver, and smooth breathing.


Avoid the thoughts before going to bed.

You must calm down before going to bed, don’t worry about trouble, or you will lose sleep.

You can turn over the pictorial before going to bed, and light music.


Avoid drinking and eating.

Excessive diet before going to bed, stomach bloating, digestive disorders, affecting sleep.

Slow blood flow during sleep, excessive intrusion into high feces, high cholesterol food, prone to arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and hypertrophy.


Avoid talking.

Talking before going to bed causes excitement in thinking, the brain is not peaceful, and it is difficult to fall asleep, leading to insomnia.


Avoid turning the lights to sleep.

People face strong light not only affects falling asleep, but also leads to deep sleep, easy to wake up, and dream.


Avoid sleeping with a dream.

Such people inhale a lot of carbon dioxide, and even have difficulty breathing and suffocation.


Avoid sleeping in the wind.

You cannot blow the electric fan for a long time during sleep.

When a person sleeps, the physiology can withstand, the resistance is weak, and when the wind blows, it is easy to get sick.


Avoid breathing.

Open mouth breathing, the so-called “filtering” of the air, cold air and gas containing dirt directly stimulate the throat, easy to stimulate the throat, easy to catch cough, infection.


Avoid sleeping and enduring.

The urine tolerance team is harmful to the human body and also affects sleep.

Emptying and urinating before going to bed, reducing the stimulation of feces, preventing disease and prolonging life.


Avoid sleeping late.

Recent studies have found that excessive sleep can affect a person’s life.

The general sleep time is 7 hours.