How to keep your marriage in top condition

How to keep your marriage in top condition

Happy couples can use the following methods to maintain the best state of marriage: (1) full of tenderness: you can often use kisses and hugs to meet the emotional needs of both parties, as some people say, hugging is more in line with loveNeed.

  (2) Communication and understanding: Happy couples also need to be constantly improved. They should be considerate of each other, treat their loved ones with kindness, avoid saying things that are regretful, and don’t blame each other.

  (3) Provide emotional needs: When one party encounters difficulties or is ill, give more care and care to make couples more aware of happiness and warmth.

  (4) Sharing the same sufferings: Both husbands and wives share the pain and help each other, and the tempered husband-wife relationship is often more stable.

  (5) Commitment of obligations: Both husband and wife are responsible for each other, which is the basis of happiness and long-term marriage.

  (6) Self-regulation: By adjusting the differences in personality, learn to adapt to the temper and personality of the other person.

  (7) Spend more time together: The cultivation of love takes time, and couples often earn more time to stay together to feel that the love between husband and wife is more important than anything, and to minimize the time for couples to separate.

  (8) Harmonious sex life: Regardless of newly-weds, or years later, husbands and wives should maintain a harmonious sex life, which translates into the union of two feelings of sex and care.

  (9) Express love with material means: husbands and wives should often use gifts to express their feelings for each other, and use appropriate expenditures and gifts to give each other happiness.

8 folk detox acne masks DIY


8 folk detox acne masks DIY

Lead: 8 popular folk detoxifying acne masks, DIY easily in household ingredients, can eliminate acne without spending money!


hzh {display: none; }  胡萝卜面膜  材料:鲜胡萝卜500克,面粉5克  制法:取鲜胡萝卜洗净,捣碎;将捣碎的胡萝卜例及其汁液,加入面粉在捣成泥;将胡萝卜泥Apply to the face once every other day, 10 minutes.

  Efficacy: This mask has the effects of removing acne, removing spots, treating acne, and anti-wrinkles.

  Supplement: If you can eat more carrots (cooked to facilitate the dissolution and absorption of carotene), both internal and external treatment is better.

If you just use carrots to mash the mud, it should not be applied to the skin, and flour is not required.

Washing the face with some carrot juice is also effective.

  Aloe mask material: 1 fresh aloe leaf, honey production method: Wash and cut aloe leaves into small pieces, put them in a pot, add 500 ml of water to boil, and then cook for 15 minutes on low heat.Serve.

At the same time, slice acne with fresh aloe vera slices once a day.

  Efficacy: Aloe vera has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and laxative effects, can detoxify and maintain beauty, and has better curative effect on acne removal.

  Cabbage leaf mask material: 3 Chinese cabbage leaves, 1 wine bottle Production method: purchase fresh Chinese cabbage, remove the whole leaf and wash; flatten the Chinese cabbage leaves on a clean cutting board, and gently rub with a wine bottlePress for about 10 minutes until the leaves are net-like; paste the net-like vegetable leaves on a wooden board, and replace one leaf every 10 minutes, even three.

Do it once a day.

  Efficacy: It has the effect of treating acne and whitening skin.

This method originates from Turkish folk, where women’s skin is white and tender, and acne-like skin diseases rarely occur, because they often use Chinese cabbage leaves to face.

  Tomato and strawberry mask material: 1 fresh tomato, 2 fresh strawberries Production method: Wash the tomatoes, peel off the skin, wash the strawberries, and squeeze them into juice. Serve the scabies with morning and evening.Each time, wash off in 30 minutes.

  Efficacy: The eggplant and berry mask juice can supplement vitamin C, carotene, antiviral bacteria, have the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, and have the effect of whitening the skin.

You can also use tomato juice or strawberry juice to coat your face.

  Calendula acne mask material: 2 tablespoons of dried calendula, 1 small slice of original cheese, 5 drops of lemon juice Method: Put dried calendula, lemon juice, and original cheese into a blender, stir well untiluse.
After washing your face, apply this mask to your face with a mask brush, avoiding eyes and lip skin.

Massage gently with your hands. After about 15 minutes, wash with warm water.

  Efficacy: Effectively removes dead horny skin, gently removes acne, and makes skin moist and smooth.

Calendula can reduce inflammation and reduce fire. With the characteristics of cheese to age and cutin, calendula can deepen acne, which is especially effective for first-acne acne.

Long-term adherence can also control acne recurrence.

  Supplement: If this mask is not used up at one time, it must be sealed with glassware, put in the refrigerator to refrigerate, and used up as soon as possible.

  Red bean puree detoxifying mask material: 100 grams of red beans, water replacement method: Wash the red beans, boil them in boiling water for about 30 minutes, until the red beans are soft and rotten; put the cooked red beans into the blender and stir thoroughly.Ready to use.

Apply the mask evenly on the face, leave it on for about 15 minutes, and then wash with warm water.

  Efficacy: With heat-clearing and detoxifying effects, it can improve the skin’s rapid discharge of oil, effectively control acne, and make the skin healthier, smoother and clearer.

  Supplement: The natural mask is deteriorated and should not be stored. It is best to use it up at once.

In addition, be sure to use red beans after cooking to prevent rough red bean particles from scratching the skin.

  Banana detoxifying mask material: 1 banana, 1 spoon of vegetable cheese. Method: peel the banana for future use. Put the cheese and banana in a blender and stir into a paste.

Apply the mask evenly on both ends.

After 10 minutes, wash with warm water.

  Efficacy: Remove excess oil from the face, restore the sebaceous glands of the face, completely remove dirt and toxins from pores, prevent skin wrinkles, and allow skin cells to more effectively absorb nutrients and lock in moisture.

  Supplement: This mask or body mask is absorbed in the body’s acne affected area and has the same skin-beautifying effect.

  Milk aloe honey mask material: 20ML milk, a few drops of aloe juice, 1 drop of honey Method: Put the material in the container and mix well; put dry mask paper in the container and fully wet; after washing the face, apply the mask paperRemove the mask after 15-30 minutes.

  Efficacy: It can remove acne and whiten, and the production process is simple and suitable for lazy people, and economical.

Health is important in autumn health

“Health” is important in autumn health

Autumn, starting from the beginning of autumn, has gone through six solar terms of summer, white dew, autumnal equinox, cold dew, and frost. The autumn is divided into the seasonal climate change.
“The Nei Jing · Su Wen · Four Qi Modal Divination” said: “In autumn and March, this is Rong Ping. The weather is urgent and the earth is bright.
“The climate of autumn is in the transitional stage of” yang to eliminate yin and long “. From the beginning of the autumn to the summer, the autumn sun is raging and the temperature is high. In addition, there is a lot of rain and rain, and the humidity is heavy.”Said.
After the “Bailu”, there was less rain, dry weather, hot days and cool nights, cold and hot weather, a little carelessness, easy colds and colds, and many old diseases also relapsed easily. It is called “eventful autumn”.
As the physical activity of the human body adapts to changes in the natural environment, the yin and yang sides of the body also change.
Therefore, the autumn health should pay attention to the word “harmony” when adjusting the mental emotions, diet and living, exercise guidance and other aspects.
  To reconcile feelings away from the sad Qiuyu After entering the autumn, from the “correspondence of heaven and man”, the lungs are gold, corresponding to Qiu Qi, and the lungs are mainly breathing, which is worrying.
Those with weak lungs are sensitive to changes in autumn climate, especially some middle-aged and elderly people who see autumn winds and cold rain, flowers and trees withering, and the deep autumn scenes of all things depression, often cause feelings of sad autumn, desolation, and twilight in their hearts, and are prone to depression.
Therefore, in autumn, it is important to keep your mind healthy.
“Su Wen · Fu Qi Di Shen Dalun” said: “To make Zhi peaceful, to ease the punishment in the autumn.
Converge and calm Qiu Qiu.
There is no other way to make the lungs clear.
This autumn qi should be the way to raise.
For middle-aged and elderly people, it is necessary to develop a character that is not gratifying, not sorrowful, optimistic and cheerful, tolerant and open-minded, indifferent and quiet, calming down, keeping inner peace, and slowing down the spirit of autumn killing.Influence, can only adapt to the characteristics of autumn Rongping.
  The autumn frozen season has the proverb “Cover the autumn and freeze without ill health” that has spread in China since ancient times, which is in line with the health regimen of “thin clothes to protect against the cold” in autumn.
However, we must have a correct understanding of the “autumn freeze” and understand the essence of science.
Since the “Liqiu” solar term, the temperature has gradually decreased, and the temperature difference between day and night has gradually increased. After the cold dew, the cold air in the north will invade continuously and there will be “one autumn rain and one cold”.
From the perspective of disease prevention and health care, practicing “autumn freezing” step by step and strengthening cold protection exercises can enhance cardiopulmonary function, improve the body’s cold resistance ability to adapt to natural climate change, and help prevent the occurrence of respiratory infections.
If it is late autumn, when the weather changes suddenly, the temperature will drop significantly, and it will be rainy and rainy. It is still thin and short pants. It is very susceptible to cold stimuli, causing the body’s immunity to decline, causing colds and other diseases, especially with chronic bronchitis and asthma.Middle-aged and elderly people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cardio-cerebral vascular disease, diabetes and other diseases, if they do not pay attention to weather changes, keep cold and keep warm, once cold and cold, it is easy to cause recurrence of old diseases.
Therefore, it is wise to adapt to the autumn climate change, add and remove clothes in a timely manner, and be “autumn frozen” and be in harmony with climate change.
  After the “autumn equinox”, after the “autumn equinox”, due to the gradual decrease of rain and the low humidity in the air, Qiuzao became the main climate from mid-autumn to late autumn.
Autumn is the time of lung gold, and it is slightly negligent, and it is easy for Qiuzao to consume fluids, which can lead to dry mouth, dry mouth, throat pain, and lung heat and cough.
Therefore, in the autumn, it is advisable to eat foods for clearing away heat and promoting hydration and nourishing yin.
Such as loach, catfish, white duck meat, sesame, walnut, lily, glutinous rice, honey, milk, peanut, fresh yam, white fungus, broad orange, ginkgo, pear, red date, lotus seed, sugar cane, etc.The effect of nourishing yin, nourishing lungs and nourishing blood.
For middle-aged and elderly people with weak stomach, porridge should be eaten for breakfast, which is beneficial to Zhongyi Weishengjin.
Such as Lily, Red Date and Glutinous Rice Porridge nourish the yin and nourish the stomach, Lily and Lotus Seed Porridge moisturize the lungs and nourish the kidney, Lily Almond Porridge, expectorant and cough, freshly made juice porridge to cool the blood and moisturize, Lentil Porridge to strengthen the spleen and neutralize, Ginger Porridge to prevent cold and vomit, and Walnut PorridgeAnti-dryness of the muscles, pine kernel porridge moisturizing the lungs and intestines, chrysanthemum porridge to refresh the eyes and eyes, tea porridge to reduce phlegm and digestion, bird’s nest porridge to nourish the lungs and cough, yam porridge to strengthen the spleen and intestines, chamomile wolfberry porridge tonic the liver and kidneys .Choose your own porridge for your actual situation, only to make the internal organs yin and yang qi and blood harmonious, to achieve the purpose of nourishing the body.
  Fitness exercise is dynamic and harmonious. In the golden autumn season, the sky is refreshing, and it is a good time for the whole people to carry out various fitness exercises.
面对诸多的锻炼项目,应因人而异来选择,如老年人可散步、慢跑,练五禽戏,打  秋季的气候是处于“阳消阴长”的过渡阶段,立秋至处暑,秋阳肆虐,The temperature is high, and there is rain and rain, and the humidity is heavy. The weather is characterized by both hot and humid, so it is called “autumn tiger”.
  Taijiquan, doing aerobics, Baduanjin, self-massage, etc .; young and middle-aged people can run, play ball, climb mountains, take cold water baths, swim, etc .;Six-character meditation of exhalation exercises, internal qigong, and consciousness-keeping exercises, etc., combine movement with the rest, movement strengthens the body, and quiet raises the soul, which can achieve the effect of mind and body Kangtai.
  Pay attention to prevention and prevention. The fall of Ankang is a frequent season for intestinal infectious diseases, malaria, Japanese encephalitis and other diseases. It also often causes many old diseases, such as stomach disease, old chronic branch, and asthma to recur.
Middle-aged and elderly people with hypertension, coronary heart disease, and diabetes, if neglected in the late autumn season, will aggravate the disease, and even suffer from hypertension crisis, acute myocardial infarction, and stroke.
Therefore, everyone must establish the prevention-oriented thinking.
Intervention and treatment of hypertension, coronary heart disease, and diabetic patients, control of blood pressure, blood lipids, blood glucose and other indicators in an ideal range, maintaining a harmonious balance, can effectively prevent complications, improve quality of life, and live in peace.

How do office workers put their computers right

How do office workers put their computers right

In daily life, we often hear people say “sitting and sitting, standing and standing”. The change can be seen. Behavior and posture have a great impact on our personal image and physical health.We also taught us to take a proper posture and so on.

Office workers will sit in front of the computer every day for one day, so is your posture correct?

  Correct posture to reduce the use of “brain fatigue” 1. The upper body is centered on the waist and should be straight to keep it upright so that sufficient support is obtained. Both shoulders hang down naturally. The upper arms are close to the body.When operating the keyboard or mouse, try to keep your wrist level with the desktop as much as possible (putting the mouse pad under the wrist to make the wrist more comfortable and prevent “mouse hands”).

  2. Office workers face computers every day, so the computer tables and chairs chosen for health should be ergonomically designed tables and chairs.

People sitting on it must keep “three right angles”: the first right angle is placed on the place, the second right angle is formed on the thighs and the back, the third right angle is formed on the elbows, and the waist and hips should be close to the supporting backThe arm hangs down naturally, and the elbow rests on the armrest.

   3. There are usually folders on our desk. The files should be placed side by side with the screen of the computer monitor.

The middle position of the binocular head-up display is kept at a distance of 60CM from the display. The first line displayed on the display screen is preferably located about 3CM below the line of sight, allowing the eyes to form a slightly downward angle at the display screen to relax the muscles.

   4, office workers should also pay attention to rest when working, whole body activities to allow blood circulation, can make the next work more effective.

Using a laptop or desktop computer, take a break of 5 to 10 minutes every hour. Use the rest space to do soft gymnastics or local massage according to the method we have taught before. While relaxing your body, it can also relieve your eyes and brain.In addition to fatigue, don’t forget to drink water, wash your face, and develop a good habit of regular exercise and regular cleaning.

  5, office workers will stare at the computer screen all day, so the display must be placed at a moderate height, so that it looks effortless and not tired.

By adjusting the height of the computer chair, the center position of the display and the eyes of the user should be kept on the same level. There should be enough space under the computer table for the user to lower their feet, bend to 90 degrees, and keep the feet on the ground.In a sitting position, don’t cross your feet. Align the nest with the computer chair to avoid affecting blood circulation.

  Soothing gymnastics suitable for computer OL 1. Basic posture: before doing a training movement each time, congenital nature, binocular head-up, feet slightly separated, shoulder width, hands hang down naturally.

Relax all over.

  2. Lean forward and backward: raise your head with your hands on your hips, inhale at the same time, look in the sky with your eyes, and stay for a while; then slowly lower your head forward and forward while exhaling, looking at the ground with your eyes.

When doing this, close your mouth to prevent the lower jaw from clinging to the front chest. After staying for a while, repeat it up and down 4 times.

The main points of the action are: stretch, relax, slow, it is better not to feel uncomfortable.

  3. Rotate left and right: Turn your hands on your hips, and then gradually turn it forward, while inhaling on your chest, let the right side straighten forward, stay for a while, then slowly turn to the right, exhale, and let the left side stretchAfter straight, stay for a while.

Do this alternately 4 times.

  4. Raising the neck and neck: Before doing exercises, you should first look at the natural world with your eyes flat, your feet slightly apart, parallel to your shoulders, and your hands will hang down naturally.

Slowly lift your shoulders when you move, and try to align them downwards. After a short pause, your shoulders are slowly relaxed and the head and neck are in a natural shape to return to nature. Then, you should sink your shoulders downwards, pull your head straight up and stay for a whileAfter that, relax your shoulders and exhale naturally.

Note that you should inhale slowly while contracting and stretching your neck, hold your breath when you stay, and try to relax your shoulders as you relax your shoulders.

After returning to the natural style, do it 4 more times.

  5. Swing left and right: before doing exercises, naturally and naturally, eyes are flat, feet are slightly separated, parallel to shoulders, hands on hips.

During the movement, slowly tilt your head to the left, so that your left ear is attached to your left shoulder. After staying for a while, return to the middle position. Then tilt your head towards the right shoulder. Similarly, keep your right ear close to your right shoulder.

Repeat this 4 times.

Inhale when the head is swinging, exhale slowly when returning to the neutral position, shoulders when doing exercises, try to relax, and it is better to be slow and stable.

  Office workers are facing the computer all day, the sitting position and the position of the computer have a great impact on everyone’s physical health, so we must recognize it.

Forming a good posture no longer makes you look more elegant, but also avoids problems such as hump and chest. Why not?

Choose the right skincare to help your baby prevent autumn dryness

Choose the right “skincare” to help your baby prevent autumn dryness

In autumn, the weather is getting colder, and the secretion of sweat and sebaceous glands of children is significantly reduced compared with that in summer, which causes excessive water dispersion on the skin surface, and makes the baby’s skin dry, wrinkled, and desquamated.
In order to prevent this situation, it is very important to choose a scientific skin care product for your baby.
  ”Skincare” 1: Choose suitable cleansing and bath products and emollients. , Do not use alkaline, degreasing soaps and baths when bathing. It is best to use baby baths specially designed and produced for babies.
The bath should not be used too often, just use the bath once a week.
In moisturizers, moisturizers and creams are better than moisturizers because they have a high oil content and a low moisture content.
Children with dry skin can use moisturizers and lighter ones.
  ”Skincare” II: Maintain proper humidity in the room. Dry weather. You can use a humidifier to adjust the temperature in the room.
  “护肤品”三:营养均衡的饮食  为孩子准备营养丰富,搭配合理的饮食,让孩子适当多吃一些鸡蛋,动物肝脏,绿叶蔬菜和水果,以保持皮肤新陈代谢所需的各种维生素和营养物质Reduces dry skin.
  ”Skincare” 4: Changing bathing methods Many mothers think that the best way to keep the skin hydrated is to reduce the number of baths. In fact, this idea is wrong.
Bathing not only softens the cuticle of the skin and increases the moisturizing effect, but also removes scales and irritants on the surface of the skin. It is a pleasant process for children, and it also provides parents with an opportunity to closely contact their children.Will be conducive to the healthy development of children.
Therefore, you should bathe your child every day regardless of the season.
  Tips for love: * When taking a bath, pay attention to maintaining a suitable temperature in the bathroom, and the indoor temperature should be kept above 20 ° C.
  * Take care not to take too long.
  * When the child’s skin is still wet immediately after the bath, apply the baby’s special emollients to the skin of the child’s extremities, trunk, and other areas where the skin is easy to dry, so that the skin will have water and action, and the water will be firmly locked to make the skinKeeps normal moisture and appears moisturized.
  ”Skincare” 5: Loose and comfortable underwear: Children’s underwear should be made of pure cotton fabrics, large and soft, and kept clean.

7 big behaviors in winter are the most unfavorable for women’s health


7 big behaviors in winter are the most unfavorable for women’s health

The 7 major behaviors in winter are unfavorable to women’s health behaviors. One: wearing a mask can resist the blocking of cold. In fact, the heating effect of the mask is not good, and the immunity of the human body can be lowered.

This is because the human nasal mucosa is rich in blood vessels and spongy vascular networks, the blood circulation is very active, it has a natural warming effect on the inhaled cold air, and the human nasal passage is very tortuous, greatly increasing the nasal mucosa.The area is thus further enhanced by the warming effect.

In this way, when the cold air inhaled by the human body enters the lungs through the nasal passage, it is close to the human body temperature due to the warming effect.

However, when a person wears a mask, the air exhaled from the body will become cold on the mask, causing the face to look colder. On the contrary, the relatively unsanitary environment is not conducive to the health of the mouth and nose.

In addition, the body’s ability to withstand cold should also be improved through gradual exercise.

If you align your mask all day long, your nose and the entire respiratory tract will not get exercise because you can’t get cold air. The immunity will gradually drop, but it will be more likely to catch a cold.

Behavior 2: Wear warm boots on the thick boots, and wear thin clothes. There is no old saying that 鈥渢he feet are warm and the body is warm鈥? so some women who love beauty often wear skirts in three or nine days, and then wear high boots.enough.

This view is wrong.

When our body is cold, the first thing we feel is that the heart seems to be frozen and shrunk into a small group, and then it is the cold feeling of the body part.

Therefore, in cold weather, it is important to protect your heart.

In addition, suffering from cold stomach pain, abdominal pain is also an acute illness in women’s winter, especially during menstruation, the body’s warmth is particularly important.

Therefore, only the warmth of the feet is not enough.

Behavior 3: Washing your face with hot water is warmer. Some women are generally more afraid of cold. They are used to washing their face with hot water in winter. However, you must have learned the principle of thermal expansion and contraction. The human skin can also use this principle.

In winter, under the stimulation of cold air, the sweat glands and capillaries are contracted. When they encounter hot water, they will expand rapidly, but after discrete dispersal, they will return to the state of low temperature.

The shrinkage of capillaries makes it easy for people to feel that the skin is tight and dry, which will make the skin prone to wrinkles that you are most afraid of seeing.

Therefore, the correct method is to wash the face alternately with hot and cold water, which can gradually accelerate the blood circulation of the skin and also play a massage role.

Behavior 4: Drinking more can be used to protect the cold from the cold. Even women who are not good at drinking alcohol enjoy reunion with their families or drink with friends. They feel that the snow is flying outside the window. Everyone in the house is warm and romantic.

After drinking, it is true that people have the feeling of being hot, which is the result of alcohol trying to radiate heat.

However, after the wine was over, it was released from the body due to a large number of migrations. Instead, it caused people to goose bumps and cause cold after drinking.

And if you go out after drinking the wine, it is easier to catch a cold because of the cold inside.

Behavior 5: Enter the door immediately to roast the oven or roast the fire and warm it from the cold back. The hands and feet are cold and cold. Many people are used to putting their hands on the heat or heating on the side of the stove. In fact, this will cause more serious frostbite.

This is because the blood vessels contract and the blood flow is reduced after the hands and feet are cold for a long time.

At this time, if you immediately heat up close, increase vasospasm, lose contractility, arterial congestion, telangiectasia, increased permeability, local congestion, and more likely to form frostbite.

The correct way is to let the cold hands and feet only gently rub, so that they slowly return to normal temperature.

Behavior 6: Dry skin and itching must scratch the dry and windy winter. It is easy to make the moisture on the skin lose quickly. The skin with water shortage often has dandruff and itching. To deal with itching, we are used to scratching.But these will stimulate the already very dry skin, make the desquamation situation worse, and even cause secondary infection of the skin.

The correct method should be to drink plenty of water, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, eat less spicy and spicy food, and drink less spirits.

Take a bath, you can use a moisturizing bath in the bath, and apply some moisturizing lotion when the skin is not dry after bathing.

Behavior 7: The hooded head is warmer. Some people are used to sleeping in the bed. It may feel warmer for a while, but the oxygen in the bed will be less and less, and the carbon dioxide and unclean gas will accumulate more.After a big sleep, you often feel groggy and tired.

Middle-aged and elderly people should have a selective meal

Middle-aged and elderly people should have a selective “meal”

Elderly health care experts recommend that middle-aged and elderly people, especially those over the age of 50, should have a targeted physical examination to detect and control common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases, and maintain a healthy body.
銆€銆€With the increase of age, the function and structure of various systemic organs of the human body will undergo degenerative changes, and the harmfulness and mortality of many specific diseases will also increase with age.
Therefore, elderly health experts recommend that middle-aged and elderly people, especially those over the age of 50, should have targeted physical examinations to detect and control common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases, and maintain a healthy body.
銆€銆€Bone Density Examination The symptoms of osteoporosis are not obvious at the beginning. Sometimes there is bone pain and weakness in the whole body, especially the persistent pain in the waist, pelvis and back. Many people mistakenly think that it is a problem of the lumbar spine.
The bone is generally lost from the 30s, and the body’s ability to absorb calcium, the main component of the bone, is gradually weakened, and more than 1/3 of the bone has been lost when the fracture occurs.
銆€銆€Recommendation: After 40 years of age, if the waist, pelvis, and back are persistently painful, it is necessary to check the bone density and prevent osteoporosis early.
銆€銆€Postprandial blood glucose In the general physical examination items, it is required to measure blood sugar on an empty stomach. Some people think that fasting blood sugar is normal and everything is fine.
However, although the fasting blood glucose is normal, if the blood glucose level is higher than the normal value two hours after the meal, even if the diagnostic criteria for diabetes are not met, the glucose tolerance is low, and the alarm of the large vessel disease has already sounded.
Because many of the pre-diabetes have no obvious symptoms, when they find that they have obvious symptoms of diabetes, they have actually had diabetes for several years.
銆€銆€Recommendation: People over the age of 40 who have a family history of diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure should also take postprandial blood glucose tests in addition to fasting blood glucose and take preventive measures.
銆€銆€Gynecological internal medicine Gynecological internal examination plus cervical smear, including vulva, vagina, cervical cytology, uterus, double attachment palpation.
It is helpful for the discovery of early cervical cancer.
銆€銆€Recommendation: In principle, married women should be inspected at least once every two years.
銆€銆€Cardiac examination The current routine physical examination is performed on the heart by electrocardiogram.
Nowadays, due to the stress of work and the tight pace of life, many people have a heavy burden on the heart. In physical examination, problems such as arrhythmia and myocardial fatigue are often found.
However, early cardiovascular diseases such as invisible coronary heart disease and early myocardial infarction are difficult to find, and other tests must be used.
銆€銆€Recommendation: People with symptoms such as arrhythmia and myocardial fatigue should go to the hospital for further examination.
銆€銆€Brain CT In daily life, the harbinger of cerebral infarction may simply be that chest tightness, dizziness, poor sleep, etc., people think it is a sub-health performance.
CT can check tumors and cerebral infarctions, but the brain is generally not checked in routine physical examinations, and because of the high cost, many people generally do not do brain CT.
銆€銆€Recommendation: People who often have dizziness, headache, and chest tightness can do a CT scan of the brain to check for early disease under economic conditions.
銆€銆€Anti-cancer test The older you are, the more likely you are to get carcinogens, and the more likely you are to develop cancer.
According to some data, the cancer mortality rate in the 35-50 age group has ranked first among various diseases in this age group.
銆€銆€Recommendation: People over the age of 50, if conditions permit, it is best to do a cancer check every year.
銆€銆€Fundus examination Many diseases can be detected in time through fundus examination. For example, if the retinal artery is hardened, the degree of systemic arteriosclerosis or even cerebral arteriosclerosis can be known.
銆€銆€Recommendation: 45 years of age or older, should check the fundus once a year.
For those who have blurred vision and headache in the near future, it is necessary to check the fundus.
銆€銆€Back cavity examination The tooth does not hurt, it does not mean that the tooth must be no problem.
For example, bleeding when brushing your teeth, bad breath, loose teeth, sensitive food and soreness in hot food all indicate problems with your teeth.
銆€銆€Recommendation: If you have any of the above symptoms, you should check with a dentist. It is best to have a regular oral examination every six months.