Middle-aged man’s anti-aging method


Middle-aged man’s anti-aging method

35 years old, for men, it is the year of strong, aging, it seems to be very far away.

However, this age group is also a transition period for men from young to middle-aged, and their physiological skills have shown a subtle downward trend, such as decreased physical strength, weakened muscle strength, and reduced lung ventilation.

Therefore, men began to strengthen their sports from the age of 35.


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Keep your legs as close as possible and then lower them, then raise your legs and proceed in sequence.

銆€銆€Requirements: The angle of the sloping plate can be fixed according to your physical condition, such as the waist and abdomen strength, the slope of the sloping plate can be larger, the strength is small, and the slope can be smaller.

When lifting your legs, keep your legs straight; be careful not to bend; when the legs are lowered, the speed will slow down and stretch the abdominal muscles; the group will do 10-15 times, rest after taking 1-2 minutes, then do the next groupPractice, you can do 2-3 groups.

Do 2-3 times a week.

銆€銆€Role: Improve waist and abdomen muscle strength, expand the chest, enhance breathing function.

銆€銆€Prescription 2: Sit on both sides of the exercise method: lie flat on the floor or bed, the legs are naturally straightened, and the arms are naturally straightened behind the head.

When sitting up, both legs and arms are lifted down at the same time, close to the middle of the body, with the squat as the axis to make the body fold in half, and then return to the original state, and then continue to do the movement from both ends.

Do l0-15 times in a row, practice 2-3 groups each time, and exercise 3-5 times a week.

You can use the auxiliary exercises to exercise after getting up in the morning or after doing other exercises.

銆€銆€Requirements: When you are sitting up, your limbs should be straight and straight, do not bend and bend, and you must move at the same time. Do not have a sequence; inhale when both ends start, exhale when the legs are down, do not intentionally suffocate; coordination may be poor during initial trainingThe hands and feet cannot start at the same time or the angle of the fold is small (the hands and feet cannot touch together).

It doesn’t matter, through the displacement of time, the alternate action is done.

銆€銆€Role: increase waist and abdomen strength, improve physical coordination.

銆€銆€Prescription 3: Weight-lifting kick practice method: 1.

The body is upright with one leg support (the weaker support can be supported), the other calf is tied with a sandbag or other heavy object, and the front kicking action is performed. The height of the kick should be at right angles with the upper body. After kicking 5-10 times.Then change the other leg to continue.


Prepare the action in the same way as Method 1, but instead of kicking the leg forward and not kicking the side of the body, the kicking rate to the side is expected to be better. After kicking 5-10 times, then kicking the other side leg, each exchange3 times.

A little different from the above method: not kicking, but flexing and stretching.

The specific method is to sit on a high stool, hook the dumbbells on the feet or hang other heavy objects or tie the sandbags with the calves. The upper body is naturally slightly chested, and the two hands are supported by a pair of high stools. The legs without weight are naturally drooping, and the weight-bearing legs are made.Flexion and extension exercise, bend and stretch 10 times and then change to the other leg, and exchange the legs 3-4 times.

銆€銆€Requirements: Before kicking, when kicking the legs, the legs should be straight, not bent and bent, and the upper body does not move; when the high stool is flexed and stretched, the upper body does not move, and the knee joint is used as the axis for flexion and extension.

銆€銆€Role: Mainly develop the strength of the calf and thigh quadriceps.

Don’t let the house murder your health


Don’t let the house murder your health

The house needs to be checked for health. Mrs. Qiu is a woman suffering from vaginitis. She has been seeking medical treatment for many years but has not improved.

Although the medication can relieve the symptoms, it is not completely cured. Although it is not a very serious “big illness”, it has caused her to suffer enough, and the doctors are puzzling, and it is rare that the vaginal inflammation is difficult.

The strange thing is that as long as Ms. Qiu travels, her vaginitis will be cured without medicine. Mr. Xu often has some inexplicable abdominal pain. He has seen many doctors and can’t find the reason.

What is even more tragic is that from the blood test report, his kidney function is slowly declining.

This situation is very easy to be afraid, but the doctors are also helpless.The above is a real case in the relevant medical report.

What do you think when you hear these two encounters?

“Hey, they are probably too unlucky, so they have been repeatedly showing the same symptoms.” Or “They must be in poor health, it is best to re-adjust their physique”, and some even suspect that the home is not good.

銆€銆€These above statements are normal reactions of ordinary people to illness. They initially blame their own bodies. If they really can’t blame, they have to blame the feng shui or ghosts in their homes.

In fact, some of the above observations are closer to the correct answer, that is, their illness is actually related to the family!

銆€銆€You don’t know the poison. We stayed indoors for almost 90% of our lifetime, and we stayed at home for the longest time, and because it was our own home, most people were most comfortable and relaxed.The attitude of the mind is that few people will doubt that the safest safe haven may actually become a dangerous place.

銆€銆€In the past, medical research always focused on germs, viruses, and humans. The causes of illness were all annoying microbes. Few people questioned whether they would make people sick.

However, when there are more and more unknown diseases in modern times, Mr. Xu, as mentioned earlier, can’t find the cause of abdominal pain, or Mrs. Qiu is always recurrent vaginitis, even if some diseases have appeared in the past, but in the near oneSignificantly increased in 20 years.

These phenomena make me as a doctor, I can’t help but wonder if there are any causes of illness that we have neglected besides microbes.

銆€銆€Take kidney disease as an example, like the second deadly role of the original traditional kidney disease – focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (at 1?
Within 4 years, the patient began to permanently dialysis; as for the first sputum, the role is rapid glomerulonephritis, which is usually permanent dialysis in the body within 3 months. In the 2006 American medical report, it was found in the United States, focalSegmental glomerulosclerosis is the most common nephritis that causes uremia.

The Asian Taiwan region also has the same evolutionary trend.

銆€銆€Why does focal segmental glomerulosclerosis grow so fast?

The doctors who originally placed the cause on the microbes began to actively study. Finally, they finally found the reason. The original problem was in the environment.

It has been confirmed from medical research abroad that the total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) in the environment is the biggest cause of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis.

銆€銆€Perhaps you will ask, why are there various alternative organic compounds in the family?

For example, the furniture we originally used was all natural wood, but after the technical advancement of the furniture manufacturing industry and the need for economic and environmental protection, we began to use synthetic wood to make furniture.

The use of synthetic wood is of course understandable, but in order to shape wood chips, many manufacturers use a large amount of binders, and many adhesives contain volatile organic compounds, such as formaldehyde, so it is easy to cause excessive formaldehyde concentration in the room;Reduce the degree of bacterial contamination of tap water, add chlorine to the water, but did not think that chlorine and organic matter in the water will form trihalomethanes, and trihalomethanes will enter the human body through the water vapor of drinking water or hot bath, causing ushurt.

銆€銆€The family will also make people sick. Mrs. Qiu and Mr. Xu are actually sick cases because of 鈥渉ome鈥?

銆€銆€The lucky Mrs. Qiu met Dr. Erica Elite after visiting a famous gynaecologist. After careful consultation, the doctor found that as long as Mrs. Qiu traveled, vaginitis would improve, so the doctor began to wonder if she would be her.There was a problem with the environment at home.

Sure enough, when she further investigated, she found that the problem was in the bathtub of Mrs. Qiu’s house.

銆€銆€It turns out that Mrs. Qiu has the habit of taking a bath every day, but because the water in her house is acidic, and the hot water pipe is a copper pipe, the copper ions in the hot water pipe are exposed to acid and are released into the bathtub in large quantities due to copper in the water.Ions can irritate the vaginal mucosa, so Mrs. Qiu will have repeated wounds of vaginitis.

銆€銆€Because the house is “ill”, causing Mrs. Qiu to become sick, so as long as the right medicine is given, the hot water tube of the bathroom is replaced with a stainless steel tube, and Mrs. Qiu’s vaginitis will naturally heal.

Fortunately, the hot water pipes in the house now use stainless steel pipes or galvanized iron pipes.

銆€銆€And Mr. Xu, it is not as lucky as Mrs. Qiu.

Because there are so many diseases that cause abdominal pain and kidney function decline, it is quite difficult to find the real cause.

In the end, he met a doctor who was willing to trace it carefully and found that Mr. Xu’s problem was also in the shower.

It turns out that the enamel at the bottom of the bathtub in Mr. Xu’s home has worn out, causing the lowest metal to be exposed. Therefore, when Mr. Xu took a bath, the scrotum directly touched the lead-containing metal plate. After long-term contact, excessive lead was passed through.The skin enters the body and causes lead poisoning.