Combining movement and quiet with daily walking and wanbu fitness

Combining movement and quiet with daily walking and wanbu fitness

Without exercise, even the best body will gradually disappear due to overlapping previous work.

Irregular diet and rest time make the shape of the body worse and worse . Summer is here, do you plan to continue dragging your bloated body?

No, the combination of dynamic and static methods can help you easily lose weight.

  The first is to eat more balanced.

Particularly outstanding issue of smoke and wine.

  The problem with alcohol is mainly drinking too fast and too much.

Experts point out that if the amount of alcohol per hour is controlled within 10 millimeters of ethanol (alcohol), generally speaking, it has the least impact on the body and is relatively safe.

  At home, there are patients with hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and other patients, and they need to use more brains in the balance of diet: such as high blood pressure, less than 5 grams of salt per person per day; diabetes, the implementation of “bookkeeping” system.

Take medicine as usual, and do n’t stop taking Tugil for the New Year.

  The second is dynamic long state balance.

  To enlarge the leave, you need to move more “seeing the stitches” to ensure the amount of exercise on foot for 6000-10,000 steps per day.

I usually go to work to drive a car or take a car. I want to take advantage of all the opportunities of the Spring Festival activities to move more. Perseverance is better than fitness. Ilan who likes to dance jazz and tap dance, admits that there has been a period of time because of laziness to reduce dancing.Grow up; so she will try to keep dancing at least two days a week (including line dancing, teaching and practicing dance, may go a full day each time), and three times a week to the gym to do some chest and belly expansionMuscle crunches exercise.

There are countless types of dances, and there are many changes. You can choose your favorite study and lose weight with your favorite beats. It is more fun than losing weight in the gym and exercising with a lifeless device.

  The fourth is the many benefits of dancing: eliminating excess meat on the belly and tightening the lower back muscles: In addition to removing the belly, dancing, the muscles on the left and right sides of the lower half of the spine will be caused by twisting and swinging the waist when dancing.Tighten.


Body lines are gradually softening: because the body parts of the hands and feet are constantly dancing with the music.


Strengthen cardiopulmonary function: Dancing is an aerobic exercise, which lasts for a few hours to achieve anti-cellulite effect.


Relieve stress: After dancing, sweating, letting go of mood, people become healthier.

Abdominal Weight Loss Yoga Seven Days Flat Belly

Abdominal Weight Loss Yoga Seven Days Flat Belly

Anxious for waist and abdomen?

Hurry up and practice abdominal weight loss yoga. Only a sexy goddess with a flat belly can be called!

  Boat style means whole or complete. This asana is like a pile of boats with paddles, hence its name.

  Practice 1 with your coach.
Lie on your back with your legs straight and side by side on your left and right with your palms down.

Inhale, while raising your head, upper body, whole body and legs, palms inward, vertical parallel to the ground, straight forward, relax.


Try to grab your feet with both hands.

When exhaling, slowly restore your body to its original state.

  The coach believes that keeping the spine straight during the exercise, try not to arch back, and put the body’s center of gravity on the tailbone to enhance stability. If you can’t fully straighten, you can tickle your toes slightly.

Do one for each leg and maintain 3-5 breaths.

  Grinding beans in ancient India, people are very serious in many work.

Like a grinder for beans, make flour and stir.

Various household chores such as mashing rice cereals or kneading dough with both feet are as if performing some kind of meditation ceremony.

Throughout the whole process, the body is very focused on maintaining certain specific postures in order to enhance physical fitness, and to focus on the mind through hand labor.

It’s that simple. Through daily housework, people maintain health, focus, and endless gratitude for nature.

  Practice 1 with your coach.
Sit up, legs straight forward, arms straight in front of the body, cross your hands and make a fist.

  2.Inhale, straighten your lower back, and twist your body while keeping it parallel to the ground.

Exhale back and forth and inhale left and right.

  The coach believes to keep the legs close together during the exercise, try not to bend, the arms on the parallel line drive the body to rotate, and feel the changes in the lower abdomen, breathe evenly, and do it once for each side.

Colostrum is the best open tea for babies

Colostrum is the best open tea for babies

Many parents often follow old habits when newborns are born, and give newborns the “open tea” made with Chinese medicine.

  The so-called “open tea” is the first thing that a newborn comes to eat in this world. It is composed of different methods due to regional differences. In general, it is decoction with Chinese medicine rhubarb and licorice, and the baby is fed with rhubarb soup first.After feeding licorice soup, it means that children will be bitter and sweet after birth.

There is also a saying, first use the rhubarb soup to clean up the foreign bodies in the gastrointestinal tract of children, and then use licorice soup to diarrhea the fetus of the newborn, the fetal fire, in order to facilitate the children’s acquired growth.

In some places, when a child is born, he takes one capsule of Liushen Pill and some boiled water to feed him. The purpose is to make the child less scabies in the later days.

  From the perspective of modern medicine, newborns should not take “open tea”.

Chinese medicine rhubarb is bitter, cold, and has a cathartic effect. It mainly includes anthraquinone derivatives. After it is taken, it gradually decomposes in the intestine to produce anthrone, which stimulates the large intestine, promotes large intestine peristalsis and causes diarrhea.

Newborns are born without food in the stomach, so diarrhea can damage the newborn’s new mucosa.

Liushen Pill contains toxins and endotoxins. The main effect is to cure swelling and sore, sore throat, large amount of injury to the eyes, excessive amount can cause heart rhythm disturbance, and even poisoning is fatal.

  When a newborn is born, all aspects of the internal organs’ functions belong to the newly started stage and are relatively fragile. Therefore, as long as everything is normal when the newborn is born, it is not necessary to take these “open teas” to avoid clumsiness.

The correct method of supplementation is: a few hours after the birth of the newborn, first feed 10 ml of warm boiling water, about a teaspoon, half an hour or so, wait for the baby to urinate before feeding breast milk.

The mother’s colostrum is slightly yellow and thin, but it is rich in nutrients and contains a variety of antibodies. Therefore, colostrum is the best “open tea” for newborns, and it must not be wasted.

Apple Anatomy from a psychological perspective

“Apple Anatomy” from a psychological perspective

Which way do you get used to eating apples?
Take a look at the “Apple Anatomy” explained from a psychological perspective!
The person who “peals the skin cleanly, cuts it into small pieces, and puts it in the plate beautifully” B.
A person who “eats the skin without cutting it” C.
A person who “wipes the skin or wash it directly” D. D.
“懒得吃,喜欢打成汁”的人  解析:  A圆滑度:40分  你是个比较不容易让自己跟现实妥协的人,无论在什么状况下,你都希望能够维持自己的标准,并且极力和Environment confronts, so sometimes you feel tired, even if the environment is not satisfactory, you have to fight to the end. In this way, you will be a bit hard, sometimes do not apply the standard to everyone, and shape everyone intoNo one is perfect in the way you ask. You need to know how to be smooth in doing things for others.
  B圆滑度:60分  你对自己有一定的标准,当两者有冲突时,你会努力地为自己而战,但当事实胜过理想时,你也不会太过坚持,以免自己太累Now, do you sometimes feel like you’re busy for a while, so you should make a good trade-off, whether some things are worth doing, and then planning and implementing, it should be better.
  C圆滑度:100分  你对自己很有爱心,当现实的力量大过内心的标准时,你通常很快屈服,避免自己内外受煎熬,这种人做事的确是圆滑了些,会在这个现实的In society, we have a world of survival.
  D圆滑度:80分  你对自己其实没有什么标准,反正就是一味地让自己随波逐流,听起来似乎没有原则,但你可真是随遇而安,随处自在,有好有坏,因为好的话,就是与世无Contention, but also easy to be exploited!

Move your fingers easily and prolong your health


Move your fingers easily and prolong your health

Do you feel that you have a lot of toxins in your body?

In fact, we can remove the toxins from the body through some daily actions!


Alkaline bath therapy Alkaline bath therapy removes the acidic waste accumulated in the subcutaneous tissue, making the skin elastic and firm.

銆€銆€You can choose to add 150-200g of Chinese herbal medicine and herbal extracts to the bath for 15-30 minutes.

The longer the soaking in the bathtub, the better the bathing effect of the bath (according to the turbidity of the bath water).

Since balneotherapy is very laborious for the human body, it takes 30 minutes to rest after the bath.

If you want a quick bath, you can also replace the shower, it can also receive the same effect of promoting skin waste metabolism and acid removal.

銆€銆€The method is as follows: After cleansing, sprinkle a little bath salt on the towel, then rub the whole body from the two feet. After the skin is slightly dry, shower with warm water and rinse the whole body.


Eat more alkaline foods First, let’s do an internal cleansing of the individual and wash the waste away from the fecal cells.

銆€銆€The most ideal countermeasure is to schedule a waste removal day:

5 liters of freshly squeezed juice or vegetable syrup, plus at least 2 liters of non-carbonated mineral water.

In order to prevent hyperacidity, alkaline foods such as fruits and vegetables in your diet should account for 80%, while acidic foods such as meat, milk, refined flour, coffee, and sweets account for only 20%.

銆€銆€On weekdays, the foods we absorb, such as meat, fish, eggs and cereals, are physiologically acidic, while fruits such as apples, citrus, pears and vegetables are physiologically alkaline foods.

If acidic foods are a major part of your daily diet, this will definitely lead to an increase in lactic acid and uric acid levels in your body fluids and blood.

銆€銆€If you can’t get rid of them in time, it will invade your epidermal cells and make your skin lose its elasticity and delicateness.

Eat more alkaline foods is a simple and effective treatment of acid and body.


The powerful massage method uses a loofah glove to dry the skin in the morning. It is known as the real recipe for promoting body detoxification.

The massage accelerates blood circulation and lymphatic smoothing, making the toxic waste in the body easy to rinse out.

Usually, a ring-shaped massage technique can be used to apply a massage force to the whole body from the bottom up, paying attention to the direction of the massage to the end of the limb to the heart.

If you want to improve the massage effect, after the massage is finished, wipe the skin with a towel that has been soaked in hot water with the addition of malic acid (1 tablespoon malic acid: 3 liters of water) and twisted off the water.

銆€銆€If necessary, wet the body with seaweed mud once a week. It can clean the clogged pores, promote smooth acid release, and firm the skin.


Relaxing, gathering energy If you want to detoxify your body, breathing is an important help for you: breathing-breathing alternately delivers oxygen to your body, and massages your internal organs to remove waste from the body and keep the circulatory systemNormal operation and improve people’s emotions.

Five principles make you have a good body


Five principles make you have a good body

Principle 1: Seriously consider “Why do you want to be thin?

“The reason, and then start to lose weight, many people often put “to lose weight” on the lips, but this will not slim down.

“The clothes you want to wear don’t fit well”, “The body is very heavy and easy to feel tired”, “I feel edema every day”. Seriously, the inconvenience and problems caused by the current body shape will appear after such awareness.With a clear goal, you can find the right way to lose weight.

銆€銆€Comment: Big favor!

I saw that the most successful weight loss experience is that my friend returned to the original weight and body in 2 and a half months after giving birth. In order to wear the original clothes back to work, the power is super!

銆€銆€Principle 2: When you start to feel fat, it is the best time to lose weight. You may not know that even if you eat too much, these things will not immediately become hoarding.

When you start to feel fat, it is actually extra food that starts to make your body puffy.

If you leave it alone, it will become hoarding, but it is difficult to lose.

But if the complications are within two weeks, these extra foods will not be degraded, so start losing weight now.

銆€銆€Comment: Yes, it’s easiest to start with a little fat. It’s hard to wait until the fat upper body is reduced!

銆€銆€Principle 3: It is important to believe that you are not easily unfortunate enough to lose weight and feel when you lose weight.

The same piece of cake, miss “Does this make you fat?”
“If the mood is eaten, this cake will soon become a aunt’s reserve army.

But if you tell yourself, “Can you relieve stress after eating a bite?”
“It’s incredible, your body won’t absorb it.”

In the same way, don’t say to yourself in the mirror: “Get fat!”

“Mood can change the constitution, causing it to be difficult to accumulate.”

銆€銆€Comment: The mood does have a great impact on the body.

This means that you should not be nervous about losing weight, and you will be better at losing weight.

Instead of saying that after self-hypnosis, you can eat and drink!

銆€銆€Principle 4: Face up to your SIZE weight is the most basic, but can not be satisfied.

The size of the waist and hips should be measured, and it is helpful to take pictures with clothes that highlight the figure.

The size of the measurements and other things that can make weight loss can stimulate the determination and will to lose weight.

銆€銆€Comment: My personal experience is not only a trigger for weight loss, but also a good warning.

If you are fat today, 0.

5 kg, the next one or two days can be restored with a little control, this is the best way to maintain weight.

銆€銆€Principle 5: Reduce the number of cards by 500 per day. If the target is reduced by 2 kilograms per month, convert to the consumption of calories, and reduce the number of cards by 500 per day to achieve the goal.

It is definitely to reduce the intake of food or increase the amount of exercise.

For example, eating a piece of cake that you usually eat can reduce the overlap of 300 cards. When you go home, you can consume 200 cards more than usual, so that the goal of reducing 500 cards a day is achieved.

銆€銆€Comment: If you have the habit of eating snacks, you should be almost the same!


In addition, do some contraction weight loss exercises in the bath, you can also consume a lot of calories.