Hunting Fox is not a criminal investigation, finding evidence is more important than arresting

“Hunting Fox” is not a criminal investigation, finding evidence is more important than arresting
The TV series “Hunting Fox” starring Wang Kai and Wang Ou was praised by the audience after being broadcast. The corner of Xia Yuan played by Wang Kai in the theater is the epitome of countless police officers in the “Hunting Fox Action” national action of the Ministry of Public Security.To be able to see the stock market know the law, Wu Yao can go alone to pursue the murder.Despite having played multiple police figures, Wang Kai admitted in an exclusive interview with Sao Ye Wang that Xia Yuan is particularly attractive to him because he is a man with a strong desire for protection. “He is a comrade, collaborator and girlfriend.Very good, very protective, this is something I like very much, and I am quite like myself.”Although” Hunting Fox “and Wang Kai grew up with each other, Wang Ou said that the top priority of” Hunting Fox “is the work of economic investigation, the display of the style of the police, and the rare emotional line is basicallyDo a good job of “cold adjustment”.”We don’t want to make this scene into a scene where men and women are in love in the context of economic investigation.”Wang Kai played the police for the fourth time, and the idea of handling the case was” the other way round. “In the” If Snail Has Love “,” Beiping No War “, and” He Came, Please Close Your Eyes “dramas, Wang Kai portrayed police images.The appearance of “Hunting Fox” this time is Wang Kai’s first attempt to play the role of “economic investigation police”. In Wang Kai’s view, investigating economic crimes is a new perspective, and it is also a relatively new type of police in the police force.everyone.”The investigative policeman is very different from the criminal investigative policeman I played before. Even the idea of handling the case is reversed. The criminal investigator must use clues to find the murderer, and the investigator should find evidence to prove that he is a criminal.”Before the shooting, Wang Kai went to Tianjin Economic Investigation Corps to experience life. When chatting with the real economic investigation police, he learned that chasing overseas is a key part of” Operation Fox Hunting “and the most difficult step.It is entirely because the Chinese police do not have the right to enforce law abroad, and the exception is to match guns. More often, they have to face complicated communication costs.”Any action abroad must be accompanied by a foreign policeman. Sometimes you know that the case must be attacked quickly, but it must be completed gradually after all their procedures have been communicated before they can be executed, which is very easy to delay time.”Wang Kai said, at this time, it is necessary for the investigative police to use their personal wisdom, expand their communication skills, and try their best to mobilize any available relationships to help handle the case. This is a huge test for the investigative police, and it is also Wang Kai ‘s interpretation process.”As a barrier, “Because we have to abide by the rules and regulations of foreign countries and understand their human environment, we have to learn financial foreign languages and legal foreign languages, and we also need to know their expressions of customs and customs. Our lines have also been designed a lot.I didn’t dare to say it at first, but I wasn’t scared when I got out.”Wang Kai, Wang Ou and Liu Yijun’s friendship was established during” Pretender “and” Langya Bang “.” Hunting Fox “is the fifth collaboration between Wang Kai and Liu Yijun.Fans talked about it.  Wang Ou’s “Suyan is stupid”, and the English is not good for Wang Kai’s “joke” in “Hunting Fox”. Wang Ou, who appeared as a recent master graduate, opened the main line of growth in a rampage.”Wu Jiaqi is a female student who has just graduated. At first, she just wanted to clear her mother’s grievances and led her to want to be a policeman, but she slowly discovered that being a policeman has a noble mission.”As a representative of mature actresses in the circle, how to grasp the greenness of Wu Jiaqi’s early female college students, Wang Ou laughed and declared his answer:” I may put on makeup that is a more intense and bright feeling, but plainIt was actually quite stupid at the time, and I feel that although I have an old soul in my heart, it is not old-fashioned, so there is no particularly big problem.”The appearance of a large number of English lines in the play has become a major challenge for Wang Ou.”My English is not so good. Many of the lines are related to the case. They are related to stocks, finance, and law. In addition, many of the English lines abroad are given temporarily and need to be memorized temporarily. The pressure is indeed quite large.of.””, Wang Ou, who said “zero basis” in English, had some hard work. She also said with a smile that the thing that surprised her most was that Wang Kai, who had the same line, became so “excellent”: “He has thatIt will help me to memorize better, how to shorthand, sometimes laugh at me (laughs), that is, when I speak bad English, he will not laugh.”At present, the extra domestic industry scripts are criticized by the audience for” love in a professional coat “, but Wang Ou said that” Hunting Fox “is not the case.” We do n’t want to make this scene as a protagonist in the background of economic investigation.In love scenes, what we want to show is the style of a new generation of police officers.So the more prominent relationship between me and Xia Yuan is the partner relationship, and other emotional dramas are carefully cut and treated with indifference.”Wang Ou recalled that the only emotionally intense scene in the play was a chase between two people chasing a car in Kenya,” that scene was the emotional sublimation of Jia Qi and Xia Yuan, who shot various 360The scene of embracing the circle is the scene where the two people release their emotions the most.But after that scene, it began to cool down again, continuing the very subtle and reserved expression.”Writing / Sauna, Night Net Liu Wei

Global Chinese New Year Music Festival 2020 Plays The Prosperity of Prometheus

Global Chinese New Year Music Festival 2020 Plays “The Prosperity of Prometheus”
On January 21st, an antique rehearsal of the “Dragon and Phoenix Show-Global Chinese New Year Music Festival 2020” co-sponsored by the National Grand Theater and Phoenix Satellite TV, every time it reaches the Lunar New Year 28 (January 22) in the National Grand Theater Concert HallOfficially staged.The concert was conducted by the Music Artistic Director of the National Grand Theater, the Musical Director of the National Grand Theater Orchestra and the chief conductor Lv Jia. They blended Chinese and Western classics. The magnificent “New Year Overture” kicked off, and the opening magnetic field in the second halfIt is the prelude to Beethoven’s representative work “The People of Prometheus” brought by the National Theater Orchestra.Rehearse the scene.Photo courtesy of the organizer “Dragons and Phoenixs-Global Chinese New Year Music Festival” since its first appearance in 2008, has entered its thirteenth year this year.This year coincides with the 250th anniversary of Beethoven ‘s birth, Lu Jia copied, he specially chose the song “Prometheus’s people”, the story of Prometheus stealing fire for humans is well known, as early as 200 years ago, BedoFen created this song.Since 2012, Lu Jia has taken on the important task of customizing the prototype list for the New Year Music Festival.Regarding the characteristics of this year’s concerts in the selection of music, Lu Jia outlined it as a taller one, and the classical works of true traditional significance have increased a lot, such as Beethoven’s “The Life of Prometheus” and Weber’s”Millennium Rondo”, Puccini’s “Interlude” and so on.According to Lu Jia, Puccini’s “Interlude” is the most beautiful and dramatic interlude in the history of opera. It expresses the soul’s confession and sublimation before death. It is rarely performed in China.Lu Jia once brought the “Interlude” to the stage three times, but first moved it to the stage of the Grand Theater. The reason why he performed so little is because of the understanding of the opera “Manon Lesko”There are certain difficulties, so this “intermezzo” is also lacking in interest.Lu Jia said frankly that the pursuit of choosing a work that few people have heard is actually a kind of feedback to the deep heart. This is not to forget the original intention.Conductor Lu Jia.Photo courtesy of the organizer, night net editor Liu Wei

Beijing is gradually congested after May 1st, and the cost of congestion per capita is expected to increase by 170 yuan in May

Along with the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, on May 13th, the traffic data of 50 major cities monitored by Gaode Map showed that the continuous index of peak congestion in Beijing, Chongqing, Nanjing and Kunming increased weakly from May 1 to 11,The 10-year rate of change has exceeded 11%; Shenzhen, Chengdu and Xi’an have also exceeded 10% for many years.Among them, Wuhan ranks 11th in the congestion increase list, and the congestion leakage increase rate is 8 every year.02%.Wuhan’s peak index of congestion continued to rise on the working day since it was unsealed on April 8, with an increase of 22.5%, followed by Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Foshan.May 6 is the first working day after the May Day holiday. The average value of Beijing’s morning and evening peak congestion delay index exceeds 2.0, especially in the morning peak 8: 00-99: 00, the congestion delay index is the highest, reaching 2.98.The early peak congestion delay index on May 11 reached 2.33. The congestion cost of Beijing users in May is expected to increase by approximately 170 yuan per year.With the resumption of classes in some grades in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, overlapping commute travel requirements, the continuous index of morning peak congestion in the two cities was 1 on May 11.9 and 2.09.According to the data from May 6 to May 11, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have the highest congestion levels on May 8, and the late peak congestion delay indexes are 2 respectively.10 and 2.00.Shenzhen users are expected to increase their congestion cost rankings by about 110 yuan in May last year.Sauna, Ye Wang Chen Weicheng Editor Li Weijia Proofreading Li Shihui