Always is offering a smile

Always smile is offering a morning out of time, Juyi Peng cool water, the tired face washed clean, then wipe the skin like a cream coated with a thick layer of the same smile on his face Italy, refreshing cool underground stairs, go to work.This time the road has been a lot of people just […]

Accepted and lay down in order to go further

Acceptance and down, to go further and learn to accept I have been put down, although the more the better school, but sometimes still feel is not in place.Because, I ask: Why?Why do such a thing to happen?Why things like this?Why can not things, as I hope?I found that when I asked why, in fact, […]

10 Advice sentence biting

10 Advice sentence biting Click above under a more exciting one, men do not work hard only two results, low smoke endless cigarettes and much to do manual labor; women do not work hard only two results, wear finish to spread the goods and visiting the finish of the markets!(Learn struggle) 2, do not expect […]

In midsummer, mother’s big cattail leaf fan

[ Guide ]: Between sleeping and waking, it seems to be back to the dim and childhood days, when the gate was cool and the water was poured on the bamboo bed, waiting for the moon to rise and look up at the starry sky, my mother took the big cattail leaf fan sewed with […]

How are you in the distance

Maple, how are you in the distance? Since you left, I don’t remember how many times this was the first time a person walked in this lonely street. The dim street lamp stubbornly pulled the shadow of the pedestrian for a long time.. On both sides of the road there are still huge cold billboards […]

Happiness in the rain

For so many years, I always thought that it was raining and I would say ” hello”. In other words, the weather forecast has made us dependent. It said the weather was fine and I was brilliant. It said thunderstorm, I will take an umbrella; It said ice and snow, we will guard against it.     […]

Full of love

Full of love this afternoon, pupils came early. As soon as they came here, they chattered incessantly. I was worried that they would disturb the teachers’ sleep and told them not to make any noise. They nodded and consciously returned to the classroom to sit down and watch the movie quietly.. I am very pleased […]