Middle-aged and elderly people should have a selective meal

Middle-aged and elderly people should have a selective “meal”

Elderly health care experts recommend that middle-aged and elderly people, especially those over the age of 50, should have a targeted physical examination to detect and control common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases, and maintain a healthy body.
銆€銆€With the increase of age, the function and structure of various systemic organs of the human body will undergo degenerative changes, and the harmfulness and mortality of many specific diseases will also increase with age.
Therefore, elderly health experts recommend that middle-aged and elderly people, especially those over the age of 50, should have targeted physical examinations to detect and control common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases, and maintain a healthy body.
銆€銆€Bone Density Examination The symptoms of osteoporosis are not obvious at the beginning. Sometimes there is bone pain and weakness in the whole body, especially the persistent pain in the waist, pelvis and back. Many people mistakenly think that it is a problem of the lumbar spine.
The bone is generally lost from the 30s, and the body’s ability to absorb calcium, the main component of the bone, is gradually weakened, and more than 1/3 of the bone has been lost when the fracture occurs.
銆€銆€Recommendation: After 40 years of age, if the waist, pelvis, and back are persistently painful, it is necessary to check the bone density and prevent osteoporosis early.
銆€銆€Postprandial blood glucose In the general physical examination items, it is required to measure blood sugar on an empty stomach. Some people think that fasting blood sugar is normal and everything is fine.
However, although the fasting blood glucose is normal, if the blood glucose level is higher than the normal value two hours after the meal, even if the diagnostic criteria for diabetes are not met, the glucose tolerance is low, and the alarm of the large vessel disease has already sounded.
Because many of the pre-diabetes have no obvious symptoms, when they find that they have obvious symptoms of diabetes, they have actually had diabetes for several years.
銆€銆€Recommendation: People over the age of 40 who have a family history of diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure should also take postprandial blood glucose tests in addition to fasting blood glucose and take preventive measures.
銆€銆€Gynecological internal medicine Gynecological internal examination plus cervical smear, including vulva, vagina, cervical cytology, uterus, double attachment palpation.
It is helpful for the discovery of early cervical cancer.
銆€銆€Recommendation: In principle, married women should be inspected at least once every two years.
銆€銆€Cardiac examination The current routine physical examination is performed on the heart by electrocardiogram.
Nowadays, due to the stress of work and the tight pace of life, many people have a heavy burden on the heart. In physical examination, problems such as arrhythmia and myocardial fatigue are often found.
However, early cardiovascular diseases such as invisible coronary heart disease and early myocardial infarction are difficult to find, and other tests must be used.
銆€銆€Recommendation: People with symptoms such as arrhythmia and myocardial fatigue should go to the hospital for further examination.
銆€銆€Brain CT In daily life, the harbinger of cerebral infarction may simply be that chest tightness, dizziness, poor sleep, etc., people think it is a sub-health performance.
CT can check tumors and cerebral infarctions, but the brain is generally not checked in routine physical examinations, and because of the high cost, many people generally do not do brain CT.
銆€銆€Recommendation: People who often have dizziness, headache, and chest tightness can do a CT scan of the brain to check for early disease under economic conditions.
銆€銆€Anti-cancer test The older you are, the more likely you are to get carcinogens, and the more likely you are to develop cancer.
According to some data, the cancer mortality rate in the 35-50 age group has ranked first among various diseases in this age group.
銆€銆€Recommendation: People over the age of 50, if conditions permit, it is best to do a cancer check every year.
銆€銆€Fundus examination Many diseases can be detected in time through fundus examination. For example, if the retinal artery is hardened, the degree of systemic arteriosclerosis or even cerebral arteriosclerosis can be known.
銆€銆€Recommendation: 45 years of age or older, should check the fundus once a year.
For those who have blurred vision and headache in the near future, it is necessary to check the fundus.
銆€銆€Back cavity examination The tooth does not hurt, it does not mean that the tooth must be no problem.
For example, bleeding when brushing your teeth, bad breath, loose teeth, sensitive food and soreness in hot food all indicate problems with your teeth.
銆€銆€Recommendation: If you have any of the above symptoms, you should check with a dentist. It is best to have a regular oral examination every six months.


Happiness that can be eaten

Foreword: “There is no thief in the world” People have seen the “milk tea” Liu Ruoying’s acting skills. According to many female friends around me, after reading this movie, the roast duck is coveted.

In the last paragraph of the film, Liu Ruoying chewed the performance of the roast duck with anger and anger. Maybe the roast duck restaurant gave the film a result.

Diet, this human nature, the woman’s partner, must have ruled out the role that people love and fear.

How long will this “natural killing” day last?

Can we really not change?

銆€銆€Eating an evergreen tree After some comparison, we found that the relationship between obesity and diet may not be as closely related as we think.


High-level French women seem to be the most happy women in the world who love food. Such high-level food is bound to be the enemy of the body.

But the French woman who eats foie gras, not only does not converge, but is very addicted.

They have the potential to treat the hungry liver paste with the northerners’ friendship with “tahini with white sugar.”

Eat foie gras with red wine twice a week, and have a good mood every day.

銆€銆€According to some medical personnel, the culprits of making women fat are not related to protein, but to the digestive function of the human body.

Also high-heat and high-fat foods, French women prefer natural products, these non-artificial foods are more easily absorbed by the body.

The regular diet of American women is French fries, hamburgers and other artificial foods that are difficult to be digested.

銆€銆€Raw nuts are the healthiest and healthiest!

If you can’t help but eat peanuts, walnuts, and pine nuts, you must choose raw or roasting type, and enter the amount of control within one spoon per day.

銆€銆€The most beneficial vegetable oil for weight loss is the vegetable oil that is most beneficial for weight loss!

The unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E components in olive oil are not converted into trace amounts and can bring more vitality to the body.

銆€銆€The best way to lose weight and reduce the fat and blood pressure of red wine!

Romantic red wine is considered a weight loss wine in foreign countries!

As long as you drink a small cup every day, you can reduce the load of the digestive organs caused by complications or slight!


Smoking has once been used to make cigarettes and cigarettes a natural enemy of the body, but in the case of women who have re-established law and beauty, this statement also lacks scientific evidence.

In France, 21% of women are smokers, but the proportion of overweight is far less than this.

Only 20% of American women are addicts, but more than 20% of people who weigh 30 pounds.

Although smoking is not a good habit, we can’t attribute all the mistakes to nicotine, or we should do some more work on the diet.

銆€銆€Summary: Maintaining a natural variety of food, plus eating as a pure pleasure, is the latest interpretation of a French woman who can become an evergreen tree of love.

Maybe we can’t put the ticket code for the pursuit of love on the table, but at least we can bring love more fun.

At least, when you enjoy emotional pleasure, you don’t have to endure a physiological drought.

銆€銆€In fact, we are not alone in the gym, because not only Chinese women are afraid of stature, women in various countries have such concerns.

It is only in their view that eating is not a “source of all evils”.

Perhaps we can, like them, completely turn food into an organic part of the engraving of the body.

銆€銆€Singapore: 1.

In Singapore, weight loss recipes from the West have always been admired: three meals a day are made up of tofu and potatoes, and must maintain its natural color, fried and fried is absolutely impossible, it is said that there are peopleSo successfully lose weight 15 kg in six months!


Another dieting recipe called 鈥渟teamed fish 鈥?pure water鈥?can only be used as a taboo for a small amount of fish and two spoonfuls of white rice for each meal.

A state-owned supermarket chain in Singapore also offers a dieting method called NTUC, where customers can buy a good three meals a day (of course, a diet meal) at a very reasonable price.

This method is suitable for women who are temporary in self-control, because you have to control yourself in the supermarket without the temptation of other foods.銆€銆€Japan: Once someone discovers the enemy, even if it is only a little bit, it will use the mysterious but effective weapon to align and break down: acupuncture, detoxification in the body, Japanese Tai Chi, slimming drink, light burning method, slight blocking method, sugar blockingLaws and so on are not the same.

銆€銆€Netherlands: In the Netherlands, the country of the tulip, the environment of the fairy tale world makes the women there love fantasy.

Their thoughts on diet are very strange. They think that everyone’s blood type is the basis for choosing the way to lose weight.

For example, women with type O can eat red meat, while type A must use vegetables as the staple food.

Despite doubts about this method of division, weight-loss people still regard it as a “food Bible.”

銆€銆€Summary: People eat food for the sky, and women use a healthy body as the basis of beauty.

Looking at the weight loss methods around the world, we can find that the method of dieting is often not recommended.

In fact, every woman who loves life wants to have the romance of a French woman, the passion of a Spanish girl, the innocence of a Dutch woman, and the luxury of a Mexican girl.

So, can we first take advantage of the nutrients we can get from their varied diets?

In Wu Yu’s soft language, in the dream of the garden, open a new health journey


In Wu Yu’s soft language, in the dream of the garden, open a new health journey

“~~~After the Qingshan Mountain, I cried red Du Fu, and the tobacco outside was too soft~~~~~” When this lingering melody came, I immediately went to the wrong place for myself, and followed the sound.It was really playing the “dream of a dream in the garden”, and the stage was in the atrium garden of the elegant Lake Hue Pavilion.

Here, for the second time, I like the exquisite garden style here, I like the quiet twist here, I like some of the feeling of going home here, so I can’t help but come back, and I’m surprised to find out what I don’t know.

The flying horns, the flowing water, the tortuous cloister, and the mellow tone are perfectly blended together, as if the two people in front are true Du Li Niang and Liu Mengmei!

I haven’t slowed down from the song “Amazing Dreams”, and there is a soft voice from Wu Yan. The original bulletin in the lobby has begun!

Sit down, drink tea, eat snacks, listen to Wu Yu’s soft words, and even can’t understand the meaning of the word, but also intoxicated in that tone!

I missed the Pingtan last time, this time I was really satisfied!

On the way to the room, I met a cheongsam beauty, and this environment is also very good. I can’t help but think about it when I press the shutter. This is like a Jiangnan woman like water!

The room is still intimately prepared for fruit snacks or something.

On a holiday that is easy to get sleepy, first follow the heart and take a nap. Anyway, here is to relax.

I woke up and felt uncomfortable. I went out and strolled around. I found that there was a coach who was doing yoga. I was interested in it. With the coach, the stiff bones really need to be relaxed!

I used to exercise in the yoga room for the first time, and I was still in such a beautiful place. I don’t feel too good!

Stretching around the bones and strolling around, there is a special children’s swimming pool, which is quite suitable for bringing a baby to come over, children, it is estimated that there is no like to play with water!

I didn’t pay attention to it last time. There is still a health meal here. The freshest ingredients are presented in the simplest way. The food is full and fresh, and the food is full of health!

When I chatted with the staff, I knew that there are health rooms, easy-to-mesh boards, moxibustion chairs, health screening devices, pedicures, moxibustion, etc., as well as salt spray for bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and respiratory conditions.Clearing the lungs cabin is also very heart-warming, but these plans to come back to another experience and leave some thoughts for yourself!

In the evening, I took a bath in comfort and made an early appointment with Zhou Gong to play chess. It was wonderful!

This is the second time with the elegant 路 Huhu Pavilion, let go of the burden of living and working in the past, and open a new lifestyle of leisure and health!