Summer health should be light and expensive


Summer health should be light and expensive

Diet should be light and hot summer diet should be light and soft, easy to digest, eat less high-fat and spicy and spicy.

A light diet can clear the heat, prevent heat, converge sweat, replenish fluid, and increase appetite.

Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to meet the nutrients needed and prevent heat stroke.

The staple food is rare, such as mung bean porridge, lotus porridge, lotus leaf porridge and so on.

Drink some refreshing drinks thoroughly, such as sour plum soup, chrysanthemum tea, etc.

However, cold drinks should be moderate, and you should not be biased towards cold and cold products, otherwise you will hurt the body and damage your body.

In addition, eating some vinegar can not only stimulate the appetite, but also inhibit the killing of bacteria and prevent metabolic diseases.

銆€銆€The room should be cool and the indoor temperature is low in the morning and evening. The doors and windows should be opened and the air should be ventilated.

The maximum temperature at noon is higher than indoors, and the doors and windows should be closed and the curtains should be pulled.

The shady environment tends to calm people.

銆€銆€You should be able to travel far and wide in the summer.

In the morning, the first light, the air is fresh, you can walk to the lush gardens, and vomit the new.

In the evening, if you stroll along the banks of the river, the cool breeze will be aimed at your heart, like a dream, and the pain of your heart will be wiped out.

7 big behaviors in winter are the most unfavorable for women’s health


7 big behaviors in winter are the most unfavorable for women’s health

The 7 major behaviors in winter are unfavorable to women’s health behaviors. One: wearing a mask can resist the blocking of cold. In fact, the heating effect of the mask is not good, and the immunity of the human body can be lowered.

This is because the human nasal mucosa is rich in blood vessels and spongy vascular networks, the blood circulation is very active, it has a natural warming effect on the inhaled cold air, and the human nasal passage is very tortuous, greatly increasing the nasal mucosa.The area is thus further enhanced by the warming effect.

In this way, when the cold air inhaled by the human body enters the lungs through the nasal passage, it is close to the human body temperature due to the warming effect.

However, when a person wears a mask, the air exhaled from the body will become cold on the mask, causing the face to look colder. On the contrary, the relatively unsanitary environment is not conducive to the health of the mouth and nose.

In addition, the body’s ability to withstand cold should also be improved through gradual exercise.

If you align your mask all day long, your nose and the entire respiratory tract will not get exercise because you can’t get cold air. The immunity will gradually drop, but it will be more likely to catch a cold.

Behavior 2: Wear warm boots on the thick boots, and wear thin clothes. There is no old saying that 鈥渢he feet are warm and the body is warm鈥? so some women who love beauty often wear skirts in three or nine days, and then wear high boots.enough.

This view is wrong.

When our body is cold, the first thing we feel is that the heart seems to be frozen and shrunk into a small group, and then it is the cold feeling of the body part.

Therefore, in cold weather, it is important to protect your heart.

In addition, suffering from cold stomach pain, abdominal pain is also an acute illness in women’s winter, especially during menstruation, the body’s warmth is particularly important.

Therefore, only the warmth of the feet is not enough.

Behavior 3: Washing your face with hot water is warmer. Some women are generally more afraid of cold. They are used to washing their face with hot water in winter. However, you must have learned the principle of thermal expansion and contraction. The human skin can also use this principle.

In winter, under the stimulation of cold air, the sweat glands and capillaries are contracted. When they encounter hot water, they will expand rapidly, but after discrete dispersal, they will return to the state of low temperature.

The shrinkage of capillaries makes it easy for people to feel that the skin is tight and dry, which will make the skin prone to wrinkles that you are most afraid of seeing.

Therefore, the correct method is to wash the face alternately with hot and cold water, which can gradually accelerate the blood circulation of the skin and also play a massage role.

Behavior 4: Drinking more can be used to protect the cold from the cold. Even women who are not good at drinking alcohol enjoy reunion with their families or drink with friends. They feel that the snow is flying outside the window. Everyone in the house is warm and romantic.

After drinking, it is true that people have the feeling of being hot, which is the result of alcohol trying to radiate heat.

However, after the wine was over, it was released from the body due to a large number of migrations. Instead, it caused people to goose bumps and cause cold after drinking.

And if you go out after drinking the wine, it is easier to catch a cold because of the cold inside.

Behavior 5: Enter the door immediately to roast the oven or roast the fire and warm it from the cold back. The hands and feet are cold and cold. Many people are used to putting their hands on the heat or heating on the side of the stove. In fact, this will cause more serious frostbite.

This is because the blood vessels contract and the blood flow is reduced after the hands and feet are cold for a long time.

At this time, if you immediately heat up close, increase vasospasm, lose contractility, arterial congestion, telangiectasia, increased permeability, local congestion, and more likely to form frostbite.

The correct way is to let the cold hands and feet only gently rub, so that they slowly return to normal temperature.

Behavior 6: Dry skin and itching must scratch the dry and windy winter. It is easy to make the moisture on the skin lose quickly. The skin with water shortage often has dandruff and itching. To deal with itching, we are used to scratching.But these will stimulate the already very dry skin, make the desquamation situation worse, and even cause secondary infection of the skin.

The correct method should be to drink plenty of water, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, eat less spicy and spicy food, and drink less spirits.

Take a bath, you can use a moisturizing bath in the bath, and apply some moisturizing lotion when the skin is not dry after bathing.

Behavior 7: The hooded head is warmer. Some people are used to sleeping in the bed. It may feel warmer for a while, but the oxygen in the bed will be less and less, and the carbon dioxide and unclean gas will accumulate more.After a big sleep, you often feel groggy and tired.

Move your fingers easily and prolong your health


Move your fingers easily and prolong your health

Do you feel that you have a lot of toxins in your body?

In fact, we can remove the toxins from the body through some daily actions!


Alkaline bath therapy Alkaline bath therapy removes the acidic waste accumulated in the subcutaneous tissue, making the skin elastic and firm.

銆€銆€You can choose to add 150-200g of Chinese herbal medicine and herbal extracts to the bath for 15-30 minutes.

The longer the soaking in the bathtub, the better the bathing effect of the bath (according to the turbidity of the bath water).

Since balneotherapy is very laborious for the human body, it takes 30 minutes to rest after the bath.

If you want a quick bath, you can also replace the shower, it can also receive the same effect of promoting skin waste metabolism and acid removal.

銆€銆€The method is as follows: After cleansing, sprinkle a little bath salt on the towel, then rub the whole body from the two feet. After the skin is slightly dry, shower with warm water and rinse the whole body.


Eat more alkaline foods First, let’s do an internal cleansing of the individual and wash the waste away from the fecal cells.

銆€銆€The most ideal countermeasure is to schedule a waste removal day:

5 liters of freshly squeezed juice or vegetable syrup, plus at least 2 liters of non-carbonated mineral water.

In order to prevent hyperacidity, alkaline foods such as fruits and vegetables in your diet should account for 80%, while acidic foods such as meat, milk, refined flour, coffee, and sweets account for only 20%.

銆€銆€On weekdays, the foods we absorb, such as meat, fish, eggs and cereals, are physiologically acidic, while fruits such as apples, citrus, pears and vegetables are physiologically alkaline foods.

If acidic foods are a major part of your daily diet, this will definitely lead to an increase in lactic acid and uric acid levels in your body fluids and blood.

銆€銆€If you can’t get rid of them in time, it will invade your epidermal cells and make your skin lose its elasticity and delicateness.

Eat more alkaline foods is a simple and effective treatment of acid and body.


The powerful massage method uses a loofah glove to dry the skin in the morning. It is known as the real recipe for promoting body detoxification.

The massage accelerates blood circulation and lymphatic smoothing, making the toxic waste in the body easy to rinse out.

Usually, a ring-shaped massage technique can be used to apply a massage force to the whole body from the bottom up, paying attention to the direction of the massage to the end of the limb to the heart.

If you want to improve the massage effect, after the massage is finished, wipe the skin with a towel that has been soaked in hot water with the addition of malic acid (1 tablespoon malic acid: 3 liters of water) and twisted off the water.

銆€銆€If necessary, wet the body with seaweed mud once a week. It can clean the clogged pores, promote smooth acid release, and firm the skin.


Relaxing, gathering energy If you want to detoxify your body, breathing is an important help for you: breathing-breathing alternately delivers oxygen to your body, and massages your internal organs to remove waste from the body and keep the circulatory systemNormal operation and improve people’s emotions.



Nowadays, many diet foods, weight loss capsules, slimming teas, etc. all have Chinese medicine formulas. The most traditional Chinese medicines with weight loss effects are listed below. It is a good guide for you to understand weight loss Chinese medicine and buy weight loss foods.

銆€銆€1, the characteristics of rhubarb: the roots of rhubarb plant, containing rhubarb, emodin, rhein and other bismuth substances.

銆€銆€Efficacy: attack lead stagnation, diarrhea and cooling blood, promoting blood circulation, spleen and yellowing.

It can increase intestinal peristalsis, promote the excretion of triglycerides and trace glucose, reduce the absorption of minor complications, and reduce weight and lipids. It can also promote bile secretion and eliminate the increase of bilirubin and bile acid in bile.It is absorbed by adults and enhances cellular immune function and anti-aging effect.

銆€銆€Taboo: The spleen and stomach are weak, and those who are debilitated should not take it.

銆€銆€2, the main characteristics of Ligustrum lucidum: the fruit effect of the genus Oleaceae plant: nourishing kidney liver, strong waist and knee, lipid-lowering weight loss, can reduce the role of triglycerides and cholesterol lowering.

銆€銆€3, the characteristics of hawthorn: containing behenic acid, mixed with acid, saponin, fructose, vitamin C, protein, a small amount of oil, amino acids, tartaric acid, citric acid, flavonoids, lactone, fresh lipase, sugar and calcium, phosphorus,Iron and so on.
銆€銆€Efficacy: It has dilated blood vessels, reduces cardiac load, increases coronary blood flow, improves myocardial blood supply, supplies oxygen, relieves angina pectoris, and has certain curative effect on chest tightness and palpitations.

By being eaten by the spleen, the blood fat is lowered, and the body weight loss effect is achieved.

銆€銆€4, the characteristics of Salvia: contains tanshinone, isotanshinone, cryptotanshinone, vitamin E.

銆€銆€Efficacy: blood circulation, blood fat, weight loss, soothe the nerves 5, safflower characteristics: linolenic acid, oleic acid and other unsaturated fatty acids: significantly lower serum total cholesterol and triglycerides, 6, Ganoderma lucidum characteristics: porous bacteria plant purpleOr the whole plant efficacy of red orchid: inhibit the binding and transformation of lipids, reduce blood fat, prevent atherosclerosis, and lose weight.

銆€銆€7, the characteristics of spatholobus sinensis: legumes dense flower beans, white flowers linseed, fragrant flower vine or leaf rock bean vine effect: blood circulation Shu, prevent atherosclerosis, weight loss effect 8, scorpion characteristics: slightThe main ingredients are linoleic acid effects: nourishing kidney, moistening the lungs, nourishing the liver, improving eyesight, anti-aging hypertension, arteriosclerosis, lipid-lowering weight loss taboo: should take diet pills

Hula ring slimming movement big error correction


Hula ring slimming movement big error correction

Hula hoop exercise is a kind of exercise mode with low exercise intensity and slower implementation. However, compared with other more intense weight loss methods, this kind of swinging swing circle is more effective in achieving the goal of slimming.The skin of the fat and firming waist and abdomen is also effective enough.


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€杩戝勾鏉ュ懠鍟﹀湀鐦﹁韩杩愬姩鐑疆涓嶆柇锛屼絾鏄€昏兘鐪嬪埌鏈変簺mm杈涜緵鑻﹁嫤鐨勮繍鍔? Avoid the wrong way of movement to achieve twice the result with half the effort. Let’s take a look at these small questions and answers about the hula hoop slimming body, to avoid the wrong way of movement to achieve twice the result with half the effort!

銆€銆€Q1: I heard that when doing hula hoop exercise, we should try to maintain a smooth and uniform speed, instead of trying to twist the waist, is it?

銆€銆€YES Cause: Do not be too fast when doing hula hoop exercise, which will increase the burden on the waist muscles, the risk of muscle strain and acute bowel torsion.

Reminder: In fact, the too fast hula hoop movement does not have a good effect of swinging the abdomen at a constant speed.

銆€銆€Q2: I did a week of hula hoop exercise, the effect is not obvious, so I put some heavy objects such as metal sand into the hula hoop, and the effect of increasing the amount of exercise is obvious, right?

銆€銆€There is no reason: the hula hoop’s swing mode is a linear simple harmonic motion, so that the weight of the hula hoop is increased without authorization, and I am afraid that it will suffer bad results before losing the “lifebuoy” of the waist.

銆€銆€When shaking the hula hoop, the circle will hit the tip of the bone around the pelvic cavity, as well as the internal organs of the tibia and fibula. The weight of the hula hoop will be placed. When you think that “the body is sore and the exercise is effective”,If you are not doing well, you have been “injured”.

銆€銆€Reminder: The weight of the hula hoop is about the extent to which the index finger and middle finger can be loaded.

銆€銆€Q3: Someone told me that the hula hoop movement should be turned on for 2 or 3 hours, so I am afraid I can’t hold it down.

銆€銆€NO reasons: Hula hoop exercise is indeed the same as other slimming exercises, it is necessary to insist on it, but in terms of time, every time you do hula hoop thin waist exercise should not exceed 20 minutes, one-time exercise time is too long, fear of obesityThe athlete cannot maintain the correct posture and the slenderness causes injury.

It is recommended to separate the exercise several times a day, and the daily exercise time should not exceed one and a half hours.

銆€銆€Reminder: Only the daily exercise can maintain the perfect waist curve.

If you go crazy today for 2 or 3 hours of hula hoops, but tomorrow you are lazy and do not exercise, three days fishing for two days to dry the net, no matter how good fitness and body movements will not have an effect.

銆€銆€Q4: My monthly event is already on the fourth day, and it will soon be over. Because the moon has been overeating before, it has gained a lot of weight. Now I want to do hula hoop weight loss exercise as soon as possible, can I?

銆€銆€No reason: Western medicine clearly pointed out that in the middle and late period of menstruation, there may be corpus luteum cysts around the ovary. Because the cyst is very fragile, if the bladder is squeezed strongly, it will cause cyst rupture, and the accompanying internal bleeding may befatal.

銆€銆€Reminder: Women’s physiological structure is special, not only during menstruation, but also before and after menstrual exercise.

24-hour towel weight loss exercise


24-hour towel weight loss exercise

In addition to the towel can wash the face table, it can also be used to do weight loss exercises!

Whether you are at work or at home, raise your towel, insist on doing the following set of weight loss exercises, burn it, and enjoy it anytime, anywhere!

11:00 office pull, refreshing and refreshing can also reduce greed!

銆€銆€Going to work in the morning is easy to cause lack of attention. Then, by stretching the upper limbs and muscles by pulling the towel, it promotes the blood circulation of the mind and chest, which helps to refresh the mind.

In addition, exercise can activate the central nervous system of the brain, effectively reducing the definition of satiety, so that you are not greedy for lunch.

銆€銆€Recommended towel exercise: chest X 脳 straight belly 脳 pull chest pull 脳 shoulder arm 14:00?
Pull at 16:00 and increase the slight burning rate!

銆€銆€Usually we walk to the micro-asthmatic, the degree of sweating for up to 30 minutes, can consume about 140 kcal range, but walking can only move to the legs, the production of thin belly is not big.

If you can use the towel to twist around, use the lunch break or go out, pull and pull, can not only affect the abdominal muscles, but also increase consumption.

銆€銆€Recommended towel exercise: flat 脳 turn waist twist 脳 raise the hips high 脳 side bend 16:00?
Take a break at 18:00, master the fat burning gold deposit!

銆€銆€Previously mentioned 3 in the afternoon?
6 o’clock is the best time to burn fat, but most people have to go to work at this time.

May wish to use the chair towel exercise, strengthen the lower limb circulation metabolism, complications, sedentary edema, obesity and other issues.

銆€銆€Recommended towel exercise: seat 脳 knee position 脳 leg 19:00?
Watching TV and pulling a towel at 21:00, I don’t know how to strengthen my work!

銆€銆€The towel is simple and easy to handle, so many people use the piecemeal time of watching TV to make towel exercises, especially women who love to watch the series, and when they look at the towel, they will soon pass, and of course they lose weight and succeed.!

Like I usually watch movies in the action class or listen to the light music, I find that the action is quicker, the sweat is more, and the effect is better!

銆€銆€Recommended towel exercise: half a 韫?脳 turn waist 8 words 脳 turn deep 韫?脳 hips 21:00?
Taking a towel at 21:30 is the best time to soften adults!

銆€銆€Doing a towel exercise in the bath, one is to exercise in a higher temperature space to enhance metabolism, effectively soften the feces; the second is to wash the skin through water vapor to achieve the skin effect.

銆€銆€Recommended towel exercise: twisted waist 脳 raised hip front bend 脳 length raised hand 脳 chest 21:30?
22:00 before going to bed, pull the towel, promote basal metabolism and help sleep!

銆€銆€Moderately doing a towel before going to bed can help sleep, especially in the movement of the tibia and ribs before going to bed, can drive the deep metabolism of the organs, regulate the five internal organs, and have a good color every day.

銆€銆€Recommended towel exercise: flat lay 脳 turn waist single leg 脳 lift bridge type 脳 tilting movement really does not have to go to a specific location, special time to do, even an office eight hours a day, after work, the home is veryA place for good activities, this time I teach you to use the towel, I hope that everyone can use the space anytime, anywhere, and use the time to do their best to fight for our weight loss career!

How to resolve the aging psychology of the elderly


How to resolve the aging psychology of the elderly

As we all know, the psychology of the elderly will slowly change with the changes in age. How can we make the psychological aging of the elderly not so fast?

Don’t worry, the following tricks can be resolved.

銆€銆€Using the brain more, thinking about the brain is the command that dominates the various organs of the human body. The aging of the brain will inevitably lead to the aging of various organs, and the brain has a major impact on human knowledge, wisdom and thinking.

Therefore, the elderly should use more brains, diligent thinking, so that brain cells and tissues do not shrink.

銆€銆€Participating in physical exercise can improve and strengthen the physiological function of the elderly, enhance physical fitness, increase the ability to resist disease, but also enrich the life of later life, add fun to life, make the spirit refreshed, happy, enhance confidence, enhance initiative, and activelyArrange the courage and interest of old age to enhance the psychological function of the elderly.

However, the items selected for physical exercise must be suitable for your physical condition, otherwise it will be more beneficial.

銆€銆€Dealing with interpersonal relationships For the elderly, the most important interpersonal relationship is family relationships.

In family life, family members should live in harmony and have a good relationship.

銆€銆€Selectively chatting with people is a positive way to rest.

In the chat, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign, heaven and earth, the world’s major events, social anecdotes, everything, often can get things that are not available in books.

A pour can also relieve troubles and achieve a psychological balance.

銆€銆€Mutual help, let me be healthier and help each other. I am everyone, everyone is me.

One person has a hard time helping everyone, one family has a hundred things busy, I help others to forget, others help me remember.

“A gas can be forbearant, before you can worry.”

“Strengthen moral cultivation, learn to be sensible, and persist in “forbearing philosophy” in the face of non-principles.

銆€銆€I hope that the above sharing can bring help to elderly friends and wish the elderly friends good health.

Some kind of forgetfulness is an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease


Some kind of forgetfulness is an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease

Understanding the early manifestations of Alzheimer’s disease is important for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

Because some dementias can be completely recovered after the early causes are removed, and in the middle and late stages, the condition is difficult to reverse.

銆€銆€There is a grandmother surnamed Zhang who is holding a broom every day. She is obliged to clean the room in the living room, the corridor and the general direction of the nursing center.

In fact, the black American female professor decided to sweep the floor every day.

銆€銆€Zhang Apo is only 56 years old this year, but she has been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for more than 4 years. It is considered to be a “young family” with early onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

At the beginning, the grandmother just swept and swept the room she lived in, and then 鈥渟acred鈥?the whole family’s health. The family thought it was 鈥渃lean鈥?and did not care too much.

Until later, Zhang Apo gradually extended the “business” to the entire yard, the stairs of the housing unit. If the full-time health worker cleaned the ground and the garbage was cleaned up, Zhang Apo also made a big noise with the health worker.

The children only thought that Zhang Apo might have a problem. When she went to the hospital for diagnosis, she really suffered from “senile dementia.”

銆€銆€In society, I don’t know enough about dementia in the elderly. I think that the elderly have become very forgetful. I don’t know how to go home after going out. I repeat the old things. I didn’t expect to send the elderly to the hospital. In fact, this is the old age.Early symptoms of dementia, if treated at this time, most people’s condition can be recovered or cured; if they develop into life, they can’t take care of themselves, and in the middle and late stages of madness, it is difficult to treat.

銆€銆€The early manifestations of Alzheimer’s disease can be summarized as the top ten signals or the top ten warning signs.

The details are as follows: (1) Forgetting people will forget things, but normal people can recall.

Alzheimer’s patients often forget things, can’t think of it afterwards, and may ask the same question repeatedly, forgetting the earlier answer.

銆€銆€(2) After forgetting the patients with dementia, they may forget to serve the table and even forget the meals that have already been prepared.

銆€銆€(3) The word does not reach the patient may even forget some simple words, or will not use the appropriate words, words, language expression is obviously not as good as before.

銆€銆€(4) Time and place concept confusion Patients may have time concept confusion or in the streets of their homes, the door is lost, forget how to come out from home, and do not know how to go home.

銆€銆€(5) Decreasing judgment Even if it is a normal person, it is possible to distract or forget the child being cared for, but the person with dementia may completely forget the child who is being cared for and leave the house.

Or easily deceived and bought a very obvious “fake”.

銆€銆€(6) Loss of abstract thinking ability Patients often forget their own passbook passwords, and their own deposit amounts are forgotten.

銆€銆€(7) Randomly place the item. The patient often places the item in an inappropriate position, puts the electric iron in the freezer, or puts the watch in the biscuit box, or puts a lot of waste products such as rotten paper and cloth as a treasure collection.I don’t know why.

銆€銆€(8) Temperament and behavioral changes The impermanence of people will have some emotional changes, but the behavior and mood of patients with Alzheimer’s disease may change dramatically. In a few minutes, they will change from calm to tears, and they can’t help themselves.Or take a shot and anger.

銆€銆€(9) The personality of patients with personality changes may occur with violent unreasonable changes, such as easy to be afraid, or suspicious, jealous of others, etc., which is very different from the original personality.

銆€銆€(10) Losing initiative often becomes lazy than the original, and does not want to participate in any activities, even the activities that you liked, and are not enthusiastic about people.

銆€銆€These are some of the early warning signs of Alzheimer’s.

Of course, not all patients with early Alzheimer’s disease will have all of the above-mentioned performances. Maybe some kinds of symptoms may appear. Some of the symptoms may be more prominent. However, family members or patients must pay attention to these symptoms, seek timely treatment, and provide early treatment to prevent problems.

銆€銆€By-laws: Li 脳 脳, male, 70 years old.

Progressive memory decreased and personality changed for more than 2 years.

Over the past two years, the memory has dropped significantly. The things I just talked about are immediately forgotten. Things are lost three times and four things. Some things are said many times, but I still can’t remember.

The original scholarship activities such as fishing, playing table tennis, etc. are too lazy to participate.

This year, I began to avoid hygiene, and I didn’t want to take a shower. The original cheerful personality became lonely.

銆€銆€Simple scale measurement 24 points (normal 30 points) expansion scale 2 points depression scale 7 points Alzheimer’s scale scale 36 points (normal 50 points) Daily scale 32 points (normal within 20 points) Magnetic resonance display: general brain atrophyThe bilateral ventricles were enlarged and the bilateral hippocampus were obviously atrophied.

銆€銆€Diagnosed as senile dementia, mild.

銆€銆€Expert tips. early treatment, timely treatment, in order to prevent problems before they happen

9 kinds of flowers that should not be raised indoors


9 kinds of flowers that should not be raised indoors

In the living room to raise a few beautiful flowers, outside the home is more warm, but also shows a person’s taste.

However, flowers are beautiful, but not all flowers are suitable for placement in the living room.

Note that the following 9 kinds of flowers, raised at home, may cause chest tightness, insomnia and other diseases.


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€9绉嶉矞鑺变笉瀹滃鍐呭吇銆€銆€1銆佹湀瀛h姳銆俆he scent that it emits, sometimes when someone smells, suddenly feels chest discomfort, suffocation and difficulty breathing.

銆€銆€2, orchids.

The aroma that it emits, the long-awaited will be over-excited and cause insomnia.

銆€銆€3, Bauhinia.

The pollen that it emits, if it is in contact with people for a long time, can cause an induced disease or worsen the symptoms of cough.

銆€銆€4, the night is incense.

It can emit a lot of irritating scent particles in the evening, and patients with high blood pressure and high blood pressure are prone to dizziness, discomfort, and even worse.

銆€銆€5, tulips.

Its flowers contain a toxic base that, if left in contact with it, will speed up hair replacement.

銆€銆€6, oleander.

The smell of its flowers, which smells too long, causes people to be drowsy and mentally degraded; the milky white liquid secreted by them will poison people if they are exposed for too long.

銆€銆€7, pine and cypress.

The aromatic scent emitted by the pine and cypress flowers has a stimulating effect on the human stomach. If it is too long, it will affect people’s appetite, and pregnant women will be upset, nausea, and dizzy.

銆€銆€8, foreign hydrangea.

The particles that it emits, if it comes into contact with people, some people have skin allergies and pruritus.

銆€銆€9, yellow flower azalea.

Its flowers emit a toxin. Once ingested, it can cause poisoning, and severe people can cause shock, which seriously endangers health.

Lily, the scent that it emits is too long, causing excessive excitation of the central nervous system and causing insomnia.

In the late summer and early autumn, beware of the autumn tigers stealing hearts!


In the late summer and early autumn, beware of the autumn tigers “stealing hearts”!

At the end of the late summer and early autumn, the autumn is getting stronger and stronger, and even the temperature is still high. The autumn tiger has not yet been promoted, but the weather has changed and the solar terms have changed.

How to maintain health in the autumn, Chinese medicine pays attention to the integration of nature and human beings, the method of health preservation should be changed in four seasons, the climate change is cold and hot, and appropriate adjustments should be made.

Autumn is a transitional stage from hot to cold. The sun is yin and the yin is long. When the autumn arrives, the coolness appears, and it is prone to autumn dryness. The “dryness” is the main air of autumn, and the dryness hurts people.”Dry elephant”.

For example: there will be dry skin, allergic itching, redness and desquamation, even dry throat pain, dry stool and heart and hand heat. In the autumn season, pay attention to the temperature difference, add water at any time, make the heat dissipation smooth, and take care of the cold.

Autumn sleep should be regular.

Go to bed early in the fall and get up early, get up early and get up early like a chicken in the morning.

Going to bed early can astringe the lungs, and getting up early can clear the lungs and make Zhian Ning, which is consistent with Yangyang in spring and summer and nourishing Yin in autumn and winter.

Getting up early and getting up early in the fall and winter helps to converge and keep the lungs from being damaged by autumn dryness.

And proper early rise can reduce the chance of reducing thrombosis and prevent cerebral thrombosis.

In autumn, you should raise your mind and peace of mind, and you should be calm. Don’t think too much. Try to use less mobile phones, reduce troubles, and unevenness will affect the flow of body qi; convergence of mind, qi will converge, make autumn calm; everyone is active in summerMovement, the Qiuqi mentality converges, that is, to be quiet.

Autumn sports gradually reduce the temperature in autumn, people will reflect blood vessels at the highest temperature, the joint activity will decrease, the exercise belt should be fully reduced, and the exercise should be fully prepared before exercise. Otherwise, the joint ligaments and muscles will be strained.

The form of exercise can be chosen according to your own preferences.

The autumn diet is based on the climate change of the four seasons. Humans derive the best survival mode of 鈥渁utumn harvest, winter storage, spring life, summer long鈥? but autumn is prone to lung and digestive diseases. If it is not well-regulated, it is easy to be cold and vulnerable when entering winter.cold.

It is recommended that the autumn diet is suitable for: nourishing yin and moistening such as pears, lilies, honey, fungus, yam; less octame acids such as apples, lemons, grapes, grapefruit, etc., to avoid fried spicy food.

Immediately during the Mid-Autumn Festival, moon cakes are essential, but moon cakes are high in sugar and high in oil. It is recommended that high blood pressure, high blood fat, diabetes and other friends eat less; eating moon cakes, reunion rice, drinks, etc., will inevitably increase the substitution of sugar, it is best to control diet.A piece of moon cake can also be shared with the family to avoid overweight.

Because of eating more food stagnation, spleen and stomach deficiency is easy to stomach pain, diarrhea, resulting in poor appetite.

Such as gastrointestinal heat will have bloating, bad breath, constipation and so on.

In the summer and late autumn transition season, many people like to eat barbecue, drink beer, and the right amount, the food should be cooked, because the barbecue is greasy, difficult to digest, a lot of high, and add a lot of salt or MSG, I hope everyone should not eat,Don’t be greedy, don’t lie down after eating.

Mooncakes, barbecues and other greasy foods eat too much stomach bloating, uncomfortable, cold drinks cause stomach pain how to do?

“Hawthorn ebony juice”, the raw materials used in the hawthorn can eliminate digestion, stomach; Chenpi qi and spleen; ebony can thirst, Yijing appetizer; black spines are more sweet; licorice to regulate the spleen and stomach.

So it is the best drink to greasy.

Acupuncture points in the autumn massage are commonly used in the acupoints, Zusanli, Tianshu, Zhongyu and other acupoint massages, respectively, with stomach, wide chest, vomiting, conditioning the spleen and stomach, and intestinal stagnation, clearing heat and dampness, regulating the large intestine, digestion and other effects.