In the late summer and early autumn, beware of the autumn tigers stealing hearts!


In the late summer and early autumn, beware of the autumn tigers “stealing hearts”!

At the end of the late summer and early autumn, the autumn is getting stronger and stronger, and even the temperature is still high. The autumn tiger has not yet been promoted, but the weather has changed and the solar terms have changed.

How to maintain health in the autumn, Chinese medicine pays attention to the integration of nature and human beings, the method of health preservation should be changed in four seasons, the climate change is cold and hot, and appropriate adjustments should be made.

Autumn is a transitional stage from hot to cold. The sun is yin and the yin is long. When the autumn arrives, the coolness appears, and it is prone to autumn dryness. The “dryness” is the main air of autumn, and the dryness hurts people.”Dry elephant”.

For example: there will be dry skin, allergic itching, redness and desquamation, even dry throat pain, dry stool and heart and hand heat. In the autumn season, pay attention to the temperature difference, add water at any time, make the heat dissipation smooth, and take care of the cold.

Autumn sleep should be regular.

Go to bed early in the fall and get up early, get up early and get up early like a chicken in the morning.

Going to bed early can astringe the lungs, and getting up early can clear the lungs and make Zhian Ning, which is consistent with Yangyang in spring and summer and nourishing Yin in autumn and winter.

Getting up early and getting up early in the fall and winter helps to converge and keep the lungs from being damaged by autumn dryness.

And proper early rise can reduce the chance of reducing thrombosis and prevent cerebral thrombosis.

In autumn, you should raise your mind and peace of mind, and you should be calm. Don’t think too much. Try to use less mobile phones, reduce troubles, and unevenness will affect the flow of body qi; convergence of mind, qi will converge, make autumn calm; everyone is active in summerMovement, the Qiuqi mentality converges, that is, to be quiet.

Autumn sports gradually reduce the temperature in autumn, people will reflect blood vessels at the highest temperature, the joint activity will decrease, the exercise belt should be fully reduced, and the exercise should be fully prepared before exercise. Otherwise, the joint ligaments and muscles will be strained.

The form of exercise can be chosen according to your own preferences.

The autumn diet is based on the climate change of the four seasons. Humans derive the best survival mode of 鈥渁utumn harvest, winter storage, spring life, summer long鈥? but autumn is prone to lung and digestive diseases. If it is not well-regulated, it is easy to be cold and vulnerable when entering winter.cold.

It is recommended that the autumn diet is suitable for: nourishing yin and moistening such as pears, lilies, honey, fungus, yam; less octame acids such as apples, lemons, grapes, grapefruit, etc., to avoid fried spicy food.

Immediately during the Mid-Autumn Festival, moon cakes are essential, but moon cakes are high in sugar and high in oil. It is recommended that high blood pressure, high blood fat, diabetes and other friends eat less; eating moon cakes, reunion rice, drinks, etc., will inevitably increase the substitution of sugar, it is best to control diet.A piece of moon cake can also be shared with the family to avoid overweight.

Because of eating more food stagnation, spleen and stomach deficiency is easy to stomach pain, diarrhea, resulting in poor appetite.

Such as gastrointestinal heat will have bloating, bad breath, constipation and so on.

In the summer and late autumn transition season, many people like to eat barbecue, drink beer, and the right amount, the food should be cooked, because the barbecue is greasy, difficult to digest, a lot of high, and add a lot of salt or MSG, I hope everyone should not eat,Don’t be greedy, don’t lie down after eating.

Mooncakes, barbecues and other greasy foods eat too much stomach bloating, uncomfortable, cold drinks cause stomach pain how to do?

“Hawthorn ebony juice”, the raw materials used in the hawthorn can eliminate digestion, stomach; Chenpi qi and spleen; ebony can thirst, Yijing appetizer; black spines are more sweet; licorice to regulate the spleen and stomach.

So it is the best drink to greasy.

Acupuncture points in the autumn massage are commonly used in the acupoints, Zusanli, Tianshu, Zhongyu and other acupoint massages, respectively, with stomach, wide chest, vomiting, conditioning the spleen and stomach, and intestinal stagnation, clearing heat and dampness, regulating the large intestine, digestion and other effects.